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Author has written 2 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Digimon.

Twilight the Gecko (before known as Okami the Hybrid) is my best supporter here! Thanks Twile! And Thanks to Ciel the Hedgehog and thedarkhasfallen for their reviews!! Read their fics 'cause they're awesome!! Due to Twilight the Gecko's account change, her fics will be put back on after a while. Yuri Kuronori, my OC , is featured as a main character in Twilight the Gecko's fic, 'The Rise of the Phoenix' so read and review that fic, ya hear!

Anyway, I have two new fics so go and read em'!

OCs Profiles

Name: Ember Heliodora Pendragon/ Firespark Heliodor

Nicknames: Leo, Squire, Helio, Sparky,

Age: 14 (Frozen in Time)

Species: Lion-Fox-Eagle mixed breed

Gender: Female

Height: 1m 5cm

Weight: 10kg

IQ: Above average

Martial status: Single

Alignment: Hero

Birth place: Camelot

DOB: 14th July, 476AD

Residence: DWA Headqurters

Occupation: Time Ranger

Rank: Student Status (for now)

Top Speed: Running: 350kph Flying: 993kph

Basic Stats:

(Out of 40)

Agility: 26

Speed: 26

Strength: 40

Defense: 22

Evasiveness: 30


Intelligence: 30

Skill: 38

Special Attack: Blitz Inferno Hurricane and Wing Throttle

Abilities: Her super running speed varies in every location. She has complete control over fire and basic control over air. Able to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to their full potential. That means able to Chaos Control, Chaos Spear and more. Able to control Time for a limited period. Regeneration is one of her Chaos abilities. Able to fly faster than Sonic's top speed and as strong as Knuckles.

Hobbies:Drawing, doing sports, flying, playing holo-video-games.

Talents: Speak in Latin and Toraiane. Can sing fairly well.

Weaknesses: Has a HUGE fear of water and snakes and Negative Chaos Energy greatly weakens her. Can only use Time Controls for a limited period. Inexperience causes her to make reckless actions.

Personal facts:

Friends: The entire Sonic gang and most DWA comrades.

Rivals:Falco the Echidna and Lara Craftson.

Enemies: Dr. Eggman. Eggman Nega, Phantom Reaper, Darkwind.

Known relatives: Kaori Pendragon(Mother&deceased), Lucas Pendragon (Father&deceased)

Likes: The color red, meat, her friends, flying, adventures, Silver and Shadow the Hedgehog and weapons.

Dislikes: Villains, vegggies, lemons, swimming, water , beaches, swimming pools and damaged Portals.

Favourite food: Dragon-flamed Beef steak

Favourite drink: Soda

Personality: She's cool and calm when she's in a good mood and real mischevous with her closest pals and superiors, as in she's a prankster. She can be reckless at times but she can be serious in certain circumstances. She's a bit imature and childish as her superiors describe her but she actually has a mature way of thinking. That way, she doesn't go too far with her pranks. She has a soft spot for kids. She's really understanding, caring and mature when you get past her prankster side. Courage and loyalty is one thing she always keeps.She prefers to be a follower although she has great leadership skills and a heart of a lion (Literally...). She's a tomboy and she's as tough as any boy so don't mess with her.When she gets mad, oh boy, stay out of her way!

Physical appearance:

Color: Brown fur, white muzzle, tail tip and ear tips, deep red hair.

Eye color: Gold

Hair style: messed up bangs anime style and long deep red hair.

Nose color: Black

Attire: Red breastplate over her dark red T-shirt and grey cargo shorts, an electric blue winged headpiece.

Weapons: The Excalibur, GX300 Gamma Rapid Fire Gun

Theme Song: Go The Distance by Lucas Gabreel

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