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Um.. Hi. Are you still here? Oh. Okay.. =)

I know I am still here. I took a little break. Got to know a few smaller games. Like Katamari, Earthbound, Cave Story, God Hand..

Okay, right now I'm working on remastering Wario the villain buisness. Just uploaded chapter 2, you should find it there now. You might've noticed the asterisks in the story. Those are to be explained in the index, the last chapter in the story.

My thoughts

I now have a 'My thoughts' page on my profile! xD

Warning: My thoughts are subject to change, and if you are offended somehow by this, get lost.

If you are a true Duster (Mother 3) fan, copy and paste this into your profile.

Now, is time for my godmario fanfic 13 O' Clock News now being shown on T.A.R.N.S' stories! Last Update- 12/30/08

My OC's! yay!


Likes- A fight
Dislikes- Sarcasm, Ganon, and Ninjas.
Visual- Blue Link. His sword carrier is on his hip (like a samurai). It is yellow. His pouch is brown.
Slash- A slash from his sword. He could do a combo of any number from 2-30 hits.
Arrows- Arrows.
Chain- allie from 'OCs live on'
Pow- allie from 'OCs live on'
Strict, workahollic.
Theme- Team Dark's theme.

Sonic OCs

Likes- Anything Funny!
Dislikes- Having to actually try.
Visual- A red hedgehog with blue gloves and gold shoes. His quills all point down except the middle, it sticks upwards.
Magic Spindash- A spindash...with magic.
Magic Gloves- He takes out a Spell Stoner (Sonic world glowbo) and chants. When done, two big, blue hands appear from his. He can control them freely.
Magic Stone- He takes out a Spell Stoner and chants. When done, huge rocks start to hurl at the enemy.
Chain- allie from 'OCs live on'
Pow- allie from 'OCs live on'
Laid back, cool.
Theme- Team Chaotix's theme.

Cole, Game teleporter
Likes- Animals.
Dislikes- Cities.
Visual- Just like a black link. A red fox with four tails follows him. It's name is Tail.
Tackle- Tail tackles the enemy.
Multi Tail- Tail turns into multiple foxes.
Ember- Tail breathes fire.
Quick Attack- Attack.
Arrow- Cole takes out regular/fire/ice/light arrows and shoots.
Ultra Tail- Tail charges for 3 seconds. Then his tail turns gold and his attacks become stronger each hit.
Tail- His partner in rhyme.
Chronic- He saved him in Kingdom.
Theme- LoZ:Oot theme.

Groulic, Gatekeeper of the Heavens.
Likes- Heaven
Dislikes- Heck, and the gatekeeper of heck, Cerberus.
Visual- Green Eagle is his transformation. He can turn into a man with a staff of blue.
Magic Element- he can project any element out of his staff.
Pow- He got sent up to heaven, but Groulic stopped.
Theme- Fire Emblem.


Pow, Smash King.
Dislikes- Ganondorf (Pow comes to hyrule with a chainsaw in his hand while saying 'Muhahahaha')
He has black hair. Red eyes. A well decorated sword. A Scarlet red cape. A shield with the picture of two swords clashing. And a sixtipple jump.
Sword Slash- He slashes at the enemy with his Fire Emblem sword.
Melee Seven Attack- He does a maneuver of hand signs and the background turns black. He then strikes the enemy with seven ly one-hundred percent dealing strikes. This is his second least powerful attack.
Melee Sixty-four Maneuver- More handsigns and the screen turns red. The enemy is frozen solid. Pow must attack for 80 seconds (this doesn't count for time mode) If he gets more than sixty-four strikes in, he gets eighty more seconds in, this continues for until he gets something below sixty-four strikes.
Melee One Hundred Maneuver- Handsigns galore! one hundred seconds for one hundred attacks. It has the same potential as Sixty-four Maneuver.
Sixtipple jump- He first does three regular jumps. Then, he jumps with fire from his blade. Then, he jumps with a barrel roll jump. And finally, he jumps with a grappling hook on an item that appears out of nowhere.
Capt. Falcon- From F-Zero for saving him when he was about to fall into the ocean. (Pow would die because the ocean is a K.O in SSBM)
Bookey- From saving him from Boolusis.
Kane- He defeated Nimbley with Pow.
Headstrong, he'll do anything if he's called a chicken at something.
Theme- Numb.

Now seriously, my info is here NOW!

Birth- After you that's for sure..


Music- While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles)

Why the Pen name?- I am the god of all things mario!

Favorites- Mario, Sonic, Link, Banjo-Kazooie, and Earthbound!

Don't Like- When you share a drink with someone, and they spit in the bottle (D:)

Gender- Male.

Catch Phrase- Bugs are those glitches on the computer XP.

Favorite OCs- Clayton Mario (NUTCASE71733), Darkspine the hedgehog (T.A.R.N.S.), Kane and Kone (Me)

I am- A bomb with an extremely short fuse. I am loyal when it comes to secrets. And Defensive when it comes to my friends. Usually, I can keep my fuse from lighting by calmly ignoring the (insert thing here). I am also Offensive when it comes to my last resort. I can be a rocket scientist if I want to. I have been loyal my whole life. If you give me a secret, I'll (maybe XP) keep it with me til' college (maybe longer)

I shall now do something random.

1) You only try to impress people because you want their e-mail adress.

2) Your definition of racing needs Macromedia Flash Player.

4) You only know Taijutsu from a word.

5) Bugs are those glitches on the computer.

6) You probably missed 3.

7) You scroll up.

8) You laugh at yourself.

9) You probably missed 6 too.

10) You scroll up again.

11) You laugh, again.

copy and paste this into your profile if you fell for this.

On OCs live on I have-

Kone- My OC
Kane- My OC
Groulic-My OC
Cole- My OC
Laverne- ?? OC
Chain- my OC
Chronic- my OC
Pow- my OC
Matches the Dragon- The All Real Numbers Symbol's OC.
Lillian Mastendon- The All Real Numbers Symbol's OC.
Clayton Mario- NUTCASE71733's OC.
Laverne- MewSpiceelishis' OC.
King Diamond- First Boss. My OC.
Drakino- Second Boss. My OC.
Krakkin- Third Boss. My OC.
Duo Change Bros.- Fourth Boss. My OC.
Looper B.- Fifth Boss. My OC.
Professor Goomghost- Sixth Boss. My OC.
Captain Jackson- Seventh Boss. The All Real Numbers Symbol's OC.
Blak- Final Boss. My OC.

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