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So. Uh. Hay thar. I am Yukon Wild Ass. But you may call me Yukon(-san). I may also be Tomo. This account is/was pretty much used when I abandoned my old one, but I came back so I don't use it much anymore. It was also intended to be a joint account with my friend Aki-chan here, but we never really got around to writing anything due to our sheer laziness combined.

I would go ahead and tell you all who I myself really am, but I want to keep that confidential for the time being in case I need a safe place to 'run' too in the event anything drastic happens again.(even though it is kind of obvious... damn it all, I'm a doofus.)

Don't expect us to produce anything; the most exciting thing you may see us do is review something, and that in its self is unlikely.

Have a nice day, now!


And those of you who don't know what a "Yukon Wild Ass" is: "These small horses were one of the most common larger animals in northwestern North America during the Ice Age. They were probably very much like the living wild asses of Asia and stood about 1.3 m high. In Canada, most specimens (including some well-preserved skulls) are from the Dawson area of the Yukon. Other fossils have been found in the Northwest Territories and Alaska.
The species probably occupied rather dry, shrub-covered grasslands as suggested by the range of living wild asses and also by the frequency of rootlet impressions on the surfaces of many of the fossil bones. It is likely that only the fastest, craftiest predators, such as the American lion and wolf, were able to kill them. Wild asses survived in the Yukon until about 13,000 years ago."


Hello. I am a hacke- I mean, uh, I am Black Archangel. As far as I know this is a co-write account between myself and Yukon-san. Kay? Alright. You can call me Archangel-sama, Aki, Kagura, or just numbnut. I don't really care, really.

If you need me I'll probably be watching anime or something. ANIME FOR TEH WIN

Oh, yeah. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl haven't you noticed that some of the NPCs say things like, "Outdoor fishing is for the win!" or "I'm a big man, and I got myself owned by some little kid!" or something? They go on the Internet too much. Or not. You can never have enough Internetz! -hungry look- ...Uh... -eats your Mudkips-

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