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Author has written 13 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Dark Cloud, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Women of the Otherworld, and Darkest Powers.

Years on Fanfiction: Two and Counting

11-14-10: I have a new purpose in life guys. I'm determined to make the character pairing of HoneyXMighty popular as well as get Honey her own name slot in the Sonic fandom. Join me or die. No, seriously, don't rain on my parade. It's a lonely parade right now. You don't need to be such a hater! ;-P (How many thought I was serious? Show of hands everybody; don't be shy. ...Oh damn.)

Favorite Saying: "I know I've got flaws. I know that I will never be a perfect, but that doesn't mean that I have to try so hard to achieve that level that I can't have fun. Call me an idiot. Critics, critique me. The important thing is that I'm happy and I'm having fun." Rikku McClow Fox

That statement is probably what I think Fanfitcion is all about. Just because one person critiques your writing, doesn't mean its horrible. Sometimes critics think that everyone else are idiots and they're the only smart ones. (Not all, but some. so please all those nice critics out there don't hate me.) As long as you have fun writing and you're happy, that's the only thing that matters. Nobody can be a perfect writer, but that doesn't mean that you have to strive to please everyone. So many people get sad because two people critique thier writing and say its not good. Yes, people come here to read good stories, but a story will never be good if you don't have fun writing. If you try to write a story and aren't really into it its probably going to turn out lame. Just have fun. (I'll probably get flamed by all of the critics out there now, but ah well. At least I'm having fun!)

If you believe in what I said up there, please copy and paste the saying on your profile... with my name! (You know the little RikkuMcClowFox thing next to it.)

Hi everyone! First off, I'm a Sonic fan writer. I may write some Sly and Harvest Moon pieces, but mostly Sonic pieces. I do know about and www.youtube.com (I frequently check these sites out). I do not have accounts on these sites yet... Don't 're probably all wondering why I chose RikkuMcClowFox as my screen name.Well, that's the name of my Sonic fan-character.

If you're against animal cruelty (horse slaughter, bear bating, dolphin hunting, chimp slavery etc.) then copy this into your profile!

First, I want to thank all of the people that review my stories. Eveybody who reviews my stories is awesome!!=D

Rikku Fox (Current Name)

Real Name: Rika McCoy Cadaric (changed her name to Rikku Fox when she ran away)

Age: 13 (when Tails is twelve)

Gender: Female

Race: Golden Fennce fox

Fur Color: Golden-yellow

Eye Color: Hazel

Birthday: June 16, 1996

Horoscope Sign:Gemini

Height: 2'8"

Weight: 45lbs (Technically, all females of the Sonic world keep their weight private but...what the heck.)

Personality: Spunky, comical, tends to freak out at times, but dependant. A bit sarcastic. Ver childish when she's younger but matures.

Description: She usually wears a red halter top with a black skort (the skirts with the shorts underneath) and black high-heeled boots. As she gets older, her outfits do change.

Hairstyle: Short flipped out fur (Rouge-styled) with one bang coming from her forehead. The bang has a white tip on the end of it. (As she gets older, she lets her hair grow out.)

Side: Hero

Best Friends: Amy, Cream, Rouge, Julie-Su, Honey the Cat, Blaze, (the rest are fan characters of my friends at Fan Fiction. They have full ownership in them) Becca, Heather the Hedgehog, Marianne, Alice, Tallis, and Chocolate the Fox. (still adding!)

Likes: Shopping, air boarding, hanging out with friends, music, parties, food, and anything fun.

Dislikes: Spiders, scropions, people who say girls can't fight, people who think that she is too young to fight, being ignored, insects, heights, and being a damsel in distress.

Crush: Tails (Depends on the story line really. In the upcoming Angelz series, Rikku sees Tails as a rival but in the Matchmaker, the two start going out.)

Position: Flight (with rocketboots)

Team: Fina & Team Rose Version 2.0

IQ: A little above average.

Residence: Usually an apartment in Station Square.

Orgin: Lillet Desert (But ran away at young age.)

