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Hey, if you're visiting my profile after 3-20-08, but you've visited before, everything up to the "Characters (My opinions on them)" section is NEW. Nothing after that is changed, but I removed a lot of useless random crap before that (leaving all the useless random crap after that point to enjoy hot, sweaty decompositionin the Californian sun.

Intelligence, Wisdom, and Knowledge:

This is just based off of a rant of mine, about the way I look at these three traits. First and foremost, they are traits, or characteristics, not emotions! Stop writing them as Raven's emotions! It makes you look stupid, and it kills babies, or something.

Intelligence: Intelligence, the way I see it, is a cumulative summary of wisdom and knowledge. It is NOT synonymous with one or the other, nor completely unrelated. This is just my view on it, and feel free to ignore me in favor of the timeless joke, "What is intelligence? Whatever intelligence tests measure."

Wisdom: In my wonderful, clearly-defined world, wisdom is akin to logical reasoning; the application of knowledge to determine unknown variables. Basically, if you've never tried to bench press exactly 200 pounds, but you've been able to bench press 250 pounds, logical reasoning leads to the conclusion that you would be able to bench press 200 pounds - being able to assert that, without actually trying to bench 200 pounds, is a sign of wisdom.

Knowledge: Knowledge is somewhat related to wisdom, in that knowledge is a more basic form, a necessary prerequisite to wisdom. In the example I used for wisdom, knowing that you can bench 250 pounds is a sign of knowledge, which was used as a basis for the application of wisdom. To put it another way, when you read a book, remembering the storyline is a subsidiary of knowledge, while being able to infer a theme or motif would be an application of wisdom.

Characters (My opinions on them):

General Characters:

Beastboy: My favorite character of the Teen Titans. He hides behind a mask of humor and comedy, but has a dark past to rival Raven's and is generally just a good guy to be around. He never should have gone out with Terra, and should have instead chosen Raven.

Cyborg: Beastboy's best friend, and the kind of guy I can relate to. Aside from seeming to be seriously confused about who he's interested in, he's smart and down-to-earth. My third favorite character from the main five Titans, and probably fourth overall. Personally, I know a guy who's a lot like Cyborg in real life, and they remind me a lot of each other.

Mad Mod: He's easily my favorite villain of all time. I mean seriously, how can you not like him? He's funny, he has a greatly horrible accent, and I love his catchphrases. ("Hello, my duckies!"/"Ello guv'nuh!") Of the two major episodes he appears in, I like the first better, (it's titled either "Mad Mod" or "Detention", depending where you are in the world), but I love Robin's helplessness in the second ("Revolution"). And, of course, giving Beastboy a british accent and having him call Raven 'love' is absolutely priceless. Oh, and though it's not a major appearance, I absolutely love his Big Ben car in the episode 'All Revved Up',

Raven: My second favorite character in the show. She can reveal her emotions more than she acts like she can, without losing control over her powers. (For example, when Terra betrays them and she's fighting Terra, she's clearly pissed, but she still manages to control her powers perfectly fine. I'm not exactly sure what episode, though I'm thinking 'Betrayal') Thus, it can be concluded that acting emotionless is merely a defense mechanism; and the only other Titan who has one is Beastboy. Together, they make a natural couple, brough closer together by Terra and Malchior.

Robin: I know a guy like Robin in real life. Similar height, similar attitude, attention hogger and crowd pleaser, but not the kind of guy you'd mess with. He also has other similar personality traits and is a leader. However, he's not exactly my friend; neither would Robin be, if he were real. I'm generally fine with Robin, and I write him as being with Starfire. However, whenever I see anything that even remotely points to a Robin/Raven relationship, I get pissed off. Raven's only logical relationship is with Beastboy, and Robin's already 'officially' with Starfire, after the movie. I also detest Season 4 because of Robin's presence with Raven. The two are absoutely wrong for each other. I can't even see them as any closer relation than cousins.

Starfire: Meh, not exactly a favorite character of mine, but I don't dislike her. She can be annoying at times, and I don't care to watch episodes focused on her (thankyewverymuch for not focusing a season arc on her) very much, but altogether she's not too bad. The only person I can see her in a relationship with is Robin, and since it's "official", I usually write that. As for Starfire/Raven fanfics, I've no problems with homosexual couples, but their personalities are completely wrong for a relationship.

