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The wastebasket is a writer's best friend. ~Isaac Bashevis Singer

That's right! A few of us are back. Please do note that there are very few of us still here, at least at the moment, so if we take a while to reply to your PMs, e-mails, and other requests for concrit and the like, we're sorry! We promise we'll get around to it eventually! (Because, contrary to popular belief, we do all have our own lives, fics, and other things to deal with.)

Useful Links:

The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

FictionPress for all you losers who couldn't "find it".

Beta Reader Agency for those of you who need a beta. (Please note that we are not, in any way, affiliated with this forum and we do not run it. So don't go harassing the people on it. Thanks.)

The Fanfiction PoT Beta Reader Page that was recently created by Xing and the site. A much needed section. Check it out! (Though I can't insure everybody there meets our standards, there are definitely some good ones).


Society of People Against Mary Sues in Prince Of Tennis


Society of People Against Mutilated Stories in Prince Of Tennis

The II stands for...well...two. Roman numerals, in case you're too stupid to figure it out.

This account is here in place of the lovely S.P.A.M.S.P.O.T. Because of some mis-communications and such, the original account has been deleted.

Yes, that's right, we're back.

And we hope you'll gladly welcome to new team members: V-chan, Z-chan, A-chan and X-chan.

Along with our returning members...

G-chan (of RPoS), D-chan, and L-chan.

And a special welcome-back to an original member who has found us again: K-chan!

"We'll treat you differently when you start treating us to worthwhile fanfiction."

This account is used by MORE than one person.

This account is for REVIEWS ONLY.

EVERY user on this account has THEIR OWN ACCOUNT with STORIES.

We know what we're talking about.

G-chan is VERY annoyed at the fact that most people seem to think we don't. We do. End of story.

For those who feel like you didn't deserve our "stupid, uncreative flame", read through the rest of our profile. You'll understand some things.

Or you might just go cry in a corner and refuse to improve your writing.

Our favorites page has some stories that are wonderful fics worth reading.
There are decent "het" fics listed, so those of you who need examples, look there.
(Might I add that though some do have mistakes, they aren't horrible, unlike a few that we oh-just-happened to come across.) ~Z-chan

I believe our acronym should explain why you are visiting us, but if it doesn't, here are some other reasons as to why you're visiting:

1) You have a Mary Sue (no, I don't care what the litmus test said. If you took it truthfully you probably didn't need to anyway. But chances are you didn't take it truthfully.)

2) You have worse grammar and/or spelling than G-chan's dog.

3) You abuse and/or completely mutilate Romaji.

4) Your s p a c i n g gives one or more of us eye spasms.

5) You bold things too fucking much.

6) Your story goes against the Guidelines and/or ToS (Terms of Service).

7) You don't know where the SHIFT KEY is located.

8) You know FAR TOO WELL where the SHIFT KEY is located.

9) YoUr FiNgEr Is ShIfT hApPy AnD yOu TyPe LiKe ThIs.

10) Your tenses are so has been jumbled up, it's like an essay mashed in with a story and a fortune cookie prediction. Just like the last sentence you read.

This account is used by MORE than one person. Though we differ personality-wise, we have one common interest: ridding the PoT fandom of horrid stories that have one or more of what has been stated above.

Each of us leaves our signature after a flame or a concrit review. Please take note of said signature so your hatemail is forwarded to the correct inbox.

Joint e-mail: (all general mail goes here)

- spamspotii@yahoo.com -

G-chan's emails (G-chan haters, send here):

- riddingpotofshit@yahoo.com - orgivemedeath@yahoo.com -

Z-chan's e-mail (only checked once every week):






V-chan (only checked when she feels like it)


Personal Profiles


Do you want to see REAL writing? Like, real, AMAZING, BREATHTAKING WRITING?

Check out "When I Come Back to You" by FallingSilver.

I don't care if you hate Seigaku. I don't care if you hate fics set in the future. I don't care if you hate het (which it contains some of) or shounen-ai (which it contains some of). This is an amazing fic that EVERYBODY should read. I've recommended it to people who have never WATCHED or READ PoT and know NOTHING about the characters and they STILL enjoyed it. If you haven't read this fic, you've never seen true, amazing fanfiction written by a competent writer.

(Please note, I am NOT FallingSilver. I am just a fan of hers. Please do not harass her. All she did was write an amazing fanfic. She doesn't know this has been posted here, and if she finds out and would like it removed, I'm sure she'll tell me.)

Also, if you are one of those people who is utterly offended and hates anything that even implies to males together as a pairing, I would highly suggest you check out If Pigs Could Fly by alishoane.