Major Theme song(s): 'I'm Not Your Girl' by Lalaine

Theme Song(s): 'So Much For my Happy Ending' by Avril Lavigne, 'When it Was Me' by Paula Deanda, 'What Hurts the Most' by Rascal Flats & 'Catch Your Wave' by Click Five (Rikku and Tails relationship), 'Behind These Hazel Eyes' and 'Since You've Been Gone' by Kelly Clarkson

Weapon of Choice: Arabic, desert style dagger(s). Got from mother before she ran away. As she grows older, she starts to use mechianical skills to improve her fighting style. Also uses her legs and arms in a variety of martail arts.

Strengths: Good agility, air boarding, can pick locks and find secret passages, knows a little bit about mechanics.

Weaknesses: Can be distracted easily, is stubborn and hard to deal with, scared of heights, and is angered easily.

Stats: Ranked from 1 to 10

Speed: 6

Flight: 7

Strength: 5

Defense: 6

Agility: 10 and above

Magic: 7 (Fairly good at it and can cast little blakc magic spells along with a spell to mutiple her daggers.)

Magic Defense: 4

Luck: 8 (Rikku: I dodge a lot of attacks, okay?)

Evasion: 6

Wisdom: 2

Accuracy: 5

Air board: Dismantler

Favorite Color: Ruby Red and Dark Green

Favorite Music: Hip-Hop and Pop

Favorite food: Sweets

Favorite Gem: Topaz

Favorite Flower: Red and yellow roses

Favorite Holiday: Chirstmas

Favorite Season: Fall

Background:Rikku was born into a rich family living on the outskirts of Lillet Desert. A purebred fennce fox, her family liked to keep their hertiage clean and tried to set up Rikku with many suitors. All of which she refused. When she was only ten, Rikku ran away from her home because of the harsh rules placed upon her by her family and ended up in a small town called Farmer's Paradise. There, she decided to change her orginal name from Rika Cadaric, to Rikku (Cadaric) Fox. She only kept the Cadaric part as her middle name and never told anyone about it. During the year she spent in Farmer's Paradise, she learned how to pickpocket and some martial art skills from an old traveler passing through. When she turned 13 however, she was decided to pack up and head for Station Square. Continues in Angelz Series...

Rikku did have one brother and sister that she left behind when she left her home, but really feels no regret towards leaving. Her brother (unmarried) ended up taking the mansion that her family owned and her sister still remains in Lillet Desert to this day. Rumor has it that she married one of Rikku's past suitors and has started a happy family. All of her children are all purebred fennce foxes. Both of Rikku's siblings were also subject to many suitors.

Note: If you want to use Rikku in your story, please follow these guidelines...

1: You have to put me as having ownership to Rikku. Put... Rikku belongs to RikkuMcClowFox or something like that.

2: Please don't make her do anything that is inapproiate. Fighting is okay. Just no cussing, sexual activities, or anything bad like that. I know, I'm really ruining your fun. She can say Damn! or Bastard! if she just got slammed into like a forty foot wall, just no outright cusing through the story.

3: Don't make her bash other characters.

I know what you are thinking. Why would any one want to use her character? Mine are just as goos. I'm just putting her out there so that if you want to write about her or her and Tails, you can. AS LONG AS THE RULES ARE MET!

Artwork: (Thank you!)



http:///art/Angelz-in-Disguise-cover-73175143 ( I know, techinally not of Rikku, but who cares? Just click on it! It's so awesome! THANK YOU to the artist! Never thought the angelz series would be this popular.)

http:///art/Angelz-In-Disguise-79760179 (Again, simply awesome. I am speechless.)

http:///gallery/#/d2vn859 (Again, not of Rikku, but another fantastic piece of fanart based off Desert Ruins. Thank you so much to artist. It really is amazing. Check it out now!)

These are the stories that all have Rikku featured in them. (Thank you to all of the authors who added Rikku that aren't me of course.) Still adding:

Matchmaker by me

Terror at the Movies by me

Angelz in Disguise by me

Angelz in Training by me

Welcome home Welcome doom by Xx-Erin Black-xX-XPadfootX

My Desire by Heather The Hedgehog

Duality by shielddrake42

Desert Storms by me

Chaotic Love by Shala the Hedgehog

Team Rose Version 2.0 by me

Upcoming Stories Featured in:

Matchmaker: Take Two by me

Untitled by me (prequel to Matchmaker)

All of the future angel books by me

Black Tears of a Red Rose by crimson-obsidian-rose and me

Sonic Stuff Favorite Sonic Characters labeled in order from how much I like to write about them.

