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Hello everyone.

My name is RandomPenName, a name I established after 40+ attempts for a un-used pen name on this site. Being a brat I typed in "RANDOMPENNAME" and... WA-LAH!

I have recently been on a computer that worked and pulled fics from older accounts. I don't have the e-mail or password so I had no way of updating them. For that reason I have pulled them here. Some are from when I was much younger so be nice.

If anyone knows how to cancel inactive accounts let me know.

I work three jobs and I'm a full time student but I promise I am trying to post and update so bear with me.

If you see anything you like let me know! I'm always open to e-mail from readers so message away!

Sorry for the huge delay but I have a great reason...I became a MOM!

T H A N K Y O U!


I am grinning ear to ear and somewhat in shock, so I hope this is still understandable. About ten minutes ago, my Fanfiction: Echoes of the mind hit ONE THOUSAND AND ONE REVIEWS on Fanfiction.net.


I am utterly blown away by the responce this story has received. I just wanted to thank each and every person who has read and responded to my story both here and there. I have been copying and pasting your reviews from here - onto the FF site under your name, so that I can print them all out together.

The responce of fanart has also, utterly blown me away. I am trembleing when I type this. I know that this sounds silly over a story but I'm goin to go out on a limb here and admitt something. I have struggled with depression since the birth of my son. I never could finish anything I started to write, I just couldn't care.

Then I started this little story (Which was going to be a one shot! >.

I have found the joy of writing again, which I thought was long gone. I feel like I have accomplished something, and now nothing seems out of my reach. I know its just a silly story written with someone elses characters, but to see it so well received...words truly fail me.

Thats why I'm entitleing this : Thank you Readers of Echoes - not 1000 reviews! Because with out you, Echoes would have been another story on a shelf that I gave up on.

Thank you...All of you.

~Christy otherwise known as LyknScribe or RandomPenName
If you are interested: Here are the amazing art done by some amazing artists.

Fanart for Echoes of the Mind

Echoes of the Mind...is complete.

Below is a complete list of all the chapters and the fanart attached to each chapter.

I have loved discussing this story and would contiune to love discussing it. If you have any questions or thoughts. Any arguments or noticed loose ends you want straightened out by all means.

Thank you all so much.

Front Cover
(By Ravengrimm)

Chapter 4:

(Forgive me by Vivienka)

Chapter 5:

(Every Millimeter by Gumby95)

Chapter 10:

(Inoccently Enough by Ravengrimm)

Chapter 12:

(Never again by Riulu)

Chapter 15:

(Happy New Years by Ravengrimm)

Chapter 21:

(Tiger Stripes by Josejalapeno)
(Tiger stripes by Gumby95)
(Happy Birthday Charles By Ravengrimm)

Chapter 23:

1) (Erik and Charles Dance by Soulseeker1990)

2) (Forgive me by Naahzada)

3)(Dance with me *Animated* by VivienKa)

Chapter 24:

(Wrong Shape - by Splashez) )

Chapter 28:

(The Helmet - By LyknScribe)

Chapter 29:

Chapter 30:

(I hear you Erik, by Naahzada)

Chapter 32:

(Azazel and Janos after the Workout by Koragg1)

Chapter 35:

(Anya by Gumby95)

Chapter 37:

(Kurt's room by LyknScribe)

Chapter 39:

(Where is he? By LyknScribe)

Chapter 41:

(Trying to Relax by Ravengrimm)

(A story book ending by Ravengrimm)

Chapter 42 (Epilogue):

(Echoes in the Sunset by Splashez)



Has begun! I have posted the first chapter tonight and will add any fanart made for the story here as I did for Echoes of the Mind.

Thanks so much!

Chapter 1 -

Current reviews for each fic when this update was made:

X-Men: First Class

Echoes of the Mind: 1,701

Touched by the Echo: 88 (Sequel to Echoes of the Mind WIP)

Just a Dream: 8

Harry Potter:

Cold: 2


What is fear : 116

The World as it is: 30 Years of Shredder: 24

Random Ramblings of an Incoherent Mind: 77

Constant: 25

Big Brother: 15

A deadly choice: 8

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