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My name, to all of you, is Serpent's Anima, I'm an American college student who enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and oddly enough smoking. Yes I smoke, and I'm not proud of it, but tell me to quit and I'll start ignoring you. I've currently written Harry Potter and the Greenhouse of Ivy, and its Remake. Both stories are on going, and I've started a third, Harry Potter and the Darkest Knight. Similar story, except a lot more graphic, and rated M for a reason. I'm not really sure why, but the prospect of Harry being raised by Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn really gets to me. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the obviously dramatic child abuse Harry suffered and J. K. tried to glance over as if it was nothing. Poison Ivy does have a caring side as seen in Batman Comics story line, No Mans Land, where she takes a park, turns it into a lush jungle and begins taking care of the orphans of Gotham. Course it could also be because of how much Ivy looks like Lily, I mean even Poison Ivy's middle name, Lilian, seems to make it work all the more.

I do like the Joker, but the fact he's a woman hitting creep in the old cartoons, well that took it a bit over the line for me. So I'm happy with pairing Ivy and Quinn. Joker is more a solo act, though he does appear in my stories occasionally, he will not be partnered with Harley. Now, I haven't gotten to them in any story yet, but I do have problems, major problems with the Weasleys. I know, shock and gasp right? The whole train station/hogwarts express thing seems a bit to.. trappish, thought not a word it fits. Random full grown witch is going to walk past Harry Potter complaining about Muggles at the top of her lungs, and even though Hogwarts has what? 7 years times 20 students, 140 students roughly as a maximum, Ron couldn't find anywhere else to sit but with Harry, and look just as poor and pathetic as possible and got to be friends with Harry due to sympathy?

Also, Ron is a Slytherin, pointed out in the first book that Ron has the ambition for Slytherin but is just to damn lazy. That's right I said, he gets Hermione to do the work for him, even though he doesn't seem to ever like her until she starts dating Victor Krum. If it was up to Ron, Hermione would have been killed by a Mountain Troll, not very Gryffindor, or even Hufflepuff, like if you ask me. Hermione fits in Gryffindor but I see her more as a Ravenclaw. Harry is loyal to a fault, willing to fight for his friends even if he should die. That my friends is a Hufflepuff, bravery is added in afterwards. So none of the Golden Trio should have been in the Lion House. Also I don't think Snape was cute after finding out he stalked Harry's mother, stole letters from her to other people, took everything of her he could find, while absolutely loathing Harry because he was the constant reminder of Snape not getting his greedy way. Excuse me if I don't cry tears for his death.

Dumbledore is another character who can go shove a road flare up his arse, though he'd probably enjoy that. Has people spying on Harry, knows he's being starved, beaten, worked to death, and constantly under psychological torment, being called 'Freak' or 'Boy', not allowed to do anything, blamed for everything no matter if something happened or not, and he's just going to sit on his ass in front of his desk and suck on a lemon drop? That is grounds for an arrest if I had my way. So I ain't crying over his death either. I also don't believe in Bloodwards. If they existed, hundreds if not Thousands of children would have been protected by them, not just one boy. So Dumbledore, I'm glad you were hit by a killing curse, and if you managed to survive like Harry did, I'm glad the long drop and the sudden stop finished ya. So there!

Apologies, apologies, to all those who were reading Greenhouse of Ivy, Greenhouse of Ivy Rewrite, and Darkest Knight. It seems that a certain little (7 foot tall) gremlin decided to delete all my stories as a joke. I'm not laughing and already punched him in the nose. From the deepest pits of my soul I would like to apologize to everyone once again, and hope you will continue reading. To answer any questions a head of time, so people aren't posting reviews asking me, I'll try to answer them here. I did not make back up copies of my stories, I never expected them to be deleted, so I would save one chapter over the other. Didn't exactly think that through. Also, Seed of Evil will be my last attempt at a Harry Potter/Batman crossover. I have other things I want to do, and this is slowing me down. So, once again I apologize, and I hope to keep seeing reviews from all of you.

Yeah, that's my personality and mindset for these stories. Hope you guys still like them anyway. Peace!

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