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Hey Bitches! I'm from the Canada and my name is Stacey.I am 16 ,which makes me the baby of all my friends!:) I'm a very fun person to be around and I love my friends more then I love myself,they're the most amazing people in the world and they mean everything to me.I love going to school, all my classes rock.First is Electro-Technology, we have so much fun in that class and the teacher is so much fun. whenever we have a dance at school instead of hiring a DJ our class will do it instead so we spend the entire class setting up and picking music so we'll have the teacher dancing around the class singing stupid shit. he is like the most awesome person ever, plus he's my volleyball coach, which makes him even more awesome. My next class is math, The teacher in this class can't teach worth crap so I don't really spend that much time in the actual class because one of my friends from grade 12 is like the smartest person in the entire school and he has a spare when I have math so we either go to the library or he comes up to the group work room and teaches us( Us meaning me and like 3 of my friends in the class).He is so awesome and I'm so thankful that he will help us.My next class is Drama, I don't really mind it, but it's not my favorite class just because the teacher is an asshole and likes to hell at me alot. and My last class in Chemistry, I have so much fun in that class because i sit with three of my best friends and we rarely ever listen because our actual teacher is gone until after Christmas and the sub doesn't really care if we listen or not so we teach ourselves most of the time! So we spend most of that class just goofing off and having fun. My friends are the most awesomest people I have ever met in my entire life,When ever I'm around them i cant help but be happy!..that's it for now!..any else you wanna know pm me!:)

Okay so most of my stories are over, I'm sorry for deleting them but i just needed a fresh start. Right now I'm working on one Harry Potter story, and one covenant story and I'm going to focus on those for now so i will probably update like two or three times a week for right now because I have Volleyball practices every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and for the next two weeks I have tournaments and I still have soccer stuff going on but that should be over soon, And I work like every sunday night, so right now I can update like thursdays and maybe fridays and if I'm lucky saturdays. So looks out for updates on those days and possibly tomorrow!:)

love always



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After All, You're my Wonderwall by FutureMrs.Jonasxx reviews
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