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Haii iedereen die dit leest,
A warm welcome to everyone who's reading this,
Bonjour à ceux qui lisent ceci,
Allo a tutti quelli qui legere questo nota,
Gutentag, an jeder, der dieses lest,
Witam serdecznie,
Lectori salutem!

Hi there!

So. This is my profile, as you all can see.
Just in case you were interested in lil’ ol’ me,
you can find here everything you are looking for
and if you read my whole damn text, perhaps a whole lot more!

My name is CaptainSparrow-luv, I’m also known as Free.
I love to sing and dance and write and I like fruity tea.
Belgium is the place I live, even though I do not like
I admit I suck at bowling, I never throw a strike

When I finish my last year here, I’ll go to Germany
Just because I want to speak the language fluently
when I’ll have to work I want to sing or act or write
I long to be a person that my fans want to recite

Music is the thing that gives me the final touch
I prefer to write in English though my tongue speaks always Dutch
My fantasy is endless, to write that’s rather nice
I laugh when Nellie sings her ‘popping pussy’s into pies’

Perhaps you thought I cannot rhyme
Perhaps you got a laughing fit
At least I can say this poem is mine
and all about me, I admit!

I hope you now have a clue about me
for what was the thing that I meant
with writing these words? you might want to see
here below, since I stop this, the end!

Soooo. If you are reading this, I am under the impression you want to know more specific things about me, so don’t be displeased or annoyed with the overload of information, I warned you!

My official name is Frédérique, people call me Free most of the time, though I’m also known as Captain Frédérique Sarah Ana-Maria Karisha Giselle Jacqelyne Sparrow -Don’t we all just love long MS-ish names?-, Doodle, Frits and other stuff I won’t bother to write down.

I'm from Belgium, a very interesting country. Very pretty also, with a lot of different streets and houses that all look the same -thumbs up-. I'm old enough to drive a car in America, I'm too young to have a license here. So I'm still in High School, studying Greek and Latin, what is very interesting, but as the same time tiring and time-robbing, so sometimes I don't have the time to write and it can take up to months before I post again. I'm very very sorry and hope you guys can understand it.

About me and Music

I absolutely adore music, can't live without it. It is the thing that inspires me to write every time I don’t feel like writing, that gives me the right vibes to write feelings and stuff like that. I don’t have a particular favorite style of music. I listen to rock, musical, pop, metal, punk, instrumental.. Everything actually. Just a few examples; Lafee, Tokio Hotel, Staind, Paramore, Sonata Arctica, Samy Deluxe, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, The Cure, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Radiohead, Debussy, Fraulein Wunder, Nightwish, Queen, Kill Hannah, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, NIN, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aloha From Hell, Bullet For My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Panic! At The Disco, Hawhtorne Heights, Hans Zimmer, Edvin Marton, Goo Goo Dolls, Pink Floyd, Emilie Autumn, 30 Seconds To Mars; -Keeps on going and going but I’m too lazy to type them down-

About me and Harry Potter

Pfew, pfew, where to start? Just like a lot of people, I fell in love with the books right away. Started reading them when I was about 10 years old, on a boring Saturday, when my dad brought home the first two books in Dutch and said that ‘it was very popular in the UK’. And the rest is history.
I prefer the books way over the films, but I think that is very logical and that most people feel that way, so… My favorite characters are absolutely the Weasley Twins and of course also the Marauders –they’re just way cool-. Even though I am not a fan of different pairings than the ones in the book, I like Draco/Harry. Harry/Ron disgusts me. XD Really, I can’t imagine it, and I’m sure I don’t want to know either. Furthermore I have no preferences, so I just read whatever I feel like. For the moment my HPobsession is on a very low level, so don’t expect any new stories about it anywhere soon. Sorry!

