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Name: Pazoink. Or Katie. They both fit.

Some people call me The Grudge, or Magpie. One is because I have long hair, and the other because they call one of my friends Raven because she dyed her hair black, and another Crow, just on principle. And another one Sparrow. I suppose they ran out of raven-like birds. I'm not very happy with the people who call me those.
I also have a load of other nicknames, like Tty (JTHM reference), Eric (Eric the flying hat car - my bad drawing of a car) and Richard III (October the 2nd is my birthday, and his). Yes, the last two are guys' names. I am, to be honest, quite guyish at times. I'm pretty sure that most people I know think I'm a really great guy, but they wonder why I keep spare socks down my front.
What can I say? I find skirts and dresses annoying, and I adore videogames and horror. And I can't stand romance of any kind. That, and if any of my friends take me shopping and they look at makeup, I look progressively more and more like I'm suffering a slow, agonising death. But then, a few look the same when I go in search of videogame shops.

Appearance, age, and other such mess:

I'm 15, and I'm pretty generic to most people, really. Long brown hair, brown eyes, no real accent. I'm very quiet in real life. I've had people think I'm a mute before, and people in my classes still think that sometimes. I can also walk up to people without them noticing. I usually wear hooded jumpers (without the hood up, though) and jeans that are usually black skinny jeans, because it doesn't matter if they're too big. I have a talent for finding clothes that don't fit. It's annoying.
I play violin, and I enjoy it a lot, but I don't love classical music, really. It's funny. I only get along with one other violinist in my orchestra. I'm not snobbish or anything, just socially inept.
Some people claim to have a sixth sense. Spiderman has a spidey sense. I have a soap sense. I can sense plot twists a mile off, which is a mixed bag. I knew what happened in The Sixth Sense right from the beginning, and I can sniff out a shock in Hollyoaks days before it happens. It allows me to have a really stupid sense of oneupmanship, but it ruins so many good plotlines. And it means I have to watch things from another room sometimes, to stop myself from telling people what I've figured out.

I don't fit into any label, and I'm happy like that. People tried to call me 'emo' for a while, but that doesn't really fit. I'm just rather quiet, and wear black nearly all the time. But I also like my strange t-shirts, like the bright green one with the cartoon octopus attacking Big Ben. I either look slightly spooky, or like an overgrown kid. I also don't really spend enough time with people to be in a label. I'd have to actually hang out with them all the time. Eep.
I practically live in my room, with my moths.
Yes, I have moths in my room. I don't know what they eat, and it isn't clothes. I'd have noticed by now if it was.
Back on track, my room is my sanctuary. Without it, I'd be a blibbering wreck by now. I have everything except food in here. It's taken five years, but... yeah. I just have to find what the moths live off, and I'll never have to leave again! Well, except for school, and I haven't quite succeeded in building a dimensional portal to Camden yet. And I suppose that it could get a bit... nasty if I didn't leave to, you know. Do my business.

Well, Hattie says my keyring is cool.

I love going to Camden, and I have an odd taste in comics. Me and my friends just sort of go to the comic shop there just to stare at the really contrived blurbs. (Strangest one so far: 'Battle Pope'. No idea how that got comissioned, or who buys it.) And maybe buy a Jhonen Vasquez comic. The staff there just find us funny, to tell the truth.
Another thing about Camden is the atmosphere. I know it gets a lot of criticism for being violent, but it's a place where you can do/say nearly anything, and people will be cool with it. Like when me and my friends randomly did a conga line across the road, and three people joined in, or playing the 'hat game', where everyone has an invisible hat and if it gets taken off, they fall over. One time, I was waiting for my friends, and I was there so long that (mostly American) tourists started asking me for directions.

I don't get along with people who have a one-track mind, are 'gangsta', or those who ridicule me for not being like them.
I prefer to spend time alone. I have what I call 'people-problems', which range from being nervy in a crowd (when I'm feeling good) to a dislike of physical contact with anyone and a borderline fear of being near too many people for too long and a preference of being on my own (normally) and then if I'm feeling bad, it develops into a hatred of physical contact and close proximity to anyone at all, and it has led to panic attacks before.
People get used to it. My friends all know that hugs are out of the question, and they understand if I suddenly disappear for a while to just clear my head.
However, despite all this, I am completely happy in a moshpit. I love them. Last time I was in one, I got some of my hair pulled out, fell in a puddle of unknown origins, got a cut on my arm, a bruise on my ear, my feet felt like they'd been completely flattened, and I loved it. I kept it up for over ten hours that time. And I went completely nuts when Billy Talent came on. Let's just say welcome to Fun With Circle Pits, my friends.

