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I'd leave it blank, but then it would get confused with all the other blank user profiles out there. It wouldn't be because I simply can't be bothered or because I think it a pointless task. I actually would like to fill this space with something worthwhile.

Thing is, I've begun writing a blurb for this space a few times. Sometimes I let it sit for a minute, come back to it and delete it, thinking it unworthy. Other times I hate it even as it klickity-klacks off my fingertips. Honestly I don't even like this piece; the overuse of the pronoun "I" paints me as the possessor of a huge ego (seriously, count them; there are 35 in here, counting contractions). To argue either way on that matter is a job for digression, so to avoid that I will quickly point out that this bit remains posted despite my urge to delete it. You might make the argument that other writers have the same problem, but if their profiles are blank you are free to speculate on why. You see, if not for the desire for some distinction, my profile would be blank too because I usually rather dislike my writings.

I wish it were not so. I remember a time when I enjoyed writing and liked the pieces I penned (penciled, really; I'm not one for pens). Then I grew up and learned what real works of art are (or maybe I didn't, but I've formed what I consider an enlightened opinion on what counts for quality literature). Ever since, anything I read that I've written pales in comparison and I have real trouble putting it out there for anyone else to read.

A desire to improve is my reason for restoring and rechristening this old fanfiction account. I have ideas for stories that I think might inspire intrigue if I can manage to tell them well. If I want to ever tell my stories, I need lots of practice and probably lots of help. So if anything has brought you to read all the way to the last period of this user profile and any story published under this username, know this: I posted what you've read in earnest, meaning that I believe in its better-than-dirt quality. In return for my earnestness, please leave a review, as short and bitter as you like (but preferably neither of those things at all), even if you disagree with me on the matter of its quality.

Accepting this proposal earns you my thanks and perhaps a returning of the favor. I can't guarantee that because my intent is to improve so much that responding to each review breaks past the point of feasibility. Until then, I will try to hold myself to it. I do have a life outside this endeavor that occasionally pushes writing aside, as I'm sure a goodly proportion of those who read this can also say.

Finally, if anything of mine, including this blurb, happens across your path, I do hope you enjoy reading. Ultimately, that's what it's all about; every one of us is making at least some small effort to entertain as we spin words onto a screen and relay the what-ifs we've considered for our favorite stories. While that strife might manifest itself as bids for hits or reviews or followers, we must recognize it all depends on how well we entertain the providers of those statistics. Since we're all making those efforts, we may as well pull for each other, even though some might see it as a competition. If the result is that we all improve, it's a rare case of everyone wins! Here's to us then: may we all enjoy and improve ourselves here as we read and write!

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