About me and Pirates of the Caribbean

Haha, this is a fun one! Buckle up! POTC is an obsession that started in a rather strange way. I went to see the first movie in theater with my dad, but I must say that I don’t remember it very well. I had totally forgotten all about it until Celia, my best friend, started talking about ‘this great movie I HAD to see.’ At first I was like: ‘Nah.. Nah, just leave it, I don’t want to see.’ But she convinced me and I fell in love with it immediately. The music, the acting, Johnny Depp’s incredible hotness as he puts down the character of our beloved Jack Sparrow.. Everything just attracted me. And then I got this plotbunny in my head and that’s how the ball started rolling. For the moment I’m still as much in love as I was before, just not as obvious. I stopped walking around like a drunk all the time. And.. Yeah.

About me and boats.. I mean ships?
My dad owns this boat-going-on-ship and I totally love to go out in the open sea with it and just enjoy the silence, watch the waves crash around us and feeling that I can control the sails, can choose where we go... It makes me feel powerful and free. I just finished another sailing camp, and now have an advanced sailor’s license for ‘more man boats’, which technically says that I can sail around where I want, ‘cause I can master the boat. –Evil laugh-, and also a basic license for ‘single man’s boat’. (I’m not sure how to translate it to English. Should Google it once.) ánd have now captained a boat several times, can tell people what they have to do (and do it myself if they don’t do it the way I want them to. What? I’m stubborn!) and I finally, finally am able to read the winds and to plan a course. It took me about 4 years to get it all, so I’m quite proud, yes. And I really enjoyed sailing twice as much thank to POTC, I have to admit it. Yay.

And last but not least. Pirates were the rockstars of the 16th Century. Amen to that (:

About me and Sweeney Todd

This is a very recent obsession. I’ve been wanting to see the movie since it came out, and finally watched it a while ago. I was immediately absorbed! I loved the music, loved the story, loved Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Lovett and loved Johnny Depp as Sweeney. They couldn’t have picked better actors. Right now I am planning to write my own FF, but I’m not yet sure about my plotline, so I figured it’s better to wait ‘till it is complete. All good things come for those who can.. wait. And half the fun is to plan the plan, right? ;)

I don’t like Lucy. I really, really don’t like her character. I think she is a stupid, spoiled, naïve, annoying, yellow-haired.. BRAT. How could she try to kill herself when she had a child to watch over, a baby that needed her attention?? No, she just wanted to escape her life, blahblahblah. I understand it mustn’t have been fun to lose your husband and be raped not long after, but she should’ve continued living. Only my humble opinion, off course.
I do like Mrs. Lovett. I understand her choices and don’t blame her at all for not telling Sweeney that his wife was alive. She just wanted to be happy and live with her sexy barber. No one can blame her for that. They were made for each other! Todvett forever!

About me and fanfiction

I suppose this is the most important part here, right? Hmn, where to start..
I started writing fanfiction when I was 12 years old and needed something to do when I was bored with watching television. Since I loved reading, I started wondering what would happen if stuff didn’t turn out the way it did in the books. And that is how I bounced upon this website. And as you might have figured out, it became an obsession of which I’m sure it will last forever!

The main reason I actually love fanfiction is just that it is amazing to see that there are so many people that have a passion to write and are able to think out of the box, behind the perfection. And because we all know school is important and etcetera etcetera, but without fantasy, we would all die of boredom. And without our daily doses of exciting stories about pirates or hot vampires or demonic barbers or anything else we just love, life would be even more suffering than it is. I have spoken. xD


Me (in a drunk mood): If you see me, you might want to look again. I might be a different person. Boo. –Tentacly move with fingers under chin- ‘Daaaaaaaaavy Jooooooones, BOOO.’

Person on boat: ‘We have to make port! The sails are going to rip!’
Me (Feeling like Jack Sparrow) -Grins- ‘She can hold a little longer!’

Me: (drunk mood) ‘I don’t like labeling. Makes me feel like soup. I like soup though. It’s hot and.. Liquid.’

Me: (drunk mood once again): ‘I don’t want to be myself! Everyone is saying that they want to be that. Can I be you? -Silence- On second thought I don’t want that.’

