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Updated 28th June 2016


I am an agoraphobic suffering from stress, depression and a whole host of other mental issues.


Just writing this is difficult enough. I have not left me house in nearly two years. Before that I had only left the house for medical appointments. I have essentially been housebound since the early 2000's.

People have somehow managed to track me down and that is quite distressing.

I have decided I will post a list of up coming stories below. Remember, I don't publish what isn't finished. Some of the up coming stories may not appear for years, I will try and post a progress report here though.

Translating and Reposting adapting:

I was actually asked for permission to have Harry Potter: Geth, translated and posted to a Russian site. So I am aware it happens.

Here is the bottom line about my stories and my permissions.

You do not need to ask or obtain my permission to translate, download, repost or advertise my stories. Feel free to share the fun. All I ask is a little respect by not claiming them as your own, just as I don't claim the media I base my fanfiction on.

Just copy and repost or translate, just leave a 'written by mjimeyg' in there.

Same goes with wanting to continue or rewrite my story. Just leave a note saying 'original story written by mjimeyg which was based on *insert relevant media titles*'.

Please do put my username in anything you rewrite just so I can find it and read it myself. I LOVE a good read. But I only read fanfiction. Well, I last read The Hobbit a year ago. I started reading Lord of the Rings but it is taking ages to get into it. Seriously, I've been reading for a year and they have JUST left Elrond!

About my stories:

I don't write slash.

That said, if a tv show, book or whatever has side characters that are gay, I won't change that unless they become more central to my story and their sexual orientation is relevant... that said, I won't change someone from gay to straight mid-story without a damned good explanation. I will usually write them as always having been straight, bi or as never having mattered.

I don't write rape.

However, rape has happened. I might write an attempted rape but I can guarantee it won't happen, they will escape or be rescued or it will have happened before my story. Rape is a choice. Rape has no justification. Once a rapist always a rapist.

If the subject of rape occurs in my story it is to show ways to combat and deal with the rapist and protect and help the victim in the aftermath of the attempt.

Enough of the depressing stuff... some additional details about my stories, in other words:


Just FYI, these spoilers are more about pairings, I prefer to know the pairings going into a story but not everyone wants the surprise spoilt.


What's a Gungan?:

An end of fifth year fic that sees Harry landing in the Star Wars universe and having an unusual first meeting with Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

Harry and a Vampire:

This is a Harry Potter/RosarioVampire crossover. Harry loses his trial in fifth year and is booted from the wizarding world. He is given an opportunity to attend a school in Japan... but they aren't keen on humans... unless they are heavily sauted and served with a fine wine.

This fic replaces Tsukune with Harry. It will follow both the anime and manga, but more heavily on the Manga. The HP world will of course be involved in some way... probably with Voldemort and Fudge being stomped on by a pissed off snow woman and succubus.

Harry Brown:-

This is a crossover with Harry Potter and Mrs. Brown's Boys, the TV show. It is likely possible that you can read the story without watching the show, but it would help.

This story is filled with prolific swearing, simply because that is how the characters in the show talk.

The basis of the story is: How would things go if Harry were raised by Agnes 'Mammy' Brown?

To be honest, I just wanted Harry to look at someone and go: "That's nice."

The story does not follow Harry's every move. It covers major events that interrupt his daily life. The pairing will be Harry/Fleur.


This is the sequel to Potter's Protector. It involves Harry being taken to the Marvel Universe by Jean Grey who is actually a Phoenix like Neville is. Harry's main purpose is to try and help the mutants recover after M-Day but this story spans a large section of the Marvel Universe from Avengers to X-Factor to War Machine. There is violence and bad language but nothing as bad as you might find in the comics although I do have the odd character drop an f-bomb now and again is I feel it is required.

Harry does have a fair few girls in this one, but they are not the focus of the story and there is no sex... written sex, just the implied stuff and even that is very sparse as Harry has more important things to do than have week long shagging sessions. And just because there are multiple girls doesn't mean there will be instant bi-sexuals.


Harry/Magma/Polaris/The Stepford Cuckoos/X-23/Mirage/Valkyrie


The Champion:-

The Champion is meant to be an over powered Xander... eventually. It's more about using common sense to tackle the problems of Sunnydale and the SGC. Just because you have oodles of power doesn't mean you can do everything, sometimes the more power you have the less you are allowed to do. But that shouldn't mean you can't have fun with it!


Xander/Gaia(OC)/Tara - For the purposes of this story, Tara is essentially straight.







Potter's Protector:-

For the record, I couldn't think of a good title for this fic... so I stuck with my working title.

This story deals with rape and child abuse. The child abuse is about Harry at the Dursleys and does not continue through my story. The rape is foiled and is the starting point for showing how the wizarding world can help protect women without controlling them.

This story also deals with mutilation and torture, but also looks at how the wizarding world can help the victim. The torture is described graphically.

Warnings will be placed at the beginning of the relevant chapters.




Unsound Advice:-

I have always loved the pairing of Jayne and River, they are highly antagonistic towards each other and complete opposites of the spectrum whilst still being so similar. I read a lot of fics where River pursued Jayne, but I wanted Jayne to go for River. Jayne isn't quite as dumb in this story... from an emotional standpoint, he realises that River is not the type of girl you slip a few creds and take up to a room for wild night.

His problem comes when he decides to ask the crew for advice... specifically the men, The Captain who is a complete chauvinist and is pining after someone who gets paid for sex, the Doctor who is so stuffy he thinks he needs to buy a diamond ring just to ask a girl out or the Preacher who likely hasn't had a date since he took his vows.

Why wait till last to speak to the only married man... probably because he likes to play with toy dinosaurs.