Amy Rose!! (She's sorta out of character in my fics, but who cares?)

Blaze the Cat

Honey the Cat (Special, deleted character from Sonic the Fighters)

Silver the Hedgehog

Miles 'Tails' Prower (What can I say? I adore geeks.)

Tikal the Echidna

Rouge the Bat

Wave the Swallow (Big Surprise!!)

Julie-Su the Echidna (archie comics.) Yeah, I know. She's the tomboy, kick ass girl that Sega really needs and the older female role model for Amy. I know many of you don't like the comics, but that doesn't mean that you have to hate every charcter from there.

Others (all of the other charaters rank around this area. I am a strong believer in girl power, so most of my stories center around the girls or romance. The guys get too much credit as it is!)

Sonic Couples (The part where most people get flamed for their opinion @_@) Below is a number of Sonic couples and my opinion on them.)

#Note- that before I state anything, I support all Sonic couples. I will respect other people's opinions and not flame or 'bash' any characters or couples. I only support straight couples.

SilverXAmy- One of my favorite couples! Huge SilvAmy fan!

SilverXBlaze- Right up there with SilverXAmy.

SonicXAmy- Most popular couple. I use to like SonAmy, but ever since Sonic Riders, (where he treated Amy like dirt) I've re-thought my opinion. Amy should move on and find someone better than Sonic. I will use this couple in most of my stories where Amy and Blaze exist. But it will mostly likely by a mature Amy (not fangirl. I'm sorry but I hate how Sega protrays her...) and a mature Sonic kind of relationship. You know? Two leaders respect and admire each other. (Framed Twice Over will be a huge example of this where I hope to start what I would like to call, the Amy Revolution.)

SonicXBlaze- Support this couple one hundred percent!

TailsXCosmo- Cosmo died, so I think that Tails should move on. It's still cute, but I mean... Cosmo seems kind of like a mary-sue to me. No offense!

TailsXCream- I think that this couple is a little strange. No offense! Cream never showed any romantic interest in Tails and vis-verse.

TailsXMarine- ... I would tell my opinion, but then I would either get flamed or get told off by a strong believer in this pairing. Let me just say this, I find Marine a combination of fancharacters made for Tails. Before Sonic Rush Adventure was released I knew of some OCs for Tails that I thought were cute. I do not think that she replaced my fancharacter or was a total mistake because she was like so and so, I just think that Sega was pushing for a match for Tails that would everyone happy by mixing together all those OCs. At least, that's my opinon. Personally, I also found her annoying while playing the game. No flames please. That is my opinion. (I also think Sega is making way to many other characters right now, but that's a side not.)

KnucklesXRouge- Okay couple, but ever since all of the ShadowXRouge evidence... Well, let's just say I was converted. I see this couple more as a brotherXsister. Strange, I know. But I've never been a huge KnucklesXanyone fan.

ShadowXRouge- Love it as romantic interest and brotherXsister. I can see both sides of this agrument and I support both sides. Blame Sega! Tell them to stop making stuff so confusing!

KnucklesXAmy- This couple was only shown romantic interest in Sonic X. Not sure how I feel about it...

JetXWave- Absolutely love this couple!! So cute together!!

StormXWave-... No comment @_@.

ShadowXAmy- Support this couple, but I'm getting sick of all the stories about. Too overused in my opinon.

ShadowXTikal- No much is seen of this couple nowadays... And I don't exactly love this couple to pieces beacuse they kind of never meet...

KnucklesXTikal- Support this couple, but still not one hundred percent sure. (FYI: Tikal is not related to Knuckles! All of her family and friends died when Chaos took over and that was way too far back to include Knuckles so how could they be related!? She died before she turned sixteen! They are from the same tribe, not family. The only family she had was her father and grandmother, both died and Sega never mentioned any brothers or sisters surviving.)

TailsXOC- Absoluetly love, if the character is developed enough.

