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Author has written 13 stories for Stargate: SG-1, Bourne series, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Suits, and Person of Interest.

Hello, thank you for checking my profile. I assume somehow I've managed to pick up your interest, which is just great.

Basically, I'm here because I think I've been writing fanfiction since I was a little child, mostly in my mind. What I like the most about this site is it gives us such incredible opportunities to meet awesome people from all over the world who share my passion for writing and reading, among other things.

If you wonder about my penname, because people frequently ask me about it, it comes from this group, CSS, which I like very much, and I use it as my penname because I believe their song "Art Bitch" is just how I would define my art:

My art is called egocentric soft porno

Or maybe it's just narcisism

My one and only subject

Goes from something like anything but

Me ism

That means, yes, I mostly write for myself, or better to put it, I write what I would like to read myself. A sort of "do your own job yourself." For that reason, my stories have a certain pattern; amoral(usually female) characters being paired with very noble and ethical(usually men) characters during an action plot. For some reasons, that's my favorite type of romance, as I also like writing about redemption. I also want my writing to be thought-provoking, sometimes even disturbing, so I try to get myself and my audience out of our comfort zones as much as possible.

My Nolanverse Batman series is my only ongoing project as of the moment, so if you're checking out for anything else, I am deeply sorry to say, but I don't plan to update anything else in any near future. But you're here because of it, it's great, because, recently, I had a talk with one of my author friends for my trip to New York, and I made a comment how the main female character from it resembles to America, and then it grew out to a sort of Hetalia: Axis Powers, as I continued profiling the characters with countries. It was great fun, and I've been thinking of doing a character bio and cast page for the story, so I think it's also good for that purpose.

Bruce Wayne: As he’s the definition of WASP, which is basically just British, I believe he’d make a good England. He’s the old money, too, and feels himself responsible for everything, and he’s inside the system, in fact he’s one of the system’s builders, so to speak. He has problems with the system, deeply, but he still believes in it, and fights for it. For the image, I imagine him closer to his TDK visuals, as BB is a bit too bulky for my taste, but TKDR is too old, and the story sets after TDK, so it’s TDK’s Bruce.

Valerie [West: She’s America. I could list here a million reasons why it’s so, but for the sake of briefness, let’s say she has all the necessary bits; thinking herself the best with a grandiose complex, an incredible Darwinist pragmatism, and a strong individualism, exceptionally good with justifications, and very nosy, but never gives up, and fights for “freedom and justice” when she’s motivated or feels like it. For the image, I think a shorter Arielle Vandenberg would make the best Valerie. Actually, there have to be two visuals for her, so I think for “Felicia” it’s Arielle V., but for Valerie, it’s a mix between her and Stoya.

Boy: Definitely Russia! More likely before the world war II, or even before the revolution. Much like Bruce, he has problems with the system, but unlike him, he’s quite out of it, in fact, he despises it. He fights against it. The image, ah, I’ve always imagined him as Aidan Turner with a slick, suave appearance.

Selina Kyle: Definitely France. She also has all the necessary bits, nobility and arrogance, and fight to will, and the world is her stage. Historically, she has a thing with England, too. For her image I never managed to find a good one, no one was *enough* beautiful for her, but I think Bianca Balti with the body of Maria Alexandrova would do it.

Derrick Malkin: Ah, he’s the tricky one. I think he would make a good Israel, heh. It rather suits him; cool but so prone to violence, but protecting his subjects fiercely, loyally, and well, he can be quite a pig. Sometimes. Derrick is problematic with his image, too, but I guess a slimmer version of Gabriel Macht in the style of Sin City’s the Salesman is okay. My main inspiration for him was Great Gatsby, so a darker version of him was also okay.

Alexander Karanov: Germany, I think. With his own idea of loyalty, braveness, sturdiness, yet some very questionable deeds in the past, I think he’s quite Germany. For the image, oh well, I guess Alexander Skarsgard would make a good Alex.

Thomas Elliot: Austria, I think. He has seen better days. Used to be a great Empire, all powerful, now he tries to prove his worth and gains his dignity back. Not working, though. A bit clichéd these days, but a black eyed Benedict Cumberbatch is okay.

Talia Al Ghul: Heh, Iran. This one is very apparent, I guess. J And, Zhang Ziyi IS Talia.

The Council: China! He he, can’t help myself :p

Alfred: He’s really hard to decide. Nothing is good enough, and I believe he could be only a place like “Fertile Valley” where civilization started and nurtured the humanity like he did to Bruce.

James Gordon: Say, Canada?

Lucius Fox: Ah, first I thought him as one of Scandinavian countries, but I think Switzerland suits him better.

Jeremy: South Korea. He he, good with technology, and good friends with America. I imagine him as someone like Josh Harnett, sweet as candy but too much of it gets you sick.

I can't find a country for the Joker :( If you have a suggestion, PM me.

For some personal info I would like to give as I noticed I didn't give away much...hmmm...the first thing...currently my alarm rings as Love Me Again by John Newman. Nothing would get you up from the bed like that song. Plus, it's great for suiting up, too.

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