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Name: Christina M. C.

Age: 24


You have reached, Christa4ever's misplaced blog! Please enjoy.

5/12/12: Chapter 55 is up!!! Wow that was a long break I took. Stupid studying :( Anyway I'm back now and ready to post more chapters!!!


I have updated eight times this year already! Wooo! Chapter 35 went up about twenty minutes ago.

That is all.


I can not believe how much time has passed since I've updated. I'm so sorry! I've had a lot on my plate these last few months trying to find a job. And now I have one... at stop and shop :(

I'm not really happy about it, but I have to work there until I can pay off my college and get my degrees... I'm trying to write more I promise. It just that I don't own a computer at the moment. I'm currently writting from my cousin's. She has let me work on it for the last two chapter! When she goes back to school I don't know what's going to happen.

Anyway, I just wanted to apologize and let everyone know that I am going to keep working on the fic: just not as fast as I would like.


Hey, sorry it's been so long. I'm job hunting!

Anyway, I'm back to work on TR 25 and I thought I would give the people who check my misplaced blog a sneek-preview/ teaser for the next chapter:

Taunting Repartee

Chapter Twenty-Five

Magneto watched his two subordinates walk away contently back into the restaurant. He gave out a dark chuckle at his triumph.

There is rarely a dull moment with you around, my love,’ Magneto thought to Rogue’s future self: his eyes were lit up with pride. He turned his head towards the car to glance at Rogue. She stared back at him with narrowed eyes: breathing hard. ‘What are we going to do with all that pent up anger of yours, Anna?’ he asked with a smirk. ‘I have a few ideas, of course,’ he thought as an image of her lying naked on a bed beneath him: her face flushed with color: popped into his mind.

He indulged the thought for a moment before he pushed it out of his mind. He chuckled at his own mind. Why should he fantasize about the girl when she was only a feet away? Trapped in a car: completely at his mercy…

He watched her inhale sharply as though she knew what he was thinking. ‘Perhaps you did, my girl,’ he thought with a chuckle as he started to walk. He watched her eyes widen as he walked away from Graydon’s car and towards the institute’s van.

He opened the driver’s car door and got into the car for a moment. He started the car as he glanced through the rearview mirror at Rogue. She was still staring at him: refusing to look away. ‘Like a mouse watching: waiting to see when the cat will strike,’ he smirked at the thought as he turned his gaze away from hers and onto the clock: it read 11:35pm. ‘Almost,’ he thought frustrated for a moment. ‘What am I going to distract you with for the next twenty-five minutes?’ he asked himself as he glanced at her again.

He laughed as a notion came to mind.


TR 24 posted!


Hey, I am now officially working on TR 24! I've also officially graduated from college! I have two B.A's people! WHOOO! And more importantly for this fic I no longer have ANY papers to write! That's right people, I have none, zero, NO papers to write!!!!! Except this fic!!!! WHOOO... again!!!!!

:Deep breath of relaxation:

So ,yeah, I'm going to go start working on that now. Let's see how much I get written before my cousin wakes up and wants her computer back!

Type fast!

Bite me, subconscious! I type at no man's speed!

...I'm a girl, too...



TR 23 is posted!

That is all! Go read it!



You're updating?

No, but close! My dad got the files from my computer extracted, so I know how all the work I put into TR 23 back!

So, you're going to update soon?

I have to do a lot of school. Stupid textbook :O ... But I'm going to start working on it again!

When Christina?


How soon?



... Eventually

:Eyes narrow:


Stop screaming and go do your homework

k :)




I've updated!

... really?

Nope! April fools!!

That's wasn't funny Christina!

Yeah, I know.

:Gives Evil Eye:

...But you don't have an evil eye :the author states confused by her own writing: ... You're a figment of my imagination.


... O. o ... Okay ... So, here's what's going on. My computer died...That's right. I left to go to class (the computer was working fine, I had just watched a video on it and checked my email, all sysytems were go as far as I could tell) and I came back and it wouldn't turn on!We tried everything! Nada... It's dead!

... So, guess what I lost along with my computer?

TR 23?