And so onto music we go.

I have an odd taste in music. I love film soundtracks (the bit in the background that are just little bits of music) videogame soundtracks, and Billy Talent. I also like 30 Seconds to Mars, I Am Ghost, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, Brand New, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Armor For Sleep, Madness, and Tofu Love Frogs. (A local-ish band that for a while, squatted the houses near my school. Come on, it's folk-punk. What's not to like?
I will admit that I have no problems with My Chemical Romance or The Used, but with both, I find the singers' voices a bit annoying at times.
I can't actually sing. Not at all. Well, only if no one else is in the room. Then I can just about get away with it without breaking windows.
I have seen Madness live twice. The first time was in Finsbury Park, and people were pogoing so much, they created tremors and the local flats had to be evacuated. The second time was at the Hackney Empire, and everyone started skanking (it's a ska dance) on the balconies. Brilliant.
I have a 'to see live' list. Billy Talent (again) is on there in permanent pen. And Mindless Self Indulgence is on there too. I Am Ghost is there too, but that's more difficult due to the fact my friends don't like them much.

Favourite books: Reading is my life, so I have lots of them. I have too many favourite books for my own good, and I'm not gonna have space to list them all. The Book Thief, The Moth Diaries, Discworld books, Warriors series, The Sight (not the Warriors one), 1984, The Vanished, Out Of Breath, JTHM (is that a book?)... -drifts off and hugs bookshelves-
I also like strange books that I find either in the second-hand charity bookshop, or in those weird 'local interest' sections you find sometimes. There were three of them for 50p each, about the Highgate Vampire, written by a guy who lived in his friend's cellar for years. I mean, that's cool. And the one about the Black Shuck.

Favourite films: I like Eastern horror, like the Japanese versions of 'Ring' (it's a trilogy. They're all pretty good) and 'Dark Water', as well as that strange Korean film called 'The Ghost' that I picked up. That's really good, because every line and action in the film has a point to it. Even if you don't figure out why until the end.
I also like 'Carrie', 'Nosferatu', and '28 Days Later'.
You'd be forgiven for thinking I'm a complete horror addict, but I'm not really. I really enjoy most films with good plots and interesting characters, and I'm a secret romantic deep, deep inside somewhere... sometimes. My absolute favourite film is 'Princess Mononoke'. I just think it's one of the best films ever. Watch it. Now.

Videogames: I've been playing videogames since the age of six, in particular, Playstation. I don't have a PS3, but I've kind of backtracked recently with my six-year-old PS2 into the realm of old PS1 games.
My favourite games include: Monster Rancher (2 - if you're in an NTSC region), Silent Hill, Spyro The Dragon (the original PS1 trilogy), Ape Escape, Dino Crisis, Rayman (the first one. So unbelievably mad...), Pokémon, Digimon World 1, etc.

Interests: Let's see... reading, writing, films, reading, Homestar Runner, web-surfing, blogging, reading... you get the idea.

I'll do more stuff later.

I think I blog too much for my own good. My mySpace will probably explode soon. But it is a small and private blog, so unless you know me in real life, you can bypass my inane jabberings about what I had for breakfast and my opinions on life, the universe, and why someone would want yellow braces. (Just for the record, the answer, according to the person behind me in maths, is 66 million.)

Yes. I'm probably a bit unhinged at times. On the internet, I occasionally come off as bipolar. I'm not, it's just the way I act. I'm really nervous around people, so if I act as Pazoink instead of Katie, I can be more outgoing. It's something that was suggested to me.

My stories? I dunno. I just enjoy writing. My stories entirely, or using someone else's ideas. I'm probably not gonna post any of my original stories on fictionpress. I just can't be asked.
Frithuwulfs (a character in a story I write) tells me it's a bad idea, and I'm quite proud of him, so I'll wait for that glorious day I finish a book, like it, and find a way to get published. I'm looking forwards to it.

Story news and stuff

Sorry I deleted 'Rose of the Mountains'. I promise I'll repost it once I get even a vague idea of where it's going. As it is, it was just annoying me up there.

I will get back to 'A Dark Storm' as soon as my exams stop being so... exammy. Media has taken over my life.

Oneshots and other mess will be posted/updated if and when I get ideas.

I am toying around with an idea for a story for the origins of Scourge (Warriors: The Darkest Hour) because as much as the official Warriors books are nice, the manga... isn't, to be honest.

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