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Author has written 7 stories for Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy X.

About gilventure

I'm a writer, though I'm as of yet unpublished officially. I've been writing fanfiction off and on most of my life, as it keeps my skills sharp and helps me out of slumps when my own characters aren't what I want them to be. I have a penchant for enjoying tragic stories, and some of my favorite novels and stories of all time are Hamlet, A Tale of Two Cities, 1984, anything by Poe, and Lord of the Flies. I also love surrealist cinema and some of my favorites include the recent Science of Sleep, anything by Stan Brakhage, More, The Fountain, Inland Empire, Pi, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

I'm a huge final fantasy nut. My first game was Final Fantasy X and it's still my favorite even today (though Final Fantasy VII comes close). Tidus is my favorite male character and Yuna and Aerith are my favorite female characters. I'm drawn to stories about relationships that overcome all boundaries.

I also draw and make music videos (although I'm bad at the former and inexperienced at the latter).

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gilventure's fanfiction

I generally write about pairs, though sometimes I'll tackle other topics. I enjoy trying to keep characters in character and as the creators originally intended. It's good practice. :) I enjoy writing tragedy and so I tend to stick with characters like Tidus and Yuna or Cloud and Aerith. Characters who overcome great odds to be together are more worthy investments in a reader's time, I think. But I'm more interested in writing about events that needed to be fleshed out in the games, or what characters might be thinking at times when the viewer can only figure out what the characters are thinking. Occasionally I do an AU or two, but if you read my work, you'll find it sticks to the games pretty securely. I like to write about what I see, not imagine what could be unless that "could be" is feasible against what I see. (If that makes any sense. :P)

Currently Running

- What Became of You ~ an alternate version of Final Fantasy VII that takes a turn from the original game when a certain event doesn't happen to Aerith. (Chapter 1 up)

- By Chance ~ an alternate Final Fantasy VII based entirely on the Amano artwork. (Chapter 1 up)

Upcoming Stories

- Tidus and Yuna X-2 piece

- Auron/Jecht/Braska story

- Cloud's journal


Thank you to all those who have supported my writing and continue to support me whether you review or just read. I appreciate it much and will continue to work hard for all of you. Thank you all so much!

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