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Twilight Satu and I will be writing a series under a joint account because was are both cool idiots who love fanfiction. Its called Jojo and Satu! Go read Damnit!

Name: Joanna
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9

Joanna likes being in her own company, unless she is with her best friend, Josh. She lives in Southern California, and loves it there. She is rather new to this Fanfiction thing, so please bear with her in the meantime. Joanna is very tall, and she knows it, but her varsity vollyball team is very proud of this fact, so its ok.

Joanna loves Kingdom Hearts more than anything. No longer can what she feel for the game be considered a passion...its more of an obsession. Many believe that one day she will need serious therapy. He favorite charaters are Riku, Axel, Sora, and Roxas. In that order. They are the only reason she plays that game. (Cloud too.)

Joanna attends High School as a Junior and loves everyone who befriends her honestly. She would love to have fanfiction friends, and hopes that you will message her if that is the case. She loves many authors, and hopes to one day join their ranks in the writers circle.

Jojobeans is a nickname that was given to Joanna when she was 12 visiting her aunt in Boston. Apperently, Joanna is a really good cook. Other nicknames she goes by are : Jo, Great Ninja Jo, Yuffie (long story) and Tequlia Whore (even longer story).

Joanna Is sorry of she cannot update as much as she'd like to. Even though she is on summer break, she is swamped with A.P. class homework, along with a summer job at the animal shelter. She askes that you would excuse this fact, and still read what she writes when it is posted. InxLovexwithxlove is her new beta! And she beta's InxLovexwithxlove!!! but she thinks another one sounds like a good idea, so the Job is still open!!!

Joanna is very random, and hyper too. She loves reading, writing, drawing ( not very well mind you), and listening. She loves jokes, and laughs more than anything. She doesn't cry at things like Middle School Promotion. She hopes to one day become a Phyciatrist; no matter how badly they are talked about, everyone needs someone to talk to.

Joanna also hopes that you will read her stories and be extremely pleased.

Color: Green
Food: anything Chinese
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Sport: volleyball
Game: Final Fantasy X and XII
Show: Project Runway
Pastime: Sleeping

PS: I have in no way taken my name (Joanna) from the Stepford Wives. Its my name. But you are welcome to think that if it will make you remember my work!

700 hits!!!! (is that something to be happy about?)

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You hurt, I hurt.
You cry, I cry.
You jump off a bridge,
Im gonna miss your dumbass!

I would like to take the time to recognize my best friend.
He’s very intelligent,
and is always there to lend a hand, or an ear.
We know that even If we are both on the opposite ends of the earth,
We can just call.So I would like to say…I have the best friend in the whole world

Oh, and buddy….

If the need arises…
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Because you will never read this page.
Cause even though you love reading these stories as much as I do,
You are too chicken to login.
But you know I love you.
Aishiteru Josh

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Joanna’s FanFics

Angel: Riku/Sora fic...yea its gunna be awesome...if I can get out the second chappy...Its going to be about how Sora is not the innocent thing he comes off as of the time. He will break Riku's heart, and Riku will have a hard time getting over it. It's a angst-y, cause Riku might go as far as attempted suicide (I‘m not sure yet.) but there will be serious fluff too. A little Kiari-bashing...near the end...but its more focused on Sora being the bad she will be more neutral. I'm sorry if Sora breaking hearts doesn't appeal to you...but I had just read a story about how Riku broke up with Sora over coffee...and he was the bad guy. NO! Riku's too awesome and sweet to be the evil on the lookout for new chapters of that.

It Started with a Dream: I wrote this when I was 12! And it is not half bad! (I think...)

Illusion: Oh wow...this here is something I worked really had on. The whole story is a lemon/lime between Riku and Sora. It's in second person (Riku), so it might be a little confusing to some. I'm working heard on it! But can't you get kicked of Fan fiction for that stuff? Hmmm…well I’m gunna take my chances and post it soon. It's my first lemon, so be gentle!!!!

The Many Adventures Of Riku and Sora: I have decided to put together a collaberation of oneshots ((ratings QUITE varied)) up every saturday (or whenever i finish one).When one is posted. there will be a new short story for everyone to enjoy. I'm doing this because there are too many little plot ideas floating around in my head. If you like one in particular, and I get enough requests for it, I may continue one of the stories and bring more storyline into it. That way, I can write something that everyone can enjoy. And, if you'd like, I might give you the "copyright" to one of the stories and you can continue it on your own. I hope that is to your liking and enjoyment. . anyone up to help ( with writing or an idea) need only talk to me!

The Many Adventures Of Axel and Roxas: Yup! You can thank Twilight Satu for this one; it was her idea. Since first "Many Adventures" had so many positive reviews, I have decided to write a VERY similar set of oneshots about my 2 favorite nobodies. TMARS will still be updated more frequently, but I will still update as much as I can.So, Enjoy TMAAR!

P.S. Reviews make me write faster; its a proven fact...but i dont base my post on them...its mean to the ppl who are waiting on the story and like it.

