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Name: . . . . . .

Age: I'm gonna tell you this on the internet? . . .

Height: 5'11

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blueish greenish gray . . . blue is the most dominant but only by small margin . . .

Weight: Whatever

DOB: Why do you care?

Sex: Male

Favorite Naruto Character: Yondaime, or Kiba, can't quite decide

Orientation: Don't care to talk about this freely

Race: Caucasian or in other words I'm white and I have a lot of different blood in me, All of it being of European descent. . .

Religion: touchy subject so I'll avoid it . . .

Star Sign: Leo

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Element: Wind (Why: I do what I want which usually doesn't bother anyone but get in my way, which is really hard to do, and I will mow you down)

Residence: Like I'm gonna tell you . . .

Hobbies: I like gardening, playing with real weapons, jujitsu, general fitness, reading, and well . . . writing fan fiction.


"To be weird in this world is normal, therefore if you are classified as normal you are weird. . ."
"How Tedious"
"War is inevitable but those that start it intentionally deserve to die"
"Everything is troublesome and always will be. . ." 'But that doesn't mean I won't do it anyway.'
"Do it the right way or don't do it at all!!"

Personality: I usually get along with people. Usually. That is if you can get by the fact that I will occasionally bite your head off. Usually laid back. Procrastinate waaaayyyyy too much.

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