KnucklesXJulie-Su- This couple is good in the comics. Not sure how I totally feel about it... Somedays I love it to pieces others I can't seem to picture Julie by his side.

SonicXRouge-... No comment...

SonicXWave- ... JetWave forever!! (Sorry... Can't see this happening. I do support this couple if it is well written and protrayed well enough.)

KnucklesXBlaze- Ummm...

SonicXElise- Again, not sure how I feel... Elise just kind of looked to me as one of those old damsel in distress. Cute the first time, kind of cute the second, annoying by the third...

ShadowXMaria- Why did they have to kill off Maria!? Why?! MARRRRRIAAAAAA!! (Shadow moment over.)

SilverXElise- What?

ShadowXBlaze- I think that they're okay... Actually I'm not sure how I feel. A good fanfic or some good art could totally sway me to this side.

SonicXSally- No comment

JetXAmy- I would pay big money to see Sonic's face when he saw them together!

VectorXVanilla- Not much to say about this couple.

CharmyXCream- Not sure how I personally feel...

Love triangles:

KnucklesXTikalXRouge- One of my favorite couple triangles. Not used much, but I still love it.

ShadowXAmyXSonic- This triangle has been so overused that I can't really stand another story about this...

SilverXBlazeXAmy- Love, Love, Love this triangle!! Both of the couples are just sooo cute.

BlazeXSonicXAmy- Same as SilverXBlazeXAmy.

SilverXSonicXAmy: My absolute favorite! ...But only if Amy is mature and isn't really a fan girl anymore. Otherwise, then it's kind of annoying.

ShadowXKnucklesXRouge- I personally like this triangle. Althought I'm not totally into couples with Knuckles (I always get him out of character.) I can imagine Shadow and Knuckles having a fist fight over Rouge.

SonicXEliseXAmy- Again, Love it to pieces! At least if it is described with a lot of detail and regrettable emotions on both sides.

ShadowXTikalXKnuckles- Again, I don't know. Can't see Knuckles arguing and fighting over a girl with anyone but Sonic.

Love Diamonds

ShadowXSilverXAmyXSonic- Okay, this is where it gets old. Amy's always paired off with either Shadow or Sonic in these types of stories and it gets to me really annoying real fast. Be different people! Put Silver in there and actually have a romantic idea with him and Amy!

ShadowXTikalXKnucklesXRouge-... My mind is wierd... But I still love it!

BlazeXSilverXAmyXSonic- This is a complicated one...@_@ But still one of my favorites! I use this diamond in so many stories.

Harvest Moon Stuff:

Favorite Characters:

Save the Homeland: Gwen, Dia, Lyla

More Friends of Mineral Town: Karen, Mary, Ann, Claire/Jill, Gray, Cliff, Rick

Rune Factory: Tori, Felicity, Mist (What? I just can't help but love her. Don't know why...) Melody, Lara

DS: Leia, Lumina, (I can only really see Lumina in the outfit she has in this one.), Flora, Witch Princess,

A Wonderful life: Celia, Muffy, Flora

Magical Melody: Eve, Gwen, Alex, Carl, Katie, Gina, Blue, Lyla, Dia, Maira

(I'm a strong believe in girl power, so that's why most of my favorite characters are girls. That, and some of the guys in Harvest Moon I just find kind of creepy...)

I love all of the Harvest Moon couples.

Hall of Fame (Currently Published Work):

Greatest Work: "Matchmaker": I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this. It started out with a simple idea of Rikku doing a little matchmaking and simply took off from there. I tried to put action, romance, drama, humor, and a little mystery all mixed into this and it suprisingly turned out well. What suprised me even more was the amount of feedback it got when there was basically no planning. I just winged the whole thing from chapter to chapter. I only hope that I can do the sequel justice and continue the story. And thank you so much to all of the reviewers! You all rock!

Two years later: I look back on this piece and think what the hell was I thinking? Seriously, after two years of honing my skill, I find that this story really does suck. The plot's all over the place, the romance is kind of spordaic, I put in songs for God's sake. Ugh, what was I thinking? I do like the later chapters though as I was becoming a better writer by then and at least I made sure to make it entertaining. I just kind of see it as a old shame now. I do still respect the piece and love it in a way as it was like my big break piece, but I know I can do better now.

