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:P r o f i l e:

Name: Twilight-Chan (TwlghtDrmr)

Why hello there. Before you ask, I have absolutely no interest in the book Twilight, I just like the name Twilight! You can call me Twilight or Twilight-Chan. I speak several languages, and I enjoy the use of languages in my stories. I have the tendency to babble and put stories on hiatus because of my motivation that comes and goes... more often going than coming hahaha... /gets shot/ Anyways, this is my profile. I hope it gives you some insight into the status of my stories and such. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Currently Listening To: Bingeul Bingeul by U-KISS

:U p d a t e s:

September 8th: YAY more Clocks!! Also, might post a somewhat long one-shot (when I say somewhat, I mean it'll probably be over 15k words LOL.) but I do not know yet. We'll see.

August 13th: I uploaded another chapter of The Sunday List of Dreams and I'm currently working on another chapter of Twisted as well as Clocks. I'm going to draft a few more chapters for both just so I have this vague written script of what I want to happen, before I polish them up and release them. Updates will continue to come sporadically, but I feel like I might be getting back into the swing of things!

July 31st: Yeah... I'm alive... and yes... I posted a new story... And yes... the rest of my stories are on half-hiatus. I know, I shouldn't be starting anything new but GOD... I JUST CAN'T HELP IT ; - ; PLEASE DON'T KILL ME. And please check out my new story, Clocks!

April 30th: I deleted Last Chance. It's currently under revision. I really hated where it was going and I hated how I started it so I deleted it, and I'm really sorry but :( I couldn't continue writing a story that I couldn't really stand to look at lol... And it was only like what, 2 chapters in so really it isn't that bad haha. I'll be uploading a new story soon! I know I shouldn't be starting one but... I can't help it...pleasedontkillme.

March 14th: The last chapter of Gothika has been posted!! It's been a long ride, but I hope you all like the ending. I feel as though it was a bit lacking but honestly, after weeks of re-writing and re-writing I think this is the best I can do to put my thoughts down on paper. If it feels a little open-ended, maybe I did it on purpose? Who knows... 8D

March 12th, 2012: I promise I'm still alive... and I promise I'm working!!! It's been pretty hard getting on my feet again, seeing as how like motivation hit me like a truck for a few days and then just kind of disappeared... ; A ; but I'm trying my best!! I'll hopefully get something out in the coming months... yeah that sounds horrible, please don't shoot me T_T

January 23rd, 2012: Yeah... Guess what I'M ALIVE YAY! /gets shot/ herpderp, well I'm back...slowly but surely I'll start cranking things out...School has started so I don't know how much free time I'll have. But I'm trying my best! A new contestshipping one-shot was posted for everyone while I try to sort out all my thoughts and ideas and such for Gothika's final chapter.

October 14th: You know what's really great??? WHEN PEOPLE PLAGIARIZE. OH YEAH, IT'S REAL GREAT. So if you haven't heard already, someone has stolen my one-shot "Waiting to Exhale". Their penname is 'IAmBetterThanAnyoneElse' and they've also stolen two of EeveeTransformed's stories. This is ridiculous. I've already reported the a-hole who did it but he/she/it's just trolling around, copying other's stories and claiming it as their own but on their Bio it says they HATE DREWxMAY stories so WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING??? RIDICULOUS. So if you'd all do so, please please PLEASE go and report them as well. Honestly, Eevee and I put a lot of work into our stories for you all to enjoy and for someone to just go and steal our one-shots and post it as their own, trolling around like a complete d-bag, is just insulting, rude and completely irritating. So I'd watch out, to any of the other authors out there, for this guy/girl/it. I don't think I've ever been so pissed off before in my entire life. This is just ridiculous.

October 3rd: So no updates for my current stories, however I've posted a new story for you all to tide you over between the wait time! It's been a while since I posted a one-shot... Anyways I hope you all enjoy reading Stereo Hearts! It's a new pairing for me, N and Touko (FerrisWheelShipping) but I hope you guys still like it!!

September 3rd: I updated Twisted... be amazed!!! Lol actually chapter 1 has been on my hard drive for... a very long time. LOL anyways, Gothika isn't finished yet but I decided to post it anyways. It's so easy to write about Twisted because it's under the same category of fairy tale lore as Gothika is...Anyways, hope you guys like it!!! Chapter 1 mostly just establishes more information you'll probably need to know later on :P LOL

September 1st: That's right... Chapter 13 is out!!!! Gothika is quickly coming to a close... And guess who dies in this chapter??? Ohohohoho!