Death's Little Brother:-

This is a sequel to M-Day. It takes place several thousand years after Harry landed in the X-Men's Mansion and now he had been told of a new universe that is about to have similar problems as the mutants. Harry and his family head to Smallville, Kansas in this new universe where they meet Clark Kent, a young boy who always tries to do the right thing.

Current crossovers are: Harry Potter, Marvel Comics, Smallville, DC Comics and Sekirei.

Some of these crossovers won't appear for a while.

This story is not actually complete. But I have 53 chapters sitting on my hard drive and I have been writing it since May 2012. I have a fair amount to write before I am finished and I don't think I am even half-way through.


Harry/Magma/Polaris/The Stepford Cuckoos/X-23/Mirage/Valkyrie... new women will be joining: Miya Asama (Number 1) and Princess Diana (Wonder Woman)



Clark/Kyla Wilowbrook/Musubi/Kusano/Matsu/Homura/Tsukiumi/Yume/Aphrodite

These pairings won't be changed but they may be added to.

Addendum: Due to how the story went and probably because I was influenced by the New 52 Comics, Wonder Woman is paired with Superman romantically and not Harry. She is still soul bound to Harry.

Harry Potter: Geth :-

A brand new story involving a brand new Harry.

During the final battle someone interferes and Harry is thrown nearly two hundred years into the future. The story crosses over with Mass Effect One, Two and Three. Harry has to work to help the geth become part of the galactic community.

Unfortunately for him, both he and one Commander Shepherd seem to think he can best achieve that by dealing with a rogue turian and his ancient machine friends who want to eradicate all organic life.

Through it all he has to deal with a turian who wants him and all geth dead, a human and asari who have trouble believing magic is real and keep trying to rationalise it and a female human who has been assigned as his minder. And he REALLY needs a minder.

On top of all that he has to figure out why magicals are no longer around.




This story is complete and being uploaded.

Harry and Luna Meet the Big Blue Giants:-

The title was the hardest part... but it does sum it up nicely.

This is a Harry Potter/Avatar crossover.

Harry and Luna are still suffering even after Harry has defeated Voldemort. Luna manages to convince Harry to use a family ritual to leave England.

Luna fails to mention the interplanetary and time travel.





Harry Five-0:-

Harry Potter/Hawaii 5-0/NCIS/Bones/NCIS LA... and Lilo and Stitch

Pretty much Harry Potter/CBS (Minus major pandering to Microsoft)

Harry has fled England after the war. Technically he won. Really, the Death Eaters are out for revenge and they rule the country.

Harry is taken under the wing of the US government. He is trained to defend himself. Then he is shipped off to Hawaii and told to relax.

Unfortunately, a little girl and her adorable puppy have other ideas when they adopt him. But the bulk of the story is about Harry bumping into Five-0 and being a part of the team.

Not a long story.







Those pairings are addressed in the story, other pairings are mentioned or alluded to but have no bearing on the plot: Hermione/Ron, Steve/Catherine, Leon/Jackie.

The Debt:-

Pure Harry Potter, no crossover.

After the trial in fifth year, Harry is angry. But he finds help under his dorm room bed.

He's never really sure why Fleur Delacour is hiding under there, but she does a lot to help him.

This is probably about as close as I will get to writing a sex scene. Especially as no sex or sexual explicit acts occur. Seriously, if you've read my other stuff then you know that I don't write that, I tend to do a 'fade to black' style.

Anyhow, this involved Fleur trying to repay the debt for Harry saving her and her family in fourth year. Apparently the French have something the English don't: Common Sense.

Ah Screw It!: -

Harry has just defeated Voldemort. So why is he now back under the Sorting Hat? Why are all his friends so young and, most importantly... where the hell is his hair?!

This is a basic Harry Potter goes back in time story. Harry tried to undo all the mistakes that others have made, like imprisoning Sirius, without revealing his secrets. In the end though, he just decides to have fun with this second chance to do it all right.

Pairings... technically this is Harry/Fleur. But, you could call it Harry/Harem. There is a distinct limit on the girls and their identities, I base Harems a lot on animes where the guy isn't looking for a harem, he's barely looking for a girlfriend, but he finds himself drowning in Oestrogen.

Here's the thing, it leads into a Stargate crossover, but it is very vague at first and Harry is in fourth year before he even meets anyone from America.

Full Circle:-

This is the final part of the Harry Potter, Aspect of Death. The previous stories should be read in the following order:

Potter's Protector


Death's Little Brother

This instalment is where I had always planned to end up. Harry, Neville, Clark and the rest have each known Xander Harris as their father. Now they want to try and do for him what they did for them, by saving him from a bad home and a life fraught with death and despair.


Crossover with the Jurassic Park movies and books.

The Tri-Wizard Cup was an unregulated portkey. As a result it causes a collision with another portkey. Harry finds himself in front of a T-Rex and has to escape it and a lot more with other people he finds.

The story is more about Harry living and working on Jurassic Park and adapting to life. He develops a relationship with two of the raptors and a unique animagus form.



Armoured Mage:-

Crossover with most Marvel movies, from the Jessica Alba Fantastic Four to Spider-Man: Far From Home. And all those in between. There is also a fair amount of comic stuff in there.

Harry is about to use his luck potion and confront Slughorn. Things don't go perfectly. Harry finds himself trapped, but he also finds new friends and family.






And other cannon relationships.

Stories that may get written or finished:

The following stories have been started:

Armoured Mage - HP/Marvel Movie Verse

Leading the Next Generation - BtVS/Firefly

Ziva the Vampire Slayer - BtVS/NCIS/Transformer's Movies

Each of them has been started, I just need to work on them at some point.

The following stories are floating in my head:

Harry Potter/The Devil is a Part Timer

Harry Potter/Doctor Who

The Harry Potter and Doctor Who one is likely to be a long one.

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