You got it in one! The half of chapter 23 of TR that I had been working on for three weeks! That's right I lost everything that I had written. Including an eight page paper due that morning that I have still not finished rewriting. I have to finish that, spend time with my boyfriend, rewrite all the journal enteires for my states of conisousness class, then my psy redo paper that I was almost done with, but now have to restart, THEN I can rewrite tr 23!



That's sucks!

I know. The only good thing that happened this week is that I got my hair cut and I look pretty!

Why did you get your hair cut? You should have been writing papers!

I know, I know, but my mom drove down from PA to see me and we had lunch it was nice. . I needed that break! I feel much less stressed.


I don't have time!

You're writing this!

I don't want people to think I'm dead! Do not get me started on the scare my roommate gave me this weekend!

Okay, I won't.

Look, I'm working on it I swear! I just have a lot of work to do this weekend that I thought I was not going to have to do. I lost the seating chart :Cries:

Seating chart?

You'll see... eventually...


I love you all! I just looked at my profile traffic and this month alone I've had 40 visitors! I love that people are reading my misplaced blog!! .

Speaking of which, I have some news. My job has been canceled for the next month! What does that mean for you guys? I have six more hours of free time per week! I'm going to be writing more! That's pretty much it. Thought I would let you all know.

Anyway, now I am going to start working on this chapter! Yeah, I wrote start. Sorry about that.

What's up with that shit!

Spring break! I've been busy this spring break... sleeping. God, I love sleep! Oh that and planning out the rest of the fic. I'm in between a few ideas. I now am certain that someone is going into a something...

Wow, I realized about two seconds after I wrote it, just how many wrong ways that sentence could be taken in. I added the somethings, because I didn't want to give away plot. Instead, I made myself giggle.

Okay, I'm done now. Later, peoples! I loves you all! I don't even know who's reading this, but I love you! Keep up the good work, solider!


Hey all! I just wanted to let people know that I am working on the chapter but I also have a lot of homework to do for college! I thought, silly me... I thought that last semester having to write over thirty papers was the most I would ever have to do one semester.

But, NO! My college is all like, "Ha, you thought 30 was a lot." :Cracks knuckles: "Sociology department, what can we throw at her this time? Hm..." :soft chuckle: "... oh, that's good..." :Another chuckle: "... That's down right evil... I LOVE it! ...Christina, we've come to a decision. This semester you must write... a textbook! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH..." :Gasp: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Me: "... WHAT! ... A textbook? Like the ones you overcharge us for? A WHOLE textbook?"

The Evil Entity That Is The Professor Who Designed This Class: "It'll be easy. It's not like you have to write ten chapters."

Me: "Oh... ":deep breath: "That's a relief."

TEETITPWDTC: "Only six!"

Me: "Yeah, cause that's SO much better..."

TEETITPWDTC: "If it doesn't make a difference you can write ten."

Me: "I'll write six! I'll write six!!"


Me: "Dare I ask how long they have to be?"

TEETITPWDTC: "I don't know. Do you?"

Me:... :Rolls eyes: "How long does each chapter have to be?"

TEETITPWDTC: "Four to eight pages per chapter."

Me: "Well, that's not too bad."

TEETITPWDTC: "Single-spaced!!"

Me: "Single-spaced! You son of B- ...You coc- ... You bast- ..." :Deep breath: "... That's eight to SIXTEEN pages per chapter! ... At least we'll have at least a week to work on each chapter, right? ...Right?"

TEETITPWDTC: "Well, the first week yeah. But you have to write revisions of all six chapters as well. Which means after the first two weeks you will be working on two chapters per week for the rest of the semester."

Me: ... :Glares:

TEETITPWDTC: "Hey, it could be worse."

Me: "How!?"

TEETITPWDTC: "On top of all this I could be trying to seduce you..."

Me: ...: Shudders: "... Yeah, I'm gonna..." :Starts to back away slowly: "I'm going to go work on chapter two..." :Grabs at the door, and slowly opens it: "... of the textbook now... ":runs:


Okay, so the voting has been over for days and the winner is 3!!