As of 2010: "Team Rose" is definitely my best piece so far. Even though it's only two chapters, it's a hell of a lot better than "Matchmaker." I had planned to make it into something grand and epic but I lost interest in the Sonic fandom and started working on my own pieces. I'll probably continue it one of these days, but not anytime soon. Still, it's the best descriptive piece I've ever worked on so far.

Greatest Series: "Angelz": Coming soon.

Greatest Oneshot: "Desert Ruins": Okay, I am a huge SilvAmy fan so I wrote this for kind of selfish reasons. I liked the conversations between Silver and Amy during the new game but I was disappointed in the lack of them. Really they only had three main conversations and I felt that Sega could have expanded more on the two. So, this was my own fantasy of what should have happened in their shared stage Desert Ruins that suprisingly turned out well. Thank you all again for the feedback! And look forward to the upcoming chapters of the sequel "Desert Storms."

...I can die in peace now. All of you who supported me for one whole year, you all rock!! You hear me?! You ROCK! I wouldn't have stayed on this long if it wasn't for all of you! THANK YOU!! Cookies for everyone!

Awesome Supporters/Writers/Friends/Reviewers

(Note: If I don't mention your name, it doesn't mean I don't like. In my opinion, everyone who takes the time to read a story and offer cristism or support rocks!!It's just I don't have the time, nor the energy, to write down everyone's name who writes or reviews. I am only human. I just wanna acknowledge those that have been with me for a long time and are still there either supporting or writing amazing stories!)

ChiakitheHedgehogKoniochi (Thank you for the awesome comic!)

crimson-obsidian-rose (One of my very first friends and an amazing reviewer! On top of that, an awesome author!)

Fauxmon (A very good friend and an awesome supporter. Words can not describe my thanks for your support! You ROCK!)

Jean Cooper (A spectucular author and a very fun person to talk to.)

shielddrake42 (A great friend and fellow SilvAmy shipper! Three cheers! Also my new betaer, so say thanks to her for the amazing Team Rose series right now. -Bows down-)

Whinnie (-Bows down- My freakishly amazing (old((not age wise)) beta reader for my large Sonic stories. Thank you so much! I am not worthy!)

Xx-Erin-xX-AthrunxCagallifan (One of my best friends on this site and a very commited reviewer! Once again, I am not worthy!)

Luigifan1 (An amazing supporter for "Matchmaker"! Thank you so much!)

The Scarlet Sky (A beyond amazing author for the Harvest Moon section! If you are a Harvest Moon fan and you have not checked out her work, you have been living under a rock. I am not worthy!)

Eruiiya (An amazing friend, reviewer, supporter.. ah what the heck. All of the above!)

P.S: Still adding and I am sorry if I forgot anyone! All of my fellow authors, even though most I am not worthy of, and reviewers deserve a spot on this list but let's face it. I don't think I have enough room. O_O I'm sorry!


Under constrution:

Team Rose:Version 2'0

Random oneshots

Special Surprise Gift

Snow Angel: KaiXClaire oneshot (I'm at a road block on this one, so please JeanCopper have just a smig more patience with me. I know I don't deserve it though.)

Ideas and future releases:

Framed Twice Over: I never imagined myself as a murder suspect. I always thought of myself as the girl next door type; not the "You killed her!" type. But here I was, on trial for Rouge's murder. Now, can I ask you, why would I murderer my friend? WHY? I'm innocent! I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Only a handful of people seem to believe I didn't do it. My selected friends and my annoying attorney:Sonic T. Hedgehog. I'm so getting sent to prison because of him. Why did I hire him then? Well, it's really hard to say 'no' to someone who sweetly wraps his arms around you and says he'll do everything in his power to keep you from going to jail in a heart-meltingly suave voice. Plus, he works for free and he's 'finer than any rhodium gasket' according to Rikku. What's the problem then, you ask? Our opponent, really. Shadow-no last name-the Public Defender who is arguing on Rouge's behalf--since she's a little unreachable right now. He's everything a girl could want--including the judge who holds a gurdge against my player of an attorney. He's tall, dark, mysterious, rich, handsome, and has a high-paying, stable job. Plus, he's never lost a case. Now, who do you think will win this match? Exactamundo. All hail Shadow. ...Yeah, I know. I'm screwed. Prision better have malls. SonAmy with some ShadAmy thrown in. (Yes, you can stop pestering me SonAmy fans.)

