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Weirdbard: noun: A creature of questionable logic and reason.

Strange storyteller.

A being of strange and sometimes wicked sense of humor.

The Weirdbard is rarely seen during the day being a nocturnal creature that both doubts the the validity and yet at the same time fears the mythical giant ball of burning gases said to be visible during daylight hours. The Weirdbard shuns the light preferring the cool embrace of shadows lightened only by the glow of flat screen monitors.

Plumage: The Weirdbard when spotted in the wild is often wearing a pecan colored top hat, a starched white dress shirt and a bright purple vest. The Weirdbard also wears pants but they are nondescript and often drab in color and unremarkable.

Habitat: While rare, glimpses of the Weirdbard have been spotted at these locations:

Weirdbard Academy

The Lunatic Cafe

The Weirdbard's wikidot site

You can find me on Twitter (When I remember to use it)

And for those who have palace chat software, the Weirdbard is seen almost nightly at the hours of 10p.m. Central to … whenever his head hits the keyboard and he passes out at this palace address: port: 6969

For those who know not what palace chat is, but are interested in spotting the wild Weirdbard in his native habitat

Palace chat software: Phalanx chat client software

The Weirdbard can also sometimes be found on AIM (like when he remembers to turn it on) at weirdbard666 The Weirdbard is not a demonic creature but has this name as a inside joke.

Musical influences on the Weirdbard. Being a creature of mirth and strange humors it may not be surprising to find the creature loves music by these artists but of course not limited to just them.

Weird Al Yankovich


The Beatles. (Yes, the Weirdbard is an old creature)

Dr. Steel

Creature Feature


Food sources for the Weirdbard:





Ice cream



And did I mention chocolate?

Addictions of the Weirdbard:

Did I mention chocolate?

Coke Cola (drink of champions, or at least nocturnal creatures)

Also Farmville on Facebook. (damn you Farmville for stealing my life!!)

Bejeweled 3 (another quality stealer of the Weirdbard's time)

Movie Influences on the Weirdbard:

Army of Darkness



Mortal Kombat

Resident Evil (Just the first one and maybe the second but none of the others)

and numerous others

Television influences on the Weirdbard:

Gilligan's Island (I did mention the creature was old, didn't I?)

Get Smart


Star Trek

Space 1999

Xena: Warrior Princess

and numerous others

The Weirdbard's idols

Weird Al Yankovich

Everyone at That Guy With the Glasses website

Doctor Steel

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (You are eternally missed my friends)

Ares: God of War from Xena: Warrior Princess

The Joker from Batman

Ragdoll from Secret Six comics

The Mad Hatter (Both Wonderland and Batman related)

Bela Legosi

Dracula (which really is the same thing, no?)

Hammer House of Horrors

Anything of the Undead (Except vampires who sparkle)

So remember friends, if you spot the wild Weirdbard, do not try to capture as the creature does not fair well in captivity. Also please do not try to feed the wild Weirdbard, unless of course you are carrying chocolate. Please always remember that while Weirdbard is an endangered species, it is a social creature and enjoys contact with other life forms.

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Ron, Kim and Shego are invited to a all expense paid trip curtesy of Global Justice under the guise of 'special training' to a tropical island. An island chosen by Ash Williams. What could go wrong? Part of my Trio world series where Kim, Ron and Shego are teammates as well as lovers. If this bothers you please do not read.
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