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Hello everyone! Welcome on my profile!

Hi everyone, i know I've been gone for some time. I continued reading stories, but my life was kind of hectic with moving, starting university, having a boyfriend, breaking up and all, so I haven't really gotten the time to write anything. However, right now i'm writing a story, and i'll be updating it very soon. I hope you all will like it and i hope my writing had improved and it will be better than my previous stories.

Please read it!

Some dreams come true, some don't, but keep on dreaming!

- Pretty Woman

If life seems jolly rotten
There's something you've forgotten
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
When you're feeling in the dumps
Don't be silly chumps
Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing.

And...always look on the bright side of life...
Always look on the light side of life...

Monty Python

So here's some more about me:

Name: DutchIcePrincess

Length: 1m 72cm

Eyecolour: Green!!

Shoe size: 39 (American sizes are probably different then dutch..)

Sports: okay, you can guess: DutchICEprincess, so I’m dutch and I do a sport that has to do with ICE shouldn’t be toodifficult right? Okay I’ll give you some clues: Sven Kramer (love him!) Chad Hedrick (don’t like him but yeah, he’s good at the sport…) and Shani Davis (just thought I’d put up American sporters coz that way the chance you know them is a little bit bigger)

Brothers/sisters?: One brother

Relationship?: Nope, and i love being single again (:

Tattoo?: Nope

Favourite place to go on vacation: There are lots of places i loved Florence, Rome, Paris, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, London, Tunis and so many more places.

Greatest person you met this year: all my new friends are great!

Person you’d rather not have met: Uhm, I don’t answer that… that’s not really nice is it ;)

Who would you like to meet: I dunno, some hot celeb? Zac Efron? Or maybe Sven Kramer (he’s cute!) well I dunno, I just wanna meet nice people or Robert Pattinson!

Who do you admire a lot?: Lance armstrong

Sexiest person: ME?? just kidding, um I dunno… Robert Pattinson? Zac Efron?

Favourite car: Minicooper cabrio, bmw’s and Mercedes

- Favourite movie: - The notebook

- Love actually

- High school musical

- Dirty dancing

- Grease

- Titanic

- A walk to remember

- Das leben der anderen

- Good night and good luck

- Shrek

- Finding nemo

- Pearl Harbor (i love josh!)

- Well as you can see I can’t really choose there’s a lot more..

Favourite music: I listen a lot, just not classic music or jazz

Favourite city: I dunno, I would have to say either rome or paris, but I’ve been to paris too many times so I guess rome… I just love it the history, the atmosphere the people, Italian coffee… everything!

Favourite sound: Uhm….?! My skates on nature ice?

Favourite tv series: Okay, that’s a long list as well:

- Laguna beach

- Grey’s anatomy

- As the world turns

- Beauty and the nerd

- Hollands next topmodel (I also like ANTM)

- Oprah winfrey (it’s not really a serie…)

- Dr Phil (not really a serie either)

- And a lot more…

Favourite writer: That’s difficult, depends on my mood, sometimes I just want to read simple books, so that’s when I read for example Jill mansell, and Olivia goldsmith. But sometimes I want to read more difficult books or more interesting.. and then I like George orwell, Geert Mak, and others… Oh yeah and I love JK rowling, I’ve read all the HP books, since I was a little child so yeah.. first in dutch later in English. And I also like the curious incident of the dog in the night time it’s really good!

What’s on your mousepad?: Um, nothing since I don’t have one (a)

What’s lying under your bed?: A box containing an extra blanket in case i get cold at night!

Favourite colour: (light) Pink, light blue, white, grey

Favourite song ever: Difficult, it changes a lot… but I like old songs a lot, and I like ‘what I need’ by deep side.

Favourite food: I don’t know the English word: Snert, it’s dutch a sort of soup it’s really good but not everyone likes it

Favourite subject at school: Well, i study history... so shouldn't be too difficult to figure out what my favourite subject at school used to be ;)

Favourite drink: Iced Tea (sweetened)

Favourite number: Um, 10? That’s what I hope to get on my tests!

What do you like best of your own body?: my eyes, actually I’m pretty happy with everything, I’m not theprettiest but I’m not ugly either, andi think the inside is way more important!!

Which shoes do you like to wear?: My red Tommy Hilfiger flats!

Most romantic thing to ever happen to you?: Not so much unfortunately, my ex-boyfriend wasn't very romantic…

Most embarrassing moment of your life: OMG don’t think I’m gonna tell you about all my embarrassing moments! It’s too much I would be typing for ages...

Your breakfast: cereal and sandwich

What food do you hate?: I don’t know the English name: spruiten!

Laughing or dreaming?: Laughing and dreaming!

Serious or not: NOT!

Fast or slow: depends, really slow early in the morning

Single or relationship: I’d love to say relationship, but I’m single, waiting for the right guy to come by…

Complicated or not: NOT!

Sex or alcohol: a little bit of both ;)

Stay up late or go to sleep early: sometimes I go to bed really early, sometimes really late…

Light or dark?: Light

Big or small men/woman?: i like a man/boy who’s larger than i…

Newspaper or magazine: magazine

Hug or kiss: sometimes a hug says more than a kiss…

Happy or sad: I’d prefer to be happy, unfortunately life isn’t always happy.. just take the good the bad and breathe ;)

Life or death: I like to live now, but I don’t’want to live forever, someday you gotta go… and if I’ll ever be in so much pain that I can’t enjoy my life (like people who are really ill and gonna die anyways) I’d rather die…

Left or right?: right

Sauce on your food or next to it?: uhm, next to it?!

Brown or blonde hair?: I’m blonde, but I prefer brown!

Do aliens exist?: Well, I’m not sure, I mean my brother comes close to an alien…

How many kids do you want?: 2 or 3

Best feeling in the world: LOVE

What are you afraid of?: I'm afraid of a lot of things, i'm afraind of pain, i'm afraid of not being able to do what i love, i'm afraid of flunking my tests, of doing things wrong, i'm afraid of getting fired, i'm afraid of getting into fights, but most of all i'm afraid of not living life to the fullest!

Do you cry during movies?: Yeah, really quickly, I’m really emotional. Especially titanic, and when dannydies in Pearl Harbor

What was your first thought this morning?: My head is hurting, i hate migraines!

What’s the most beautiful thing on a male/female body: eyes

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