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YO WAZZUP PEOPLE! lol I am ScarletKat1...also known as ScarletKat0 on deviantart..and here's some info about me.

name: Dana.

I also have a few nicknames but I like my nickname Dane the best XD lol The Great Dane...lawl

gender: I am a MAN LOLOLOL no I'm a girl guys XD

Location: Texas

age: I iz 14


I like alot of stuff...though drawing is my favorite thing to do...writing is my second. Oh and terrorizing very populated places is fun too.

Oh! And I LOVE anime! Two of my favorite animes are Naruto and Death Note! Of course there are more, but I dont feel like listing them all lol and I dont just watch the anime shows, I read manga too. And I have to admit, the manga is so much better than the episodes sometimes...


Anyways, I cannot live without video games. I dont like to brag but...I kick ass when it comes to video games LOL I sound so conceited...anywho, Kingdom Hearts has got to be my favorite video game EVER...and I love Organization XIII XD Especially Axel...I

And Sonic the Hedgehog games are awesome too XD My favorite Sonic the Hedgehog game is probably..Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. I could play that game all day! (and night XD)...well I can! Its an addicting game! XD

And I want to get some Final Fantasy games...I've only seen the movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children. I. Loved. It. and man...Reno and Rude were hilarious! XD and I


Oh my I know I said I cannot live without video games but...if video games were to suddenly all disintegrate and dissappear from the face of the Earth, I'll get over it! But if MUSIC dissappeared from the face of the Earth...I...would...DIE.

I have not gone a day with listening to my precious's my baby! and my precious CDs...I LOVE THEM!! XD and dudes, if I hear ANY of you say you say "AFI sucks" or "AFI should go die" I will personally hunt you down and kill you. AFI is the awesomest band in the whole freakin world. (my opinion guys...) they are just AMAZING. I so wanna' go to one of their concerts...very badly...and I love one of the guitarist, Jade's,'s awesome..

cough umm...I dont like just AFI, there are other magnificent bands and artists in the world! Like My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Academy Is..., Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Avril Lavigne, Rascal Flatts, and many many more! XD


there are LOTS of things I dont like...but I dont even wanna' talk about them! XD So if you havent gotten bored to point you stopped reading about my likes, interests and whatnot, a while ago, then congrats! XD

but if you REALLY wanna' know wut I hate then I will tell you...I hate animal cruelty, and environmental...bad stuff...(yes, I'm an animal lover and a tree hugger) and bratty little bitches...

So yeah...wasnt that interesting? XD


The Sequal to "Daughter Of The Ultimate Lifeform"

Title: The Secret Of The Black Chaos

Main Charas: Maria the Hedgehog and Skylar Acorn

genra: action, romance (like I said, still in progress)

summery: Mobius 14 years later- Maria has a rough time with her life. Everyone shunning her because Shadow is her father. Everyone fears him and they're scared of Maria too. She knows why they treat her like that, but she doesn't blame her father at all. She only has grown used to it. Her only friend is Sky Acorn, prince of the Acorn Kingdom. But soon after, someone from the past returns, and he's got an army with him and weilds the eigth black chaos emerald. Things begin to go downhill for the kingdom and only Maria and Sky can do anything about it.

Next Story...

Title: The Diary of Amy Rose

Main character: Amy Rose

Genra: Romance

summery: Amy has written in a special diary of hers starting from when sonic and Sally marry all the way to where she and Shadow fall in love! or something like that. XD Everything in the story is technically written by Amy Rose cuz she's telling it through her diary. In other words this will clear a few things up with Daughter of the Ultimate Lifeform story. Because it tells about everything that happened before that story. I hope I'm not confusing you! XD

Next Story...

title: Still in progress

main character: Sonic the Hedgehog

genra: undecided

summery: Just a one shot about Sonic as he ponders about a few things in life and realizes what's more important to him; His freedom or his friends? Well, I'm still working on it so work with me here.

NOTE: some of these stories may, or may not ever get finished. And I may just drop the idea for these stories and stop writing them.

And for those who are waiting for Daughter of the Ultimate Lifeform to be continued, I am very sorry for the delay! And I am even more sorry IF I discontinue the story. Yes, I am CONSIDERING that but...I dont know if I will or not. Again, I am sorry! D:

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