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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Avengers.

This is my first attempt at writing. I would be surprised if I managed to keep the characters from being OOC or if I managed to construct a decent plot. Don't be surprised if my stories are filled to the brim with plot holes. I'm just here for fun.


The World Beyond the Veil

Mix between Dimension Travel (through the veil) and time travel (to when the Marauders were in school). These tropes are probably my two favorites, so I thought, why not combine them? Maybe this will be sorta-original. Features TWO Siriuses (Oh, the name puns!), a good Snape, and two radically different Dumbledores. Also features a powerful Harry and Hermione, though I don't think that their power reaches obscene levels. Just to clarify, Harry is more powerful than Hermione. This is because of the prophecy (the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal). Just in case this also isn't clear, they will be going home eventually, though not for a while. The whole point is for them to come home visibly older and shock the socks off of everyone. Also, I'm currently toying with the idea of having a few Marauders accompany them home, but we'll see. More OCs will be introduced over the course of the story.

I'm very excited with the whole premise (maybe too excited).

Chapter 6 (Yule Cheer - Part Two) is in the works.

Just a Day in the Woods

Short little one-shot of James Potter in the forest. Nothing special, just something that popped into my head.


After the New Dawn

Four-fandom crossover (Flash TV, Supergirl TV, MCU, and Harry Potter).

This was inspired by a variety of things. The idea was planted when I started reading Doctor Who Harry Potter crossover fics. There were a few that had Harry become the Doctor via strange watch... so I took that concept, and was like, why can't people in other fandoms make this? Now, around the time I had that realization, I was quite interested in Flash Harry Potter crossovers, so I decided to make the Flash put his memories in his ring. But then, there needed to be motivation... why did Barry have to do something so drastic? That was when the messed-up-timeline and rewritten timeline came into play. Then, I had to decide when exactly Harry would find the ring. Originally, I was going to make it so Harry found it Post-GoF, but then I realized that I really wanted to write the Flash taking part in the Triwizard Tournament, and so it was decided that it would begin Post-PoA. But then, I had a startling realization... there were so few fics in the Flash Harry Potter section. If I put it there, it would barely ever get read, and that's when I decided I would incorporate the MCU. But that was a whole other problem. How could I put it together in a way that the major events didn't overlap, or have it so there was a massive gap between Barry's Hogwarts years and the MCU timeline? That's when I decided, hey, let's just boot up the Harry Potter timeline fourteen years! Great! This set it around 2008 as the beginning of the story, which was appropriately around a year before the events of the first Iron Man movie. Therefore, Barry would be around a year out of Hogwarts when the events of the first Avengers movie would take place. Then, I had to deal with the whole mess of choosing an appropriate pairing. I mean, of course I'd pair him with Hermione, I ship Harmony, but the mental age difference was... ugh. I couldn't write that, so instead, we have a Caitlin Snow who has also put her memories in an object and sent it with Barry's ring. That solved the problem of mental age differences. But then, I thought, would Barry really leave his "super friend" behind to be erased? Of course not! So Barry went to Earth-38, and got Kara to put her memories into another object.

And that is how to create a (mostly) original plot idea. This lasted until one nice reviewer pointed out how very messed up it was to have Barry and Caitlin more-or-less possess Harry and Hermione. I was quite disturbed with this revelation, and I've adjusted my plans for the future of this story, plus I've discarded a few chapters I had written already. Starting in chapter eight, Barry and Caitlin get pushed away, and Harry and Hermione take the spotlight once more. But then, there was a problem with Kara... She seems to be almost as responsible for this whole mess as Barry and Caitlin are, but I really like Kara. She's my favorite Arrowverse character. So, I instead decided to make Kara a bit ignorant of the consequences of their actions.

Anyway, I'm having a ton of fun with this, and I'm posting them mostly as I'm writing them, in conjunction with The World Beyond the Veil. Furthermore, I might eventually write a spinoff of both of them where they cross over. That could be interesting.

