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Okay, so here's my profile. Frankly, I have no idea why anyone would want to read this, I'm really quite dull you see. The fact is, a friend of mine who's currently out of the country said that she was expecting me to put up something before she got back. So, since I'm crippled right now and have nothing better to do in this hell hole house, I figure hey, why not.

Well I guess I should put down the basics

gender: female

height: 5'10" (much to my dismay, it's soo akward being taller than all my guy friends)

location: smack dab in the middle bf no where, we don't even have 911 service where I live

I first heard of this site when a friend of mine was looking on it to see if there were any new NCIS fics, first visited the site in hopes of reading a good HP fic. Much to the dismay of most of my friends, my closest friend, the one out of the country, has introduced me to the Prince of Tennis manga/anime. Although I don't really care about tennis at all, I must say that I rather like PoT just because the characters are cute.

Likes: Hmm... there are lots of things I like, but nothing comes to mind... cheese toast, pop tarts, orange juice, food in general, socks, cold showers, the color red

Dislikes: Naruto and DBZ, I mention these because I am so sick of being dragged in to watch them and of being told about them over and over again. There are many things I hate, but to list them all would be so cumbersome, and I'm just too lazy which is why I didn't want to make a rpofile in the first place.

Favorite Quotes:

"If Abercrombie and Fitch decided that breathing wasn't cool half the teen population would be dead within the hour."

"Ahh Yes, well, welcome to my world. You have now entered the twilight zone."

Further things that might be of some consequence:

I read things on ff.net, but I (as you see) haven't posted anything. This is not because I don't have ideas for stories, it is because my stories are terrible. So for now, I will stick to reviewing the stories others write.