My baby right now. :-) I'm really loving how the story line to this is shaping up. I want to try something that's fun but has a seriousness to it that helps the romance move along and this is what happened. This will also be the start of my Amy Revolution phase. (More on that later...) I'm hoping the get the feel of Amy knowing she's innocent but the rest of the group not knowing what to say. It will be told from Amy's P.O.V. so you'll know as much as she knows. I'm hoping to make this fic huge, but I'll wait and see what happens. It'll probably be up and updated after Christmas Break depending on what the fans say. And to prepare for this, I will be sitting on the couch every weekend for eight hours straight flipping through old Law and Order episodes with a notepad and a pen. Think of me fondly. (Sarcasm.) Anyways, if you have questions on who's gonna be in it, who are the other suspects, what'll be in, or just plain want to tell me that you love it, feel free to PM me. I will reply.

Matchmaker: Take 2: "Do I have to do everything around here? I plot to get them together and fall for one another despite the events that had taken place just for their own happiness and what do they do to me in return?! They go and break-up! Amy's dragging me around plotting to hurt, possibly kill, her ex-boyfriend, Blaze locks herself in her room and refuses to come out, Tails is getting annoyed with me since I haven't been able to go on any dates since someone's been pulling me about, and Julie's... Julie's... Hey, where the heck is Julie?! Sigh... never mind. Let's just try this again. Maybe this time I can get it right..." First chapter/prologue told from Rikku's point of view, the rest by a narrator. Sequel to Matchamker.

Mr. Vamp: It started with a Halloween party. A costume Halloween party to be precise. With partnered dancing. Not recognizing anyone, Amy Rose takes up a tall, dark, and handsome hedgehog dressed as a vampire up on his offer to dance. Little did she know how good a kiss could be even with fangs. Problem is: She didn't get Mr. Vamp's name except for his first intial: S. Solution: Check out party list and find matching hedgehogs, came as a vampire, and names began with the letter S. Simple right? Wrong. Second Problem: There were three hedgehogs that match that discription, all with names starting with S and came as a vampire. Maybe she should start a kissing booth instead... Diamond Thingie: SilverXAmyXShadowXSonic

Note: If you do like this fic, please tell me so in a PM. I am willing to take into consideration any suggestions or requests of scenes/pairings/characters that you want to see in this story and I am looking forwad to hearing what you guys think.

Sway With Me: AU. Meet Amy Rose: A slight clumsy, heart-struck hedgehog who signed up for dancing lessons in hopes of catching the ever-allusive Sonic's eye. Now meet Silver: A heart-broken hedgehog who just happens to be the only guy inroled in Amy's dance class, thus forcing the two to partner up. Is the tango really the dance of romance and can it bring these two souls together.

Excert from it:

The music started up with the strings of a guitar and two violins blending together perfectly. Everyone on the dance floor scurried about in a wild tizzy, trying to find the right partner. People were pushed aside, choosy words were shouted at one another, and everyone was being thrown left and right as the ladies of the dance class searched for the only male of the class: Silver T. Hedgehog, who was currently nowhere to be found.

"Where is he?" one ferret shouted, checking behind the red curtains framing the windows.

"He was right here just a minute ago," agreed a nearby blue jay.

"But it seems he's disappeared just as the music started," a tan mink observed. Her eyes suddenly widened in realization. "Oh! He must be shy! How cute!"

A series of 'Awwws!' rippled throughout the room and the serach intensified.

Meanwhile, just outside the bustling classroom, Amy Rose was strolling down the hallway after her trip to the lady's room and self-pep-talk. Only the sound of her low mutterings and the clicks of her high heels disturbed the peace. Obviously, the classroom was sound proof. Just as she reached the door, took a deep breath, and reached out for the doorknob a sudden clank made her jump.

"Damn mop bucket," a male voice cursed from the cleaning closet on her left.

