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Yaoi/Shounen-ai Anime I recommend:

Ai no Kusabi: Don't watch Ai no Kusabi for the sex but watch it for the story. Yes, I know. Those words don't come often when a person recommends a yaoi to you but in this case its different. But before you start even thinking about watching this anime you must know a few little facts about it that comes from the manga. The place is Tanagura, a capital city on the planet of Amoi. Amoi was founded by scientists who wished to create a perfect society based around the super computer Jupiter. Most of the population is male, and the society is based on a caste system that goes by hair color. The highest class are called Blondies, all male, all genetically engineered by Jupiter to be perfect and above human. They are created sterile, show no emotions, and do not engage in activities that are considered human -- such as sex. They do, however, like to watch others engage in sexual activity, and keep Pets for such viewing pleasure. The Pets are trained and kept for about a year, after which point they are usually sold. The older a Pet gets the less desirable he or she becomes.

Now since that out of the way let me get to reviewing this yaoi. Ai no Kusabi is one of those rare and serious BL animation with a bitter and tragic feel to it. Its some what a cross between Brokeback Mountain and Romeo and Juliet. Its a tale of unrequited love mixed with a love triangle that contains two obsessive lovers. This anime is good for people who are a big fan of Mirage Blaze or hell even Brokeback Mountain for that matter. Ai no Kusabi has 2 one hour episode. It also contain sexual content but not enough in my opinion.

Gakuen Heaven: I have to make a confession. I'm kind of prejudice against shounen-ai animes. I believe that most of them lack plot and barely have enough boy love to keep any fangirl interested long enough, but despite that I always seem to find one shounen-ai anime that proves me wrong. Gakuen Heaven is one of them.

Keita gets accepted to BL Academy, a school the carries students with great academic and physical talents. However, Keita has no talent which makes him wonder why he was accepted in the first place. Which give us to our plot, Why or how did Keita get accepted to BL? Later on Keita meets the rest of the cast who seem to take quite a liking to him, but I guess that is normal since the show is based off a BL game.

Speaking about the cast let me just tell all of you yaoi fanfiction writers out there that this show is slashable down to the e. The multiple hints of pairings that we get throughout the show is a fangirls dream. Though I only care for one pairing and that is Keita/Kanzuki.

Keita and Kanzuki is the best yaoi pairing I ever seen in my life, be it non-canon or canon. They could possibly hold up their on against the popular Sasuke/Naruto (possibly).

Anyway summary short, plot is decent, animation is great, characters are lovable,main pairing cute as a button, plus miniature episode after each show.

With only 13 episodes, I say this is a good watch.

My Sexual Harassment:Now when I first heard about this anime I thought "Oh! This is just probably your average hentai where a secretary keeps having sexual relations with her boss." Oh, how wrong I was. But this anime does feature sexual harassment to the extreme. Junya is your regular working businessman until one day his boss (Honman) comes into his office and has his way with him. This lead Junya into whoring his body out for the companies clients.

This is a pretty decent show, though the first episode didn't really thrill me but I stayed in for the sex. Speaking of sex, I will warn that this show features bondage, toys, rape, and corn (you'll find out later). So there nothing else I can say besides that it has 3 episode and its a great inspiration when writing yaoi fan fics.

Sensitive Pornograph: Looking for a cute, short, hot, great quality yaoi? Well do I got the anime for you. Sensitive Pornograph is a 30 minute ova that features two 15 minute shorts. The first shorts features two manga-ka artist who falls in love and has sex with each other. Theres some bit of drama, but basically they just have sex. The second short includes a pet sitter who is suppose to sit a rabbit. The only problem (if you consider it a problem) is that the rabbit is really a handcuffed boy who has to have sex in order to please his master.

This anime has great animation quality. Quality that can match even that of Ouran Host Club.Oh and if you haven't realized it by now this anime does include sex, so you have been warned.

Seikimatsu Darling: Imagine your favorite yaoi pairing finally realizing their feelings for each other. Now their alone in the bedroom and about to do the nasty,only theres a problem...Whose on top? This is the question Seikimatsu Darling/ Dear Darling brings up. Ogata and Takasugi has similar feeling for each other, in fact so similar that the other can't even image being bottom. So of course Otaga and Takasugi comes up with the perfect solution for their problem. Whoever seduces the other first gets to be on top.

The reason why I like this anime is because not only is is funny, but even though it points out one of the biggest cliches in the yaoi world (whose top/whose bottom) it completely disregard one of the hugest cliches seen in the genre. Pretty boys. Now please don't freak out. That doesn't mean the characters in the show are ugly, in fact their quite handsome and that's all. No big shiny eyes or flowing long locks. Just handsome young males.

Though there isn't any sex it makes up for it with its humor and cuteness. So please watch this anime. It only has one episode so it won't be like a complete waste of your time if you don't like it.

Sukisho: You know I find it a real shame when theres hardly any fanfiction written for a great shounen-ai anime such a this one. Sukisho is a popular BL game turned manga turned anime. Sukisho is one of those rare shounen-ai's that has a decent plot with a decent amount of boy love. The shows two main characters are Sora and Sunao. Sora and Sunao used to be friends when they were younger but both were suddenly kidnapped and experimented on. Fast forward some years later, now both boys go to the same school except Sora has completely forgotten about Sunao. Though it is a serious anime it also is a light hearted one as well, which is thanks to the humor brought on by the two main characters friend, Matsuri.

Sukisho has 13 episode though you can stop at 12 (which I wouldn't recommend because the last episode is just too cute and humorous to miss.)

Papa to Kiss in the Dark: Incest. Shota. Yaoi. No these aren't ideals for my next fanfic, but you can find all three of these things in Papa to Kiss in the Dark. It kind of hard for me to describe this anime mostly because I can't tell if it meant to be funny or serious. You see Mira and Kyousuke are father and son. Now being that's this is yaoi of course there going to have an incestuous relationship with each other. So why am I having such a hard time understanding this anime?

You see despite the fact that the anime points out that society looks down on the kind of relationship Mira has with his father, it seems that the people who knows about the father/son 'love' (which is mostly everyone) don't seem to mind or even care for that matter. Not to mention in this short 2 episodes series, there is a possibility that Kyousuke is not even related to Mira. Which surprisingly makes the boy sad. Which apparently means the fact that they were related turned him on. Yes, I know. WTF?

Now though its not a great yaoi, it does have something that the other two anime I mention above doesn't, which is sex. Though you won't see any naughty bits, you will however get a VERY clear ideal what the father and son do behind close doors and sometimes in public.

You can find all the anime mention above on veoh.com, and if you liked any of them please PM me to tell me what you thought of the show.

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