It was a really, really close race. I think choice number two deserves a round of applause! :Claps... realizes no one else is clapping...claps less... stops clapping... puts hand awkwardly on her lap, then quickly back to the keyboard:

:Realizes that everyone knows that the author didn't really clap, because you can't clap and type at the same time:

:Wonders why the so many people place so much importance and value in the subconscious and why said subconscious doesn't have a physical form which she could possibly murder... and then hide the body where it will never be found:

:Mentally gives her conscious counterpart the finger:

:Physically gives her counterpart the finger... twice:


:More silence: . . .

...Go back to writing the chapter!



Hey, I'm still having trouble with TR 21. I've written over 15 pages in drafts and I still haven't written anything that I like. I'm gonna keep trying.

I don't know...


NOOOOOO!! Writer's block mixed with I wish I hadn't written those last two lines in the Tr 20!! NOOOOOOOO!!

Christina, what the hell you talking about?

... :Sighs: End of TR 20 I wrote. "She hated to admit it, but that car ride was the most relaxed she had been in a while. Unfortunately, for her: it was the most relaxation she would get for months..."

Okay... so what's wrong with that? I mean aside from the English used in the first sentence? If you would call it English...

SHUT UP!! ... Nothing's wrong with it... I just wish I hadn't written it.


Because now I can't have her be relaxed in the beginning of the next chapter, and I can't skip a few days saying she had taken Eric's advise and enjoyed the quiet moments. Which were my two ideas for the beginning of the next chapter, and every time I try to write the next chapter the mood has this weird undefined tone to it that I don't like. It's undefined because Magneto's mood is undefined and I can't figure out how to fix that problem...

What's Magneto's mood supposed to be?

I have no idea right now. When he pulled over to the side of the road in the last chapter a lot of stuff went through his head. And, of course, I didn't write it out. Ten days later and I forgot most of it. I have an idea of what through his head, but not enough... and... I don't know what to do...

Maybe you sure try writing the chapter from his point of view...

... You know what? That's a really good idea... Thanks, subconscious!

Christina for the last time: we're the same person. That was your idea.

I know... But this little bit of insanity helped me figure out how to write the next chapter so... Hmm... It's going to take longer, because first I'll have to write it from BH's point of view then-"


Bucket head.


Then, I'm going to have to rewrite it from Rogue's. It's going to take me longer than usual.

A month?

No, not a month! I promised myself not to take that long this year... Crap!


I also have an eight page paper due on Monday that I haven't started yet.

Maybe you should go do that first, Christina. You know, school... your GPA... Your future!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I going, I'm going.


Hey. I updated today by posting chapter 20 of Taunting Repartee! Yeah, I have nothing interesting to say. I just want to keep track of which days I've updated and this misplayed blog can help me do just that!!

Hopefully, I'll be able to update again in about a week and a half! Here's hoping .


I've updated! Chapter 17 of Taunting Repartee is posted for your viewing pleasure!!

Now, I have to write my Psy paper :(

Well, finish that so you can write chapter 18 of Taunting Repartee!!

Okay, okay, okay. I'm on it!

12/28/09 :12:51Am:

I know, I know. It's the 28th and I haven't posted yet! I'm writing the chapter I swear, it's just taking more time than I thought, and I keep getting distracted by the paper I still have to write for my independent study X( Yeah, I'm going to try and post by the end of the year. We'll see what happens...


The people have spoken, and I am listening!!

Dark it is!

I had a lot of stuff to do for school, so I'm starting to write this chapter some time today or tomorrow. I think I'll be able to post by the 27th. We'll see how long the chapter becomes.


Hey it's been one day. So, far it's looks like dark is going to win!!

Just wanted to do a quick shot out to pointyearsrule. Thanks you all the reviews, and I hope you like what you see! I can't wait to hear from you again.


It's been a year!!


Shut up! It has been one year since I posted Taunting Repartee Chapter one!! Man, time go fast.

Anyway this is just a quick note. I am going to post today, in celebration of one year of writing!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!! MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!

I'm almost done writing the chapter. It's over 5000 words already. Yeah, it's a long chapter. I hope everyone going to like it!!