Because she can make the Genius!OC work.

(And no, none of us are her either. I doubt she even knows this has been posted here, but if she sees this and would like it removed, I'm sure she'll ask.)

Name: G-chan

Writes in: underlined italics

Sex: Yes please. I mean... um... female.

Obsessions: Aiba Hiroki (fangirl I am, and I'll admit it), writing, reading, violin, swimming, anime, friends, socks, reading the dictionary, my electronic dictionary, and anything else that has my given attention at any given time.

Things she hates: Sues. Fucked-up grammar and spelling. Romaji abuse. Non-existent plots that aren't supposed to be non-existent. OBSESSIVE FUJI "OMFG hes so hooooottt!2kljf90000!!" fangirls. There's just something about them that pisses me off. Especially when they're all over YouTube. I mean, you can fangirl. Hell, I encourage it, a healthy dose of fangirling is great. But the ones who are like "Fuji's hottness level is 900000000000000 and imma marry him!! lolz i luv him!"just piss me off. I think it's because they just see him as a hot animated guy, not as a real person. Or as real as a character is. They don't see his personality. And they DEFINITELY don't give his voice actress credit (and I kinda have an obsession with her XD). Hell, most fangirls like that don't even know that his seiyuu is FEMALE. -rant- That's what makes it more hilarious. Crazy girl claiming their love for a fictional guy and dreaming about making babies with him. It's what I stay in the fandom for.

PoT level of knowledge: Can name all of Rikkai, Seigaku, Hyoutei with first and last names. Can name nearly all of Fudomine, St. Rudolph, and Yamabuki. Can name half of Rokkaku, a bit of Jyosei, and some other random characters. For example, I know all of the freshman trio's names. Yes, first and last.

Favorite PoT team: Rikkai. I can name all of them, their birthdays, their favorites, their mannerisms...yeah. I'm a Rikkaithor in case you couldn't tell. Fuck with Rikkai and you fuck with me. Fuck with the other teams, and I'll just get upset that you're fucking with the fandom. (Beware though: as a wise person once said: Fuck with Fandom and the Fandom fucks back. And you can forget about the lube.)

Number of PoT stories posted: 31, some multi-chapter. Meaning I know quite a bit about PoT. And if you're here because you received a message, it means quite a bit more about PoT than you.

Other notes: OI! DUMBASSES! Let's get this straight, shall we?

If you get a generic flame signed by me, it means one of two things:

1. Your story had so many flaws I couldn't point them all out. It would take too long to say everything that was wrong in a review that I don't even know you're going to appreciate. That, and if I want to work with you it's obvious you need everything to be broken into smaller pieces, which I can't do in just a review.


2. I was pressed for time. I didn't have enough time to write a long concrit review because of many factors. This tends to be the most common reason currently. If it's the first, I'll normally specify.

Also, please note:

IF YOU GET CONCRIT FROM ME, LISTEN! It's there for your own good! I've put a lot of my valuable time in for YOU! Yes, that's right, YOU! So that YOU can improve. So that YOU KNOW what you're DOING WRONG and so that you can FIX IT! I'm fine if I get a 'u suk! shut teh fuk up!!1!' reply to a review if I leave a generic "You're brain has been run through a paper shredder too many times. Stop writing." review. But when I spend HALF AN HOUR of MY valuable time to write YOU a CONCRIT review (this does not count the actual time it takes to READ the story. Which I do, despite what some of you think.) and you reply to me like that, well, it makes me sad to see that humanity is too stupid to know what's good for them - too stupid to take advice from somebody who KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE SAYING. I'm not the best writer out there, but if I'm REVIEWING YOU then it means that I KNOW MORE THAN YOU. Yes, I'll say it. I do. Get used to it. Lots of people do.

Okay, rant over.

I'm the one who usually adds the fics to our favorites page, so if you disagree with me, the fic, or the author, don't go harassing the author. Complain to me if you want, but leave those stories alone unless you are there to praise/properly offer critique (because not all of them are perfect. There were some mistakes I dismissed because they were small enough to go unnoticed) them or using the fics as examples to help improve your writing. If you are an author of one of those fics and would like your story removed from our list, please PM us, and your story(ies) will be removed.

Name: Z-chan

Writes in: Normal italics

Sex: Female.

Beta: Betas for a few individuals. Closed as a beta-reader to others.

Obsessions: I'm a self pro-claimed professional fangirl. But I get most of my fangirling materials through the Internet, which is accessed through a computer. General stuff, general stuff. XD

Hates: Sues. Misuse of grammar and spelling. Slaughtering of the English language. And I'm prone to typos. XD

Favorite PoT Team: Seigaku... (._. Don't kill me for liking Seigaku, G-chan. XD) But I do like Rikkai and Hyoutei a lot. I tend to switch around.