Its all aboutus, baby



(not like I owe them to you, but hey, I'm gonna elaborate anyways)

Riku/Sora: They are adorable together. Also the most obvious in the second game. Why would Sora travel all those worlds for someone he didnt care about dearly? And cry when he found them? Yes...that one again! But Sora always mentions Riku every time he talks to someone new in the game. Kairi always came second. And Riku...He looked everywhere for the poor little brunette! And Riku even changed his HOT looks to save Sora! Talk about love. XD

Axel/Roxas: Also one of the cutest couples ever. Second most obvious in the game. Axel's lines didn't help much! EX: "He made me I had a make me feel...the same..." YEA!!!! like I said!!! Roxas is best friends with him, and they are VERY close. So, GO AKU/ROKU! (who came up with that thing anyways? Aku? WTF?)

Cloud/Leon: i really dont know. It's just good ok? And they are hot. So, yea...

Zexion/Demyx: just as a side coupling. I dont ever read stories solely about these two..its just cute sometimes XD

RepRiku/Namine: Ohhhhh! This one is so cute it hurts. Replica has ALWAYS been one of my personal favorite side charaters, considering what he goes through. I mean having your memories ripped out of you 3 times, and each one centered around one girl? Namine? yea. Roxas has always been more independant...and he doesnt pay much anttention to her. RikuReplica was the only one who really cared about her. And took care of her when she was alone. Namine felt bad for doing what she yea! They are an adorable wittle couple!

Riku/Namine: Ever seen the ending of Re:COM? yea...thats all I have to say. (then again this same excuse could be used for Riku/Sora...XD) Shes the ONLY girl I can have him with... yea...

Sora/Kairi: well, this is mostly based on feelings from the first game. He drew the little picture on the wall, and she told him to never change. The little charm thing, and Sora giving up his heart. Thats why I like this coupling. And the fact that its cute ;P

Roxas/Namine: They are Sora and Kairi's nobodies. "Nuff Said.

What Lies Behind Us

And What Lies Before Us

Are Nothing Compared

To What Lies Within Us.


What Do the KH caracters think of you?

(the best results EVER!!!!)


Sora: Loves you as if you were his sister. He'd do anything and everything to protect you. (I love you like a brother too Sora-chan! )

Riku: Absolutely adores you. You are helping each other make up for the terrible mistake in choosing the darkness over the light. Therefore, you walk the road to dawn together. (I love my Riku-kins kisses)

Kairi: 75 hates you. 25 likes you. She only likes you because Sora likes you. And she hates you because she's jealous. Well...WHAT ELSE IS NEW!! (;p u still have sora honey!)

Donald & Goofy: Love your sense of maturity and humor. They think that you and Riku are a great match. (okkkkkk)

Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee: They highly appreciate the help you're offering in fixing up Hollow Bastion with them. They think you're a great kid, and you made the right choice to go back to the light. (i lurve u all! Leon and Cloud and Yuffie are my favorites! Tifa and Cid: pout)

Hayner, Pence, Olette: Don't know much about you, but nevertheless, have heard great things about you from Sora, Donald, and Goofy. They hope to meet you someday soon.

Mickey: Loves you! not as much as Riku, and NOT like that! He thinks you're an amazing girl, and is very happy for you and Riku. He hopes nothing but the best for both of you, and he'll do whatever he can to protect you from the heartless, nobodies, and any other danger there may be.

Organization XIII

Roxas: He's not very fond of you. But since he's Sora's other half, he's strangely drawn to you. He may not like you too much, but he won't let you get hurt. (yea yea…just cause Riku beat u…)

Axel: Has the same opinion as Roxas. He knows that you're really strong willed and physically, so he just keeps his distance.

Demyx: Doesn't know too much about you except to stay away from you if he knows what's best for his "existence." ( but I love you Demy-chan!)

Xemnas: Being that he's not very fond of Riku, he doesn't like you too much, either. But since you have a key blade, he's going to use you to get the hearts.

All the Other Organization XIII Members: Most of them have different opinions of Riku, but they all have the same opinions for you: you're a rather large pain in the ass, and they all want to kick the crap out of you, if not kill you.(NOOOOOO!!! not zexy-san and xiggy-chan! there my favorites!!!) marly-chan too! lol...sorta)

Namine: She is happy for you and Riku. To show it, she drew a picture for you of you and Riku! See? holds up picture (o_o damn thats a sexy picture lol)

~Riku loves you with all his heart. (OMG YAY!!!!!!!)
~Some think you're a pain, some love you. But overall, everyone knows you've got a strong, soon-to-be pure heart.
~Even if they know you're strong, everyone knows even you need a little protecting sometimes! (me:by who? hmmm...Riku! gets slapped Riku: of course me!)


