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I'm back after...What? 6 months, geez! anyway finnaly back, and I'm thinking of editing/ finishing most of my stories...

Though maybe every once in a while I'll update another chapter. (If I can ever get off my lazy ass)

Updated again 4-13-08

HI there, my names Laurel (A.ka. Chery Bloom) I'm a 15 1/2 year old girl 5'5. I live in California; and um, well, I'm new to fan fiction!

(I'm also into all kinds of anime and manga.)

When it comes to fan fiction Tokyo Mew mew is the best, and I'm a total fan of the Kish x Ichigo pairing, so most, if not all, my stories will have them paired up. In my stories I try not to bash Masaya to much. (YEAH RIGHT!)

However, when I'm reading other peoples fan fiction I want him bashed pretty good. (Insert evil grin here)

I'm a very easygoing, talketive, and likes anything funny kinda person on my Miss. vain talkes about herself day. Hmm, I also like to goof off and daydream a lot, as well as listen to music, go new places, read (fan fics), draw, and have recently

Check out this funny pic of Kish: (old image)

Kish-Yummy, donuts!

Me- Ya, whatever Kish, go gorge yourself. (Rolls eyes)



Ya everybody's favorite place... (laughs!)

So anyway at the moment I have 9 stories out, but I am planning on adding about 3 more. These three will be including ONESHOT'S (Or maybe all oneshot's, I don't know)

One, will be Tokyo Mew Mew (Of course)

Masaya is such a ladies man and is so wrapped up in his fans at the moment that he hurts Ichigo. Cooling her heels, she rests in the school yard, just to get some attention she wasn’t looking for, but could his certain attention change her mind? (Lol, sorry that summery really sucked, lol, I made it as I went along, not the story, just the summery.) KishxIchigo fanfiction.

Second, From the creator of Vampire Knight, Hino Matsura, I will bring a story (Oneshot?) from MuruPuri.

Unintitled (Still thinking on a for suggestions...)

Someone comes to see Airi through her mirror, if Aram never came, how would things be different between Airi and Jeile?

Third, From the Dears manga, an oneshot, expected to come out very soon.

Vitamin Pills

Rin and Miu play a prank on Takeya; let’s just say it's not an ordinary prank... And who set it up anyway?

The stories done so far: Updates

A New World

First I want to say, I really thank you everyone who has reviewed on my first fanfiction A New World without your encouragement and understanding, I would have never been able to do it, 6 whole chapters! I still can't believe it! But I'm actually going to put that on hold for awhile, I need a little break with it. Maybe if I get more reviews, I'll continue. Well actually I shall finish it, just; I'll take my sweet time after the break. But if you want more, you have to review for more. (Wow I sounded evil there.. lol)

THE PERVERTED ICHIGO or now called L'Ichigo perverti

This ones going good, 19 reviews! (Have you noticed, I'm a review addict? lol) I'm going to add chapter 5 soon, so keep your eyes peeled, and this chapter will probably be really fun, lol, I'm going to do something about drinking! (Again) I'm not an alcoholic, although I've had a drink once or twice, I don't think under-age people should drink, and it's a terrible thing to drink and drive, you could hurt someone or worse, KILL them. So that's my advisory, otherwise please enjoy that chapter, and review after, ok?

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