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Hello everyone! Yes, it is the fellow from, here to make people laugh at various piss takes of popular works of fiction, and occasionally read rip roaring adventure stories.

I would reccomend reading my comedies (The Adventures of Brom and Jeod and The Fantabulous Team Fortress Adventure) whilst listening to I'll Walk the Line by Johnny Cash. It somehow adds to them. It's easily available on Youtube.

About War of the Universes. The first good thing about it is the title. War of the Universes. Conveys a certain sense of carange and devestation, doesn' t it? And, as my (surprisingly) first attempt at 40k fiction, it will have everything. Battles, politics, guns, tau, a crossover, space battles (!) I don't believe that there are many war of the worlds crossovers out there, especially with the book, so this will be a rare thing. I have a certain pedigree with Wells (see Venetian Affair) and with quasi Victorian types (see me in fictionpress.) And I can make a fight scene as good as anyone, I believe. So, why shouldn't you drop by?

As a special reward for all you people waiting patiently for an update for the above story (and I really do apologise: I excuse an enormous business with exams, and writing other fics), I am going to massively increase the scale of the next battle scene. Suffice to say that it will be insanely violent, and will be waged by the T'au expeditionary force, the valiant human armies, and the fiendish martians, on land, sea, and air! Yes, air. I'll keep you guessing for that.

Anyhow, that's enough from me. Get reading gents! (And ladies, of course.)

In Novermber 2008, there will be no new updates. This is because I am doing the National Novel Writing Month. For those ignorant of this, it is an event when one writes a 50,000 word novel in one month. I am engaging in this. Wish me luck! I'll get a link in to my entry. But don't think that I have neglected this esteemed website. No, I have plans for when I get back: several stories will have chapters, and a whole new one is being planned. (Probably a parody of Vex Master's colossal warhammer 40,000 crossover.) So, it's business as usual...

Over a year later... Now, it's February 2010. Rakarskia has been removed from my profile, Comrades, because I am going to be working on it more privately.

27/03/10: Update. I am browsing around the internet, with a mind towards going off and doing some politics revision (Socialism, if anyone's interested), and what should I find on Anti Shurtugal?

Naturally, I am thrilled to be mentioned in this community, the forerunners of which (i.e. the ones with Epistles etc) have more or less told me how to write for the past few years. If they have any questions, ask away. And, as it seems that the person who has commented thus far said that they didn't know what was going on, they may well be coming in thick and fast. Of course, this has given me quite a kick up the backside to get going on the next chapter. Plans are being made, glossaries being updated, books being frantically flicked through for details (damn it, what was Galbatorix's symbol again?), and the leviathan will start moving.

NOTE on "On Warhammer" (30/05/10):

I have found that my brief mention of the entity known as “Darth Wong” in chapter 1 has obtained about as much comment as my attempts at humour throughout this guide. Therefore, it’s time to put a few things straight, especially as this entity, or this entity’s friends, may be reading this fic, and feeling justifiably irritated about the whole thing.

At present, I feel no hostility whatever towards this entity. I have had no especial internet contact with this entity at all, and have only encountered this entity whilst strolling around various websites. When I started this guide a long time ago, I may have done, but I can’t for the life of me remember why. Therefore, if the said Wong is reading this, I sincerely apologize, and hope that there’s been no harm done. I never intended this to become any sort of battleground between his detractors and defenders, but an amusing guide to Warhammer 40,000, involving references to various aspects of the hobby. As it was covering online stuff, I thought that I may as well include one of the fandom vs fandom people; and, for some reason, I chose Wong, because of Wong’s prominence in this field. With hindsight, I should probably have made someone up.

Similarly, I may have (although I don't remember for certain) made similar comments in other fics, which attracted similarly disproportionate levels of response. Again, I apologise for any offence caused by them, for any copyrights broken (if there are any-I don't really know how this pennaming business works), and arguments started.

Note on "A Hun in Alagaesia"

This is, frankly, more an essay than an actual story. It could be useful for anyone who wants to write fics were a modern teenager gets dumped into some fantasy hell hole.

News. Throughout August, I will be away. Expect no updates. I know I promised another chapter ASAP, but stuff happened. Sorry.

Life of Alagaesianus

A frankly epic crossover, began by a love of history and Bernard Cornwell, and of fantasy also. As well as, to be honest, a backhanded fondness of the Inheritance Cycle. It may continue, if the Hounds' Gate doesn't take up too much; but I feel currently unable to keep going with it. I have vowed to progress it at least somewhat by the end of this year though.

The Hounds' Gate (18/02/12)

Looking at my profile, I saw that I had naievely decided that there was only one way of making a real person/fantasy world fic more realistic. I subsequently decided, upon reading a vareity of weird and wonderful stories (among them House of Leaves and the game Dear Esther), that there were other methods. This is a strange idea that I've had bouncing around for a while. Hopefully, it will work. If anyone reads it.

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