Who is my Kingdom Hearts Soulmate huh?

you are made for Riku...he gave up to the darkside...almost completely. he still tries to make everything right by his self, but now he knows that you're always going to be there to help him find his way if he gets lost. you got married and now live in Destiny Island. everyone loves you there and goes to you for advice (i mean you must give great advice if Riku comes to you). getting him to admit he needs help isn't always easy, however. you've had a fair few arguments due to his stubbornness, but you've always stayed together. god help anyone who tries to hurt you (sorry if i offended anyone.). he'd actually murder to keep you safe...which he's come close to doing on several occasions.

(OMG YA!) but there was a tie...for another...(really)

you are made for Axel! let's just say that here he doesn't dissappear. he leaves the organization for you. there's nothing he wouldn't do for you. he's so protective of you and you've only been married for a live in a gorgeous house located on a remote island, but with his powers, you can be anywhere in the blink of an eye...which will come in handy in a few months. yup! that's right! you are 4 months pregnant with your first child!

(Heh...a pyro kid? im gonna have


What do the Kingdom Hearts ppl feel about me eh?
(whoever wrote this REALLY gets me!)

Younger Sora: She’s awesome! I can trust her with anything! Don’t tell him I told you, but Riku likes her…a LOT! I think I might too…a little…

Older Sora: She’s still one of my best friends. I love her to death…and can trust her with anything still. Riku and her make the best couple I’ve ever seen…so much love there…I want to have that with Kairi one day….

Younger Riku: HER! ((blushes)) I mean…uh…yea she’s cool, and one of my best friends. She’s always there for me…I like her…a lot…ok? I said it…and she’s hot too! Sora says I should ask her out.

Older Riku:((sighs)) I know I love her. She guided me though the darkness and we walk the path of twilight together. She’s gorgeous, and really smart and wise. She says she loves me too. We know each other inside and out. She’s strong and worth every second I spend with her. I’m so glad that I met her and asked her to be my girlfriend when we got back. One day we’ll get married, I know it.

Younger Kairi: We are besties. We get each other. Plus she’s not as hyper and Selphie, and likes to roll with the guys, like me!

Older Kairi: She’s changed, but for the better. She loves hanging out with me, and we trust each other with every detail of our lives. She’s quieter now, and likes listening more. She’s going out with Riku too… my relationship with Sora doesn’t even come close to what they have.

Donald: Eh….she’s a good fighter, and strong too. I wouldn’t want to run into her in an alley…and I’m happy for her and Riku.

Goofy: She’s really loyal and strong, a great friend too. Riku and she have their whole lives together…and that makes me happy.

King Mickey: She’s a great person, and she’s strong. A little on the moody side, but Riku loves her, so I can’t complain.

Ansem (the wise): She’s a nice person, but likes those blasted nobodies….

Cloud: She’s a really great girl. We are good friends, and even tough she is at least 6 years my junior, she gets me. We are close…

Leon: She calls me Leon…so we are all good…and she likes my gun-blade. She tried using it once…not pretty….

Yuffie: I talk to her all of the time!! She loves my ninja skills! So we are close!!! She’s quiet though...but that’s ok!

Aerith: She is a kind person, and I enjoy her company. We help fix the city together every time Sora, Donald, Goofy (Riku comes too sometimes) come here.

Cid: Well, she’s a great kid. She helped me figure out that “My Space” thing….

Tifa: She’s really strong, and almost matches my strength. She’s also good with her hands, and a good fighter. I like her.

Merlin: I think she likes magic, but not as much as physical combat. Pity. I like her though.

Sephiroth: She needs to join me. Her powers will be valuable in the battle against Mother and the Planet.

Olette: We are like 2 peas in a Pod! She’s awesome and cool, and helps me keep calm when I’m with the guys.

Hayner: I really like her, but she doesn’t hang out with us a lot. -sigh- too bad she’s with that Riku guy….

Pence: She likes computers. Like me! So we are good friends.

Pete: She broke my arm once! I don’t like ‘er at all!

Maleficent: She has extreme evil potential…just like that boyfriend of hers….

Namine: We draw together all the time! I made her this gorgeous painting of her and Riku….she loves it.

Roxas: She’s really nice to all the nobodies, me included. I so wish she wasn’t going out with that Riku guy…ugh…

Luxord: She’s a great gambler…I think I need lessons….damn it….

Marluixa: She thinks my hair and Scythe are manly…as opposed to everyone else in the organization…so I like her.

Zexion: We get each other... we can talk about anything whenever…and she says emo works on me…

Demyx: Her? She rocks! We play together all the Time! One day we’ll start out own band!!!!

Axel: She’s me in a girl’s body. She has a great sense of humor and loyalty to close friends. She loves fire and my chakrams. She’s hot too…I think we might have been related once. She’s closer to me than Roxas…but don’t tell him that! GOT IT MEMORIZED?

Saix: She likes my hair and ears, and my poise. She says they are manly…but she said the same thing about that Marluixa guy…so I’m skeptical.

Xaldin: She has a temper, and is quiet like me. I like her.

Xigbar: HER! Dude, she’s narly! We pull Xemnas’ hood over his eyes when he’s not looking…ah…good times…

Xemnas: She is friends with us Nobodies, which I find intriguing…

Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time

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