Chapter 10 - Flight of Death, is in the works, and in addition to that, I'm expanding on the first chapter a bit, making it significantly more detailed and in tune with the rest of the story. I'm also adding a prologue. I'd expect it and the updated first chapter and prologue to be out some time in the next few days (hopefully). No guarantees, though.

(As of yet unnamed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild story)

Instead of Link waking alone in the shrine of resurrection, he's accompanied by Zelda on his adventure, who has similarly lost all her memories. The Calamity is held back by four determined Champions, rather than the Princess carrying the blood of the goddess.

This is currently nothing more than an idea, and perhaps around 2.5k words. I haven't even thought up a title yet.


Favorite fandoms:

Harry Potter, Arrowverse, Avengers, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Legend of Zelda (Breath of the Wild or Twilight Princess), Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

Favorite pairings (Harry Potter):

1. Harry/Hermione

I'm not sure how well this would have worked based on the books, considering that it's been a while since I've read them, but I really enjoy the interactions between them in the movies and in various fanfictions that people write. Overall, I think that this is my favorite ship, mainly because of the deep friendship that they had already shared. Also, people are really good at writing H/Hr fluff. The only thing that might bother me here is how commonplace Ron and Dumbledore bashing is, though that doesn't bother me that much.

2. Harry/OC

I love seeing Harry with original characters. For example, I think my favorite fanfiction that I've ever read is Behind Blue Eyes by elmembrila. Generally, I find that stories tend to sometimes be better when one of the main characters is actually original. It gives the author the opportunity to define what they'd like to see in a love interest for Harry that they can develop themselves.

3. Harry/Daphne

I realize that Daphne is not really characterized in the books or movies, and is almost an OC herself, but there are quite a few stories with her, and they happen to mostly be really good. The only thing that slightly peeves me is that quite a few of the HP/DG stories consist of marriage contracts. It normally wouldn't bother me at all, but so many of them use this. Personally, I think that the marriage contract thing should be used more sparingly, and not be a big part of the story, as it is in many. Other than that, I like seeing what the authors can come up with in regards to Daphne's personality and their interactions.

4. Harry/Ginny

I think that this ship works fairly well. I don't like reading this as much as I used to, but this is one of my favorite ships still. I definitely understand the arguments of why they were perfect together, and agree with some of those points. Also, Ginny isn't just a mindless fan-girl. She's certainly a fangirl at the start, but it seems that she grows out of it. Whether she is a fan-girl or not, she certainly isn't mindless. I disagree with all of those stories that Ginny-bash and make her out to be some obsessive hussy. I'll still read them, but I'll internally protest at the bashing. The thing about the ship that bothers me a bit is that sometimes they might have too much in common. Example: they both have dangerous tempers. That's probably not a good combination. Also, it just wasn't developed enough in the books. She's essentially an afterthought until OotP. Like, sure, there were some good moments where she was actually there, but not really enough to make me love this ship. There are some good fics with this pairing, though.

Least favorite pairings (Harry Potter):

1. Incest

Do I really have to explain this?

2. Harry/Male character

Harry isn't gay. I know that this is fanfiction, and really anything goes (hell, there's probably a Voldemort/Dumbledore story out there somewhere), but in canon Harry definitely isn't gay (there's no sexual tension with Draco Malfoy), and I think that that's a bit too much OOC-ness for me to handle. Also, to me, it's kinda yucky because I'm also not gay.

3. Ron/Hermione

I strongly dislike this. Mainly because I think Hermione could certainly do better, but also because Ron is just such an jerk to her. It's like something I read once: Hermione becomes one of those girls, the strong female main character who falls for the idiot guy who treats her terribly.

4. Harry/Much older woman

I guess that sometimes this might work, but it's really just yuck. I can stomach it if Harry time travels or something, like in Delenda Est (which is really great, by the way), but mainly, yuck.