Get back to work!

Yes, subconscious.


Right away, subconscious... As soon as I press the update profile button...


Crap it's been a month! I had writers block for a whole month! But I'm over it now. Got over it about twenty minutes ago, and I'm already have a page of chapter 14 written. I think I should be able done with it in about a week, give or take...

Sorry for the delay!!

Today is 9/27/09 and I have the writer's block!!


I'm trying to work through it.

I'll update as soon as my mind lets me... promise...

Hey, I tried to update today, (09-04-09) but wouldn't let me upload the document. So, I'm going to try again later.

Hey today is 09-01-09.

Okay I get it! No one wants to read Operation Repartee.

Just because people didn't review, that doesn't mean they don't want to read it.

Yeah I know, but I'm putting my attention back to Taunting Repartee, anyway. I have the plot to Operation written down. So, I'll be able to make to write something in the future. Maybe post a chapter or two if the events that happened become relevant.

The day I am writing this is 08-13-2009, and I'm going home! Which means I have very little internet, until my computer's wireless is fixed. So, I'm sorry, I meant to update this week, but life got in the way... again, and I've only written half of the chapter twelve. I'm going to be working on it, and I'll probably update as soon as I get back to school on 09-7-09. If I can't find a computer before then I might have more than one chapter to put up that day.

I'm sorry to everyone who really liked this story!

I'll try to get to a computer sometime between now and the 7th.

Till then, :(

Hey it'a June 15th and I'm 12 pages through chapter eight. Having spent the last five hours writing seven of them I'm going to bed. It's 10:43pm and I have to get up at 6:50 tomorrow. Stupid work... getting in the way.

You should quit.

I need money. Remember all those annoying bills we have to pay?

Life sucks, sometimes.

You said it subconscious. Anyway, I have about an hour and half free tomorrow. So, I'm gonna work on it a little more, and then wed night I'm free after 4pm. So, like today I'm gonna spent a lot of time working on the fic. I hope I'll be able to update wed. I'm so sorry for the wait. Somehow, I've managed to become twice as busy during the summer then I was during the school year. :(

But I'm trying.

Try harder!!

I am I am. Oh and I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who are reviewing. I'm using all my free time to write this fic, and knowing that people care about it, and want to keep reading it is the biggest motivator I need to keep writing. So, yeah thank you, and I hope to hear from all of you later this week.

All three of you.

Subconscious!! AHHHHHHHH... I'm going to bed. Night all.

Hello everyone. Today is June 1th, and I'm working very hard on chapter eight of Taunting Repartee. I promise!! What's taking so long is that I keep writing what I refer to as utter crap, and I refuse to publish crap.

Then, what exactly do you call chapter seven? It certainly wasn't gold.

SHUT UP!... :Deep Breath: Look, I know it was a bad chapter. I realize I rushed it. Which is why the next chapter is taking so long. I was really unhappy with chapter seven. I needed to be worked on so much more than I did. I will NOT make that mistake again.

So, it's going to take more time to write the next chapter, I'm going to try and get it out within the next two weeks. No promises, I just thought I let anyone who reads this know my frame of mind.

Hey all, it's May 8th and I haven't updated in a while.


Because I just got two jobs, and finals to deal with.

Is that what they calling watching five episodes of dollhouse in a roll now?

:Sigh: My life goes back to normal this weekend. I'll try to get the chapter done in the next week or so. Just wanted to let you know that I'm not dead, or giving up on fanfiction... Real life likes to take over every now and again.

More like every other week.

Shut up!

Hey again. The date I'm writing this is March 30th 2009. You all must hate me. It's been almost a month since I've updated. Well-

Yeah, what up with that shit? Stop being lazy!

Subconscious, would you let me state my case before you start yelling at me?



Maybe ...FINE!...State away.

Thank you. As I was writing, before I was so rudely interrupted, a lot has happened in my life this month. I decided to do an independent study next term, and most of my free time this month as been writing up the proposal for that. I finished it this Monday, and after the exam, and paper I have to do this week I will have a lot more free time. So, I'll be able to write more! Which is what I plan to do.