Beggar Woman (Sweeney Todd musical):
‘Ow would you like a little squiff, dear,
A little jig jig,
A little bounce around the bush?
Wouldn't you like to push me crumpet?
It looks to me, dear,
Like you got plenty there to push’.

Sweeney Todd: ‘Sit sir, sit.’

Me and a friend (At school): ‘We are invisible! Invisible I say you!’ –Hands before eyes-

Me and a friend (At school): ‘Walk in a circle, walk in a circle’
Me: ‘walk walk walk walk.’
Friend: ‘Circle circle circle circle.’

Me (to teacher): ‘And I will have a magnificent garden party and you are not invited. Teehee.’

Friend: Why are your eyes green? They were blue yesterday.
Me: -Whole explanation about them changing colors-
Friend: Ooohw. Okay. –walks away-
-later on-
Other Friend: Why are your eyes green? They were blue yesterday.
Me: -Eyeroll- -Explanation-
OF: Oohw. That’s cool.
-later on-
Another Friend: ‘Why are your eyes green? They..’
Me: ‘I’m an alien and I’m gonna eat you.’ –Bites in hand AF-

Me (at a friend’s): ‘I hear a cat.’
Friend: ‘No, that is the neighbours daughter.’
Me: ‘Oh.’
-5 min later-
OF: ‘I hear a cat.’
F: ‘No, it is the neigbours daughter. She’s really annoying.’
-15 min later-
OF: ‘I hear a cat again.’
F: ‘No, I told you, it is the neighbours daughter!’
Friends Cat: -walks in- Meeew.
Me: ‘Damn. Your neighbours daughter is hairy.’
F and OF: LOL XD

Me (Trying to sound like Jack Sparrow): ‘GENTLEMEN, mylady. You all forgot one very important thing mates. Never. Ever. Drink Coke when you’re with.. CRAZY people. It’s dangerous. DANGEROUS.’

Me and a friend: -Singing Pirelli’s Miracle Elixer-
Dad Friend: ‘Why is there so much dirt on the floor?’
We: ‘T was Pirelli’s Miracle Elixer, that’s what did the thrick sir, true sir, TRUE!
Dad Friend: O_O

Me: ‘Beware of the teabags. They're evil and want to take over the world.’

Ron Weasley: Spiders.. Why spiders? Why never eeny-tweeny butterflies?

Ahum. Dear children. I just wanted to let you know that when you listen to the soundtrack of POTC2, the song 'The Kraken', that somewhere around 3.50, you hear this little basstune and it's almost the exact same used for the song of Danny Phantom. Ghost beware 'cause here is Danny Phantom. Something like that. And I found it out ALL by myself :D Feeling clever now :D

Me (feeling like Jack Sparrow once again): -When finding out someone sailed away with the boat I was supposed to sail in-: ‘Oi, you bastard! You stole my boat!’ (muttering) ‘or you borrowed it without permission and without the noble intention of bringing it back.’
Friend: ‘Which is exactly the same as stealing.’
Me: ‘Indeed! Therefore it is bad and you should give it back, it's MINE!'

Apparently 92 percent of youngsters would die if Abercrombie and Fitch told them it was uncool to breathe. If you belong to the group of persons that didn't have a bloody clue what it was until you googled it, copy and paste this into your profile.

So, I guess this was it. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were doing it.

If you have any more questions, stuff you want to share or just want to be friends, don't be afraid to PM me of ask for my e-mail. I don’t bite - unless you want me to or are attacking me, for that matter -

Lots of luv and rum to y'all, CaptainSparrow-luv

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Ik was heel erg melig, en ik dacht, waarom geen verhaal gaan schrijven met mensen van mijn klas in de hoofdrol? Dit is dus het resultaat. AF en toe een béétje OOC ;
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This is my first story in English, and I started working on this without any idea of plot, so I'm returning soon with the renewed version! For now I've paused this. My dear character was turning out too Mary-Sue-ish :
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