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"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
- Dorothy Parker

If you like this story you might like my original fiction.

The original idea for BurnOut came from the final moments of the last episode of X-Men: Evolution – Jean Grey rises into the air while transforming into the fiery Phoenix. I wondered if this metamorphosis had first happened right after the X-Men defeated Apocalypse, who would have been able to rescue Jean from herself? Since Storm, like Xavier, had been possessed by Apocalypse and rendered unconscious as a result, she was not a candidate. The only one left was Warren. I also liked the characterization of Angel in Evolution far more than any other version of him (and still do). It was Evolution that portrayed him as a recluse living alone on the top floor of a Manhattan skyscraper, like Victor Hugo's Quasimodo isolated in the bell tower of Notre-Dame Cathedral, which I found to be a beautifully compelling irony.

So, obviously, BurnOut features a Jean Grey/Warren Worthington III (Angel) or 'Jarren' pairing. Pairing Jean with Warren to tell the Phoenix tale instead of Scott Summers has brought up many aspects of the story I don't believe have been delved into before. Firstly, it makes visual and thematic sense to combine Jean's transformation into the Falcon of Fire with an evolving intimacy with bird-man Angel. And, as Jean's abilities approach god-like levels, Warren as Angel – on the cusp between Heaven and Earth – is a companion who can understand her yearning to soar into the sky and touch the stars. Plus it's been so interesting to use Warren to mirror Jean's own attraction to the Phoenix. Angel is fascinated and enthralled with her divine potential whereas Scott and Charles Xavier fear it and seek to suppress it.

Focusing on Jean and Warren has also given me the opportunity to play with the vertical axis a lot. In X-Men: Evolution, Jean, Warren and Ororo (Storm) are really the only mutants who can fly, aside from Magneto (and Rogue when she steals Jean’s or Ororo’s powers). I’ve enjoyed adding that extra dimension to my writing – a tiny few can go up whenever they want to, independent of technology, whereas everyone else is earthbound. I’m really into painting visual metaphors, so you'll find I like to use flight to represent freedom or desire or loss of control.

Starting with Chapter 13 "University" new developments expand the story: Jean leaves the Institute to attend college in New York City and her proximity to Warren intensifies their relationship; also the threat Jean’s near limitless abilities pose to the X-Men and everybody else increases as extreme circumstances force her to repeatedly manifest the powers of the Phoenix; the M'Kraan Crystal, known to most as the mysterious 'Object 13', rapidly approaches Earth's solar system with potentially catastrophic results; and a war between mutants and normal humans clouds the horizon. Rogue plays a greater role as she struggles to deal with not only her lingering feelings for Scott Summers, but also her growing attraction to Remy LeBeau and her deepening connection to Jean and the strange, scary, ageless aristocrat Selene Gallio. Logan fights his desire for Jean, while Ororo, Professor Xavier and Beast fret over the possibility that they may have to terminate one of their own. Jean becomes more and more dependent on two new college friends – Peter Wyngarde and his girlfriend Xi'an – who have an uncanny ability to calm her when she's on the verge of losing control; and Scott meets a sultry platinum blond telepath named Emma Frost along with other members of the centuries-old Hellfire Club.

I edited together a mini Jean Grey/Angel X-Men: Evolution episode a long time ago entitled Intrigue, if you want to check it out.

Most importantly, I greatly appreciate all feedback/comments so please let me know what you think. Reviews inspire me and motivate me to write so if you want to read more, say something. Even just a short word or two is really great. :)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own X-Men or X-Men: Evolution. Marvel owns these properties and all the X-Men characters.

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