You're writing right now. Why aren't you writing Operation Repartee, or Taunting Repartee?

Because I have to finish a paper tonight. I just thought I let people know what I'm doing. You know let them know I'm not dead.

You mean the people who actually read your profile?

Yup! .

All three of them.

SHUT UP!! :Deep breath:

Anyway, I'll finish the next chapter within the next week and a half, I hope! I've been thinking that I might just go back to writing Taunting Repartee instead of Operation Repartee. I haven't made up my mind yet. You guys-

All three of you

...will know when I've updated... Till then.

Hello again it's 2-28-09

It's 9:01 at night and I'm hiding out in one of my schools classrooms using the computer. Shhh... I probably not suppose to be in here. So if anyone asks you, you don't know my full name, what school I go to, or what classroom I'm stealing...

Wait... you guys don't know any of that stuff anyway. What am I worrying about?



Christina, why are you treating your profile like it's a blog?

Subconscious ... I don't know... I tend to do this when I'm bored or when I know I should be writing something else.

What else could you possibly need to write besides this pointless, and misplaced blog?

Well, overly sarcastic subconscious of mine. I should be writing that six page paper that due next wed. Or Chapter three of Operation Repartee. Or that spanish thing that due next Tue.

So, why aren't you?

You see, after spending most of day complaining to myself that I had caught the writer's block once again, I got this huge burst of creatively. My mind is working. I'm coming up with ideas left and right, and there are so many words in my head I don't know what to do with them all.

Maybe you could try writing them down? Just a thought...

I did try that, you sarcastic, ass. But I'm thinking too fast. I can't type fast enough. This little bit that I've written here, I already played it out in my three times before getting it all down.

Christina, you-you do realize you're talking to yourself... and you just yourself a sarcastic ass right?

...I'm aware...

Just checking.

You get ten points plus a big hug from me if you just laughed.

Okay, I'm going to go back to writing Operation Repartee, now.

Hello it's 2/09/09 WHOOO!

I like to write original short stories, as well as fan fiction. Despite the fact that I've had fan fiction running through my head for the past seven or eight years. I've only gained the courage to publish them about two months ago.

I don't think it helped any that I was a lazy bum when it came it writing stuff down until last winter.

So, I'm writing!!

What I've written...the only story I've written that is... is Taunting Repartee for X-Men Evolution. The parring is Rogue, and Magneto. I know some people have a problem with this parring because of the age difference, and if you looking at my profile you 've either, 1) clicked on it be accident and you're not going to read this far down the page or 2) Read the only fan fic I've written and while seeing if I've written anything else decided to read my profile.

In other words I don't have to defend my love of this paring to any one who is reading this because you all are, most likely, with me.

So, why are you going on about it that right now?

Good Question. The answer is it's 12:44 at night and after looking at the traffic for my profile and finding out that there is traffic on my profile, I decided I should write something more than my name and age. The other reason I'm a little bored.

if you're so bored why aren't you writing the next chapter to Taunting Repartee?

Another good question subconscious. The answer to that is I've written about half of chapter six, and I'm at a point that I need some help.

What kind of help?

Glad you asked. Mental help most likely, but in regard to my fic Magneto is expressing an expertise of sorts, in a subject matter that I know very little about. So, just like with the chess game, I have to learn new things to match his level of understanding, in order to write his character correctly.

But Christina didn't Magneto lose the chess game?

Yes, yes he did...

And wasn't he suppose to win in your original plot to the chapter?

Yes, yes he was.

And didn't you make Rogue win on the idea that she was pissing him off to the point that his concentration was destroyed? Even going so far as to say that at one point in the chapter that he was only looking at one side of the chess board?!

Yes, subconscious. I did go that far.

And you claim to write within the scoop of the character's feasible actions?

Look! The books I took out from the library had to be returned, It was right after my birthday, I had just turned 21, everyone was doing it, the reviewers liked it. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??

It's 1:13am go to bed...

Okay... I can do that. Goodnight subconscious, and good night to the two people who might read this far down the page.

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