June 1st: It's midnight... why is it that I upload/write everything this late at night?? I guess when you write dark stories, inspiration comes better when it's nighttime. At least, that's what I've started to think LOL anyways... Chapter 10 of Gothika is up... and yes, ZOEY HAS APPEARED. I have the first chapter of Twisted completely finished, as well... and I may upload that soon. I want to re-read it though, it's pretty rough and REALLY long so... I'm going to attempt to proof read and correct whatever doesn't make sense first before posting it. Just goin' with the flow, ya know... writing wise, that is. When inspiration strikes, I write. If it doesn't... err, it doesn't. LOL anyways, I hope you guys like Chapter 10 of Gothika!! Chapter 11 is already drafted, and just needs to be completely written out now!!! Oh, and if you're wondering where Götterdämmerung went, I deleted it. It's going through a re-haul/re-write.

May 19th: Finally got around to updating Chapter 9 on Gothika... LOL

October 10th: AWWHHH DAMNNN LOOK WHO UPDATED!!???? Unfortunately though, I still have to say all my stories except for Gothika will be on a temporary hiatus. I am sooo busy right now and I might update a few one-shots (that I wrote to help me de-stress) to keep you all satisfied... ish... lol so I hope you won't be so upset with me!! Gothika will be updated soon, the chapter is definitely under way slash pretty much finished it's unfortunate it's so short so I decided to try to add more to it and now I'm just babbling.

May 27th: I AM ALIVE. All my stories are being put on hiatus. I cannot finish them for the lack of inspiration. Except Twisted, maybe. We'll see. ANYWAY. New multi-chappie fic up, for the Ikarishipping lovers. It's M-Rated for GORE, VIOLENCE, GRAPHIC-NESS AND MAYBE A LEMON.

:S t o r i e s:

C l o c k s : Current

T h e s u n d a y l i s t o f d r e a m s : Temp. Hiatus

T w i s t e d : Temp. Hiatus

F o u r s e a s o n s : Temp. Hiatus

L a s t c h a n c e : Under Revision

G ö t t e r d ä m m e r u n g : Under Revision

G o t h i k a : Complete.

T h e h i l l s a r e s i n g i n g : Complete.

A r t i f i c i a l c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s : Complete.

W a i t i n g t o e x h a l e : Complete.

S e r e n d i p i t y : Complete.

T s u k i n i s a y o n a r a : Complete.

S t e r e o h e a r t s : Complete.

E t e r n a l f l o w e r : Complete.

:S t a t u s:

C l o c k s : second hour is up!

T h e s u n d a y l i s t o f d r e a m s : HIATUS

T w i s t e d : HIATUS

F o u r s e a s o n s : HIATUS

L a s t c h a n c e : UNDER REVISION.

G ö t t e r d ä m m e r u n g : UNDER REVISION.

G o t h i k a : Finished.

A r t i f i c i a l c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s : Finished.

T h e h i l l s a r e s i n g i n g : Finished.

W a i t i n g t o e x h a l e : Finished.

S e r e n d i p i t y : Finished.

T s u k i n i s a y o n a r a: Finished.

S t e r e o h e a r t s : Finished.

E t e r n a l f l o w e r : Finished.

:T h e s e a r e a f e w o f m y f a v o r i t e t h i n g s:

Mednin: She's too much fun to talk to, and really easy to relate to!! It's nice to just have laid back conversations with her :D

Samia : She writes ridiculously amazing stories, and is a great joy to talk to! So for cereal, go check out her stuff. It's pretty awesome. c:

Feyren: This lovely lady brought me out of my first slump, and I hope I don't disappoint. She's a great writer, too!

- T e n times, a h u n d r e d times, a t h o u s a n d times, I d r e a m t the same d r e a m as you, under a d i f f e r e n t sky. -

-- S t r i p away vanity, just as you c o n s u m e me, s t a r l e s s sky, b r o k e n smile, s a v e it all, say g o o d b y e. --

:O n a m o r e p e r s o n a l n o t e:

I update really, really, really, really slowly. Like, seriously. It's bad how slow I update.

:A d i s c l a i m e r:

AND JUST IN CASE I FORGET: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE FANDOMS, LYRICS, POEMS, CHARACTERS (unless they're OC but I dun like OCs so this shouldn't be a problem) ETC. IN ANY OF MY STORIES.

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