Reviews: I consider myself as someone civil (not friendly, because I am a cruel person... in my own way). However, I will bite if I have to. My reviews will be blunt and honest. I'll point out your mistakes and offer you constructive criticism (if I have time), and it may sound harsh. But know that I do not flame people unless I have a reason to. AND GODDAMIT. If I leave a critique, at least read and take everything into consideration to improve your writing. I don't normally flame (unless I have a very good reason to)... I SPENT MY FUCKING TIME REVIEWING YOUR STORY when I could have been doing something else more productive. Be happy that I even wasted my time for you. Che.

Oh, one more thing. Z-chan will now start releasing generic reviews if she is too busy or just plain lazy.

Boo. Guess what? I''m rarely on fanfiction nowadays. And if I am, I'm just popping by to say hi, then... disappearing again. Whatever. I'm used to it. It's because I'm really busy... ... Ok, I lied. I'm always reading manga or doing online streaming. -.- That, or homework. I don't beta anymore.

Personally, I don't care how great people say you are at writing. Are those people good at writing? Well, you shouldn't let them judge if they aren't qualified. No, I don't care how rude and blunt I sound, why? Because I'm a blunt person. So, whatever.


Name: A-chan

Writes in: Underline

Sex: Female

Obsessions: Stitching. Yes bitch, bring it on.

Stories: I have like, 100. I dunno. I don't count, and neither should you.

I'm back for concrit for the moment. Which means today, but not necessarily tomorrow, but look for me.

(I'm so slow. XD)

Name: V-chan

Writes in: Bold

Sex: Female

Obsessions: MANGA. Reading, singing, debating, surfing (the internet), learning Japanese and tennis

Hates: Mary Sues. Horrible grammar and spelling. Too many commas. Squashed up essays. First-person fics written horribly.

Number of stories posted: About 15 now, some multi-chaptered. Plus, I have written OC characters, and I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon. =)

Favourite PoT team: Hyoutei! And Rikkai Dai.

Name: X-chan

Writes in: Bolded italics. (Is it alright? n,n) OMG, bolded italics!! XDDDDD Like, italics which are stripped off their clothing. LMAO.

Sex: Twice a day. Oh, you meant gender. XDD Female.

Beta: Yes, I do beta occasionally.

RANDOM NOTE: X-chan will come back. XDDDD

Name: K-chan

Random Note: I'm from the original SPAMSPOT and got on SPAMSPOT II because I remembered the password to the old account! Yay~ I don't really know if I'm welcomed anymore. So this personal profile is incomplete and may be removed. It's here just to show everyone that I've alive.

Number of stories posted: Um...unfortunately only about 7 I think. I have some more on a previous account that I don't use anymore. Mostly a collection of oneshots and one multi-chaptered crackfic.

Obsessions: Mysteriously appearing in people's profiles (which I am currently doing). It's making me feel like a real creeper.

Hates: Instant messaging abbreviations, life, rap music, bad grammar, excuses, and Mary Sues that have to be reminded that they are "beautiful, nice, different, unique, etc." every other line.

Current review running:

Dear Author,

You are receiving this message, because your story(ies) contain one or more of the following:

1. A Mary Sue.

2. Mutilated spelling and/or grammar.

3. An over-used (often horrible even when it wasn't) plot.

4. Mutilation and (in some serious cases) rape of the canon characters.

5. Canon!Rape - of all things, characters, plot, details and otherwise.

6. General mutilation of the English language (i.e., lack or mutilation of proper capitalization, punctuation, etc.).

7. General mutilation of other languages (most commonly Japanese).

8. Canon!Sues (So common now, they deserve their own category).

9. General lack of respect for the sites Terms of Service (ToS) and Guidelines.

10. Other (May or may not be specified below).

The SPAMSPOT team wishes the best for the Prince of Tennis fanfiction section and its writers. If that means destroying the horrible stories in the way, they will do such. If you are receiving this message, it means that your story, no matter what anybody else says, is more than likely severely flawed by one or more of the above. The previous statement means, in more colloquial terms: your story needs drastic improvement. More than just simple re-working is recommended. So fix it.

~ -chan

P.S. Please note that this message is generic. Your story may only contain one of these; it may contain more. If you would like specific concrit and help critiquing and re-working your story(ies) you should contact the SPAMSPOT members at any of the e-mail addresses listed on their profile.

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The Onigiri Tastes Best Under the Summer Sun by thekillerdynamo reviews
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