Terra: My least favorite character in the entire fandom, below even Mary Sues. Hell, I think I even like Malchior better.(Well, maybe on par with "Bishop", but that's completely different) She completely screws with Beastboy's head, and is, in general, an asshole. Even worse, I know a person like her in real life. I used to be in a sort of relationship with her, even. But then she emotionally raped me, and now if I were her, I wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alley. My same attitude towards Terra. (And for reference, those two actually share quite a few personality/character traits)

Thunder and Lightning: My third favorite characters in all of TT fandom, and my favorite TT characters who aren't part of the main five Titans. These guys are truly awesome, and I really wish that they'd have more than just the one episode focused on them. As for fanfiction, I've had ideas for a few stories involving these guys, but after writing them, they seriously sucked, so I disposed of them. However, I guarantee that I will write a fanfic, probably a oneshot, but maybe a short story, about these guys, eventually.

Note that this section will be picked apart and its members sent to their own categories in a while. The categories are; Favorite Villains, Favorite Heroes, Least Favorite Villains, and Least Favorite Heroes.

Favorite Villains:

1. Mad Mod - What can I say, he's just hilarious. His optical illusions in Detention are staggeringly amusing, and the sheer plot of Revolution is pure, unrivaled excellence. His accent and memorable quotable phrases are an ingenious addition to a superbly designed and written character.

2. Control Freak - A close second, this is probably one of the easiest to relate to villains. He's essentially a fanboy whose obsession pushes him over the edge, and the possibilities behind a remote that can animate inanimate objects are endless. I especially enjoy his appearances in Episode 257-494 and For Real. The side story about his friends that are part of the online fan community is a juicy bonus, and a nice memorial to us from the writers of the show.

3. Mumbo Jumbo - A close third, Mumbo is such a cool character, that it'd be impossible not to put him on this list. He lives out a dream to become a magician, and his third type of magic, often ignored in favor of Raven's demonic or Jinx's curses, is amusing as well as laughably preposterous. His various stabs at magic phrases simply improve upon his already exceptional personality and character, best portrayed in Bunny Raven...or How To Make a Titanimal Disappear and The Sum of His Parts.

4. Dr. Light - A slightly distant fourth, Dr. Light is nowhere near as amusing as the aforementioned three, but definitely deserves his own mention. Unfortunately in fanfic, he's often portrayed as a cowardly idiot who surrenders at the sight of Raven (he only does that once or twice...) and who is too stupid to actually accomplish any villanious deeds. (When you think about it, he was smart to try and rob the bank when he thought all other superheroes were busy across the world...)

5. Red X - This poor bastard is paired with so many characters, his suitors are almost numerous enough to challenge Robin. I feel he is written poorly in fanfic, for the most part, and is portrayed as a ladies man, and even a man's man. In his own words, "I'm on my own side." He doesn't take sides, and he actions only benefit himself. Face it; he's too smart to bother trying to court Robin, Raven, or anyone else; he knows what's best for him, and a relationship with people that don't approve of a majority of his actions is certainly not in his best interests. Besides, if he wanted love, he would just take off the mask and try it as a normal person. (Or keep the mask, for the mysterious aspect, and still court a mere human) I like this guy because he has great comebacks to Robin's one liners, he is a wild card, he's smart, and he's pretty much the definition of 'cool'.

Oddly enough, these guys are all really human, and have no real powers of their own. Coincidence? I think chopper 4! (Youtube "sklar brothers chopper 4")

Least Favorite Villains:

1. Terra - My least favorite character in the entire fandom, below even Mary Sues. She completely screws with Beastboy's head, and is, in general, an asshole. Even worse, I know a person like her in real life. I used to be in a sort of relationship with her, even. But then she emotionally raped me, and now if I were her, I wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alley. My same attitude towards Terra. (And for reference, those two actually share quite a few personality/character traits) In the show, Raven's distrust and jealousy of Terra makes me like and support BBxRae all the more.

2. Malchior - This guy is just as much an asshole as Terra; he used Raven. He really only appears in two episodes, Spellbound and Titans Together, but even then, he plays a very small role in Titans Together, and really was only created as character foil to help establish Raven. I also like how he ultimately drives Raven closer to Beastboy.

3. Adonis - My blood boils when I think of this guy. He's a stereotypical bonehead, who's ego is a contender for a world record, and who is too stupid to actually do anything intelligent. He relies on brute force to get his way. I do like how he helps bring Beastboy and Raven together some, but I detest his disgusting and degrading comments towards Raven.

