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Hello, I bid you welcome to my profile. As meager as it has become. Oh well...

Who am I: I am an author, a creator, and more. I build and destroy entire cities in my mind, I crush civilizations in humbling, frightening and sometimes humorous ways. The lives of others are my play things and I feel the urge to make and continue this process several times a day. There is a reason I carry around several notebooks.

In short, I'm an author.

I won't say much more on the subject, because times have changed for me. I'm still an author, and I still, occasionally dabble in fanfiction. I have numerous ideas, some of which I really need to just write out. I'm currently only 'working' on one fanfiction, and that is not posted here, and may never be. That said, I have several others that I'm working on, mostly mental work and pre-planing. Ideas that I discard from my true stories often get recycled as fanfiction ideas, just with different names and characters.

Why am I on this site: Three reasons...

Number One: I find it a good exercise to spread my wings, writing and reading ideas and paths that original authors never considered.

Number Two: You will not easily find a greater group of dedicated authors than here. You may have to shift through a lot of bad stories, but you will find those authors, and they are well worth the search. Their dedication exceeds many authors that write 'professionally' and their skills in many cases are just as comprable.

Number Three: I enjoy a good what-if and 'roads-not-taken'. There is a reason I love reading alternate universe publications put out by DC and Marvel, what if Lex Luthor developed a serum to become Superman? Well, here I have hundreds of people clammoring to give me what ifs from stories that I enjoy.

Below are two stories, they are dead. Now, you may be wondering why I would keep them up, I'm usually very... pithy about my work. In this case however, I use them to remind me of things. First, I am human and inclined to screw up. A fact of life. The stories below are two examples of that, oh, I still think that I have great plots, both fully resolved and made out for both stories, I know how the characters will develop, who they will meet and how they will live and die. But, I recognize these as- failures. I over stepped my bounds, oh, I'm sure that I could write these now, after years of working and striving to get myself back inside my abilities and then expand those abilities. But the truth is, that these two stories represent my first attempts and changing them would... defeat myself. So they remain, unfinished. Though, from this point on, I put something up here, it will be finished.

Mistake #1 Beyond Death: Naruto dies at the beginning fighting and killing Itachi, those who are left behind must deal with this loss. The world however must continue, and plots are set in motion due to mistakes made. As most can tell you, one death does not stop the world and more often then not death is really just the beginning of the story rather than the end of it. I guess I will say this here, because it seems to kill off my reader amount, Naruto is not dead, or at least, not for long.

Mistake #2 The Blood Stone: Another power comes to Konoha and has disastrous consequences. Naruto, Yugito and Sasuke are sent back forty years to the Nidaime's reign, they leave soon after on a mission for a prince from the west, the mission holds the secret to their arrival and the way back to their time. The mission is to head to the far west to countries that have shrouded in mystery, they must guard the prince in his quest to find the secret to immortality, the philosopher's stone. All they have to deal with along the way is a pint sized half-metal blond and a walking suit of armor... AU, Hopeful Hilarity and Darkness in this, Crossover Naruto manga/Full Metal Alchemist manga, Pairings Naruto/Yugito Nii Sasuke/Rose Ed/Winry and more...

Parting Note: (I added this section as a personal response to some recent events I've been witnessing)

I do not lie to see talent die, nothing hurts me more than to watch authors driven from writing, I've seen it happen both in fanfiction, and sadly, in the real world... I've seen authors do things in hubris and anger that they will regret. While, not an author of books, Red Skelton comes to mind, he, in bitterness over decisions long past wanted some of his best work destroyed, years of laughter and fun, skits, plays and acting that brought laughter to the hearts of millions, gone, because of a mans bitterness. I've been in touch, recently with an author 'who shall remain nameless' that has been systematically tearing down his fans, despite the warnings and counsel of those around him.

What drives these people to these extremes... themselves, to a large extent. Authors, and those like them in general, are arrogant and prideful, in many ways, we feel the universe if ours and it revolves around us, no matter how much we know that not to be true. And, we don't generally like things to be 'out of control', and fans are definitely, out of control. I myself ripped to pieces a perfectly good story when a person pointed out the flaws in it. I had other copies, but I was a moment from shooting my mouth off that I wouldn't write again. It wasn't because I hated what was said, but because some part of me agreed and took it further, I thought that what I wrote was utter and complete garbage.

So, I urge people, readers and authors alike, please, please, please, be considerate and thoughtful. If your a reader, don't feel obligated to review, but if you do decide to review, please try and get your thoughts across clearly and without venom, especially if it is just after the author did something to a story that you feel is utterly crap.

Authors, take every review, read it and consider, then, before you hit the delete button because that flamer was a jerk, push it aside, take a deep breath and read the review again. Look for the useful information, in the case of flames, everything they didn't like. Even if all they did was insult your parentage and grooming habits. After all, you never know, it could still be useful information.

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