"What in the world?" she whispered to herself, abandonning the doorknob and walking over to said closet. The door looked rather small to be a full cleaning closet and Amy guessed that it was probably an extra, narrow closet turned into a cleaning supplies room. On another note, who would be hiding in a cleaning closet?

Careful not to make much noise, the female cautiously turned the brass doorknob beneath her fingertips. The door easily swung open with a soft click.

Startled gold eyes met equally stunned green ones.

There, positioned awkwardly between two cluttered shevles and a dirty mob bucket, was a silver-gray hedgehog wearing a form-fitting tux. A handsome hedgehog...in a closet. No, hiding in a closet would be a more accurate term. ...She concluded that she was going insane. All those cheesy soap operas must have been getting to her head.

Amy blinked...and blinked again just to make sure of her sight. He was still there...and as silent and shocked as ever. Neither moved. What could one say at a time like this? Hey, how's the cleaing detergent? Utterly lame.

"Um..." the male started, eyes frantically flickering about to search for an excuse.

Amy saucily raised one eyebrow, awaitng his reasoning.

Wait. He was wearing a tuxedo. That could only mean...

"You're the guy in my dancing class!" Amy blurted out.

The gray hedgehog put up both of his hands in defense, eyes going wide. "Wait! Wait, I can explain-!" He took one step forward and ended up kicking the mop bucket over with a clang. Bending down to pick it up, he only succeeded in knocking loose several bottles of Lysol set on the shelf to his left. Luckily, none of them split or cracked open. He whirled around to catch one or two, causing the self to the right of him to dangerously shake. The male grabbed the shelf with his one free hand before nothing else fell and was left with two bottles of Lysol in one hand, one foot atop the toppled mop bucket, his right hand on the shelf, and his eyes wild.

Amy couldn't stop the laugh that she was trying to hold in. He wasn't trying to be funny; the complete opposite actually, but...it had been a long time she had really laughed. Giggles, sure, but all out laughing that made you clutch your stomach because you coulnd't breathe? It'd been a while.

To her surprise, a toothy grin blossomed on the hedgehog's face. His eyes light up and suddenly he didn't look so nervous anymore. A low chuckle escaped his lips and with the utmost grace he could manage, he let go of the shelf-making sure it was steady beforehand-and set the bottles back on the opposite shelf. The bucket was easily put rightside up but a swift tap of his boot on the bottom end.

"Nice," she managed between laughs, truly meaning it as she covered her mouth with one hand. Now that he was standing up straight, she noticed that he was quite tall-even by her short standards. Remember her manners, she stuck out a hand and said with the most confidence she could muster, "I'm Amy. Dancer Nine-Five-Six, in other terms." Confidence attracted men...

Oh, what was she thinking? She was in love with Sonic. So-nic! Not some random hedgehog hiding in a closet...no matter how cute he was. She shouldn't be thinking like this...

All her worries melted away though, when she felt his gloved hand grasp hers in a firm, but gentle, shake. "Nice name. The Amy; not the nine-five-six. I'm Silver, by the way." He offered a swoon-worthy smile as he let go of her now clammy hand. "Or if we're speaking dancing terms, Dancer Nine-Six-Seven."

Amy didn't have to think about the girlish giggle that she let loose as she drew her hand back into her personal space. Right then, one particular blue hedgehog had just dropped down from number one of her 'Hottest Men in the World List'. Sayonara Sonic, and helloooo Silver!

Note: If you do like this fic, please tell me so in a PM. I am willing to take into consideration any suggestions or requests of scenes/pairings/characters that you want to see in this story and I am looking forwad to hearing what you guys think.

Rewritten Angelz in Disguise: The beginning of the Angelz Chronicles!

Redone Angelz in Training: Book two in the Angelz Chronicles.

Falling Angelz: Book three in the Angelz Chronicles.

Guardian Angelz : Book four in the Angelz Chronicles.

Rising Angelz: Possible encore book between the final and fourth. If reviews go well during the fourth, then I'll write this. If they don't... well I'll just go to the final book.

Full-Fledged Angelz: The final book in the Angelz Chronicles.

Q & A's

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That's all I have to say. Well, see ya in my stories! All who review rock so hard!

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