4. Johnny Rancid - This guy is pretty similar to Adonis. He's also an idiot who's self-obsessed, but he's somewhat smarter. I like his snide comments to Robin, as the Boy Wonder can always use a little ego-deflating, but he does go overboard, even in that department. I dislike him as a character for several reasons, not the least of which are basically being an adult 'bully', and a particular comment in the first episode he appeared in. (Fractured, if my memory serves)

5. Brotherhood of Evil - By the BoE, I mean the main four members; the Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Madame Rouge, and General Immortus. These guys just further Beastboy's dark past, are too good at being evil for their own good (yeah...never mind), and pose threats that aren't properly countered. (Think of it this way: they're adult supervillains, so why don't the adult superheroes, a.k.a. the Justice League, stop them?)

These guys all seem to have something in common as well: offenses against one or both of Beastboy and Raven. Interesting? Not really...

Random Tidbit Ideas:

(Because I can't possibly find the time to write up or incorporate these ideas into my own stories. Feel free to use any of these in your own work, but please let me know/give credit where it is due.)

Perhaps Beastboy is aware of animal senses and such that we aren't. Perhaps some animals have a 'sixth sense', or something else, something that is alien to humans, and thus, we aren't aware of it. It's logical that Beastboy would keep this secret, both because he's an avid protector of animals and animal rights, and both he and those animals would be scientifically violated should he reveal his findings. Worse still, there's always a possibility that testers wouldn't find anything conclusive in their research, and he would be admitted to an insane asylum. Imagine that...

Beastboy is intelligent, but due to his past, has negative connotations with intelligence. This isn't exactly a breakthrough, but it's logical. He's certainly capable enough to lead a team and hack computers and the like, as is supported through the show, but he may choose to hide his intellect because of his experiences - his parents were brilliant scientists, but they died, for example.

My Thoughts on my Stories:

Cyborg's Bad Habit - Alright, this probably wasn't the greatest idea. I wrote this because I was in love with The Offspring's song "Bad Habit", and I got a tad carried away. After seeing so many songfics up, I decided to try my own hand at it. It really went okay, in my opinion, except that I went very overboard, and made Cyborg seem like a bloodthirsty maniac. (Light-Dark imagery at the end for ya) The anonymous other driver was, in my mind, a sort of a cross between Gizmo and the two guys in the episode "Car Trouble", who stole Cy's car.

Cat - Ah, my (first) oneshot. I wrote this because I loved the whole thing that TrippWire did with his "The Price of Comfort" (go read it, it's excellent), but I was feeling that there was a need for a story with Beastboy as a cat. To me, the cat symbolizes everything Raven would be looking for - Intelligence, Cuteness, just the right amount of Self-Importance, and a few other things mixed in. Too often it seems that BB is bashed for his lack of these things, which I feel doesn't do him justice - he is portrayed that way in the show, but he's also not together with Raven in the show.

Impulse - This story was...interesting. To be honest, I don't know why I wrote it; I generally neither like or dislike ex-Teen Titans fanfics (that is, where they're no longer part of a team, and it's not necesssarily AU), but I wrote it anyway. Hmmm. I also incorporated a lot of my personal interests into Beastboy's character (such as loving ToGo's and Rammstein), and am really quite surprised that thus far I haven't gotten any comments on OOC-ness; I'm surprised that reviewers can actually see BB as an ex-marine. That was one of my main concerns when writing it, and with that addressed, I hope to keep writing. The story was intended as a one shot initially, but it just seemed so...emotionless to me, that it really does need to be continued. How I will do so, I'm not yet sure, but I will continue it.(Edit: Actually, I just found a possibility for a way to continue the story. Thank you so very very much Stargirl7)(Edit Again: It will NOT be continued. I strongly dislike the self-insertion I did when writing it, and I generally just hate it. I considered deleting it, but I figure it can be a useful personal reminder when still posted)

Chocolate - This is my first published story to have been pre-written (that is, I wrote it in handwriting before I typed it up). It's short and sweet, and though dialogue-only, I like it very much. Personally, I think it's as good as Cat, though a lot shorter, of course. If you support Beastboy/Raven and have five minutes, I recommend you give this a read and drop off a review; it's no waste of time.

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