Favorite non-Harry Potter pairings:

Flash: Barry/Caitlin or Barry/Kara

Arrow: Oliver/Laurel

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D: Syke/Ward and Fitz/Simmons

Legend of Zelda: Link/Zelda

Favorite crossover pairings:

Harry Potter and Star Wars: Harry/Padmé

Harry Potter and Marvel: Harry/Natasha or Harry/Wanda

Harry Potter and Justice League: Harry/Kara

Harry Potter and Legend of Zelda: Harry/Zelda

Flash and Marvel: Barry/Wanda

Favorite Crossovers:


Doctor Who/Harry Potter (it’s a shame there aren’t more non-slash in this category)

Flash/Harry Potter (I wish there were more of these)

Avengers/Harry Potter

Justice League/Harry Potter

Favorite tropes or things to generally include in a fanfiction:

1. Fluff

I like fluffy fanfics. Angst sometimes ruins a story for me, unless it's good angst (example: Behind Blue Eyes has good angst, but also fluff). Fluff makes me feel warm and - uh - fluffy? inside.

2. Dimension traveling

Really cool, especially if it involves a bit of time traveling.

2. Time travel

Really fun to read.

4. SI (Self-Insert)

Fanfiction addict suddenly finds himself stuck in a fanfiction! Cool.

Least favorite tropes or things to generally include in a fanfiction:

1. Angst for the sake of angst or for just drama

I dislike angst in general, but those idiotic problems that sometimes arise that could literally be solved with a two-minute conversation and aren't solved really quickly really bother me. Especially when there isn't a satisfying end to the angst. For example, Potato19 wrote All I Want, and they're a pretty good author most of the time, but the conclusion to the angst is super unsatisfying, and, it's not resolved until almost the end. Arghh!! It makes me want to punch something!

2. Harry bashing

The books are from his point of view.

3. Evil!Dumbledore

I strongly dislike the phrase "the Greater Good", but I do think that in general, Dumbledore should have good intentions, no matter how manipulative he is. He isn't some evil overlord guy. These stories can be good, but the majority bother me.

4. Bad!Ron

Ron can be a bit of a bigot and a slob occasionally, as in not very often, but he's fundamentally a decent guy, even if he can be a total idiot. I don't think he would ever really join the Death Eaters or secretly plot Harry's death. He is ridiculously loyal.

Other Miscellaneous Thoughts:

It's funny how scarily detailed Rowling's magical world can be, and she barely even describes some of the members of Harry's year. For example, it isn't even clear what house Sophie Roper's in. We just know that it isn't Ravenclaw.

OCs (As of Now):

Jessica Cambridge (The World Beyond the Veil)

Popular and "Actually a decent person," - Peter. Young Sirius is dating her. More information will be listed here as more is released into the story.

Alexandria Smith (The World Beyond the Veil)

Gryffindor, transferred from Ilvermorny. Very headstrong. "She's really stubborn," - Hermione. James is interested in her. More information will be listed here as more is released into the story.

Psuedo-OCs (Characters that are only mentioned by name in canon that are used extensively in my stories)

Sophie Roper (After the New Dawn)

Sophie Roper has brown hair, light blue eyes, and square glasses. She's fairly short, but confident and a bit flirty. In AtND, she's dating Ron Weasley.

Charlus Potter (The World Beyond the Veil)

Canon Charlus Potter isn't James's father, Fleamont is. However, I've always liked the idea of Charlus Potter - Professional Duelist and All-Around Intimidating Guy as Harry's grandfather rather than Fleamont.

Dorea Black Potter (The World Beyond the Veil)

With Charlus, comes Dorea. She's a typical Black, meaning she's politically savvy, fierce, and a skilled duelist.

Arcturus Black (The World Beyond the Veil)

He's the current Lord Black, and is also quite intimidating. He's close friends with Charlus, despite the alignments of their respective families, and the two fought together in the Grindelwald war.

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