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I'm Leone the Infernal, a fanfic writer from Croatia. My fanfics are entirely focused on Pokemon. I'm a die-hard Team Rocket fan. My TR obsession is huge, almost immeasurable. I like all the TR members equally and like their nefarious plots. I'm not just a big TR fan, but a SWORN ASH-HATER!! My fanfics will often include his and the deaths of Misty, Brock, Gary and other twerpy characters that stand in the way of TR, which never loses in my fanfics and very often take over the world. Ash and co. are so obnoxious sometimes that I barely restrain myself from buying a plane ticket to Tokyo and demanding that the script-writers kill them in one of the episodes. In my opinion, the series' creators should make a spin-off series focused entirely on Team Rocket and the demise of the twerps. It is shame that there are very few anti-twerp sites on the Internet. I've always supported cartoon villains and hoped that there would be a cartoon in which the bad guys would win. Unfortunately, that's not the case with Pokemon so, I'm here to correct this terrible injustice. Ash-lovers:I'm your worst NIGHTMARE!!

And I cannot forget that narcissistic, arrogant, self-loving monstrosity that goes by the name of Gary Oak!! He's so disgusting I can't decide who do I hate more, him or Ash. Those two pretend to be each other's bitter rivals, but I think the Palletshipper community has something to celebrate about, in reality. They love each other, but show it in a twisted way. I cannot stand the charade they have been doing for such a long time. The fact is, most Pokemon-haters insult and bash those two, and that overpowered yellow rat of Ash's, and not Team Rocket. I've rarely seen AP sites that bash TR together with the 'good guys'. It's those three that make Pokemon-haters insult the show. I can't actually blame them. Let's protect the series, and the whole project by turning the tables!! Let's kick out those nausea-causing do-gooders!! Team Rocket shall reign victorious in the end!!

If you are an Ash-disliker or -hater, paste this into your profile.

If you think Japan is cool, copy this into your profile.

If you would kill Ash&co. if they were real, paste this into your profile.

My favorite Pokemon:Weezing(Koffing), Arbok(Ekans), Seviper, Meowth, Wobbuffet, Lickitung, Victreebell, Blaziken, Jigglypuff, Luxray, Muk(Grimer), Swalot(Gulpin). Poison Pokemon rule!!

Anyone who wishes to create a forum or a C2 community that is focused on twerp hating can send me a message. I will gladly help in creation because it's my duty to help a fellow twerp-hater.

To all Japanese, German or French readers:here are the names of human Pokemon characters that I use, depending on country:

The good guys-the twerps

Satoshi (Japanese), Ash Ketchum (American), Sacha (French)

Kasumi (Japanese), Misty (American), Ondine (French)

Takeshi (Japanese), Brock (American), Pierre (French), Rocko (German)

Ookido Shigeru (Japanese), Gary Oak (American), Regis (French)

Hiroshi (Japanese), Richie (American)

Haruka (Japanese), May (American), Maike (German)

Masato (Japanese), Max (American), Max (German)

Ookido Yukinari-Hakase (Japanese), Professor Samuel Oak (American), Professeur Chen (French), Prof. Eich (German)

Team Rocket

Miyamoto Musashi (Japanese), Jessie (American), Jesse (French)

Kojirou (Japanese), James (American), James (French)

Yamato (Japanese), Cassidy (American)

Kosaburou (Japanese), Butch (American)

Shiranui-Hakase (Japanese), Doctor Sebastian (American)

Sakaki (Japanese), Giovanni-the Boss(American)

The only Pokemon I adore, besides TR Pokemon, is the cute singing balloon, the famous Jigglypuff!! I have 4 versions of the Lullaby on my computer. In my fanfics you'll see Jigglypuff on the side of TR. Jigglypuff ruuuleees !!

I'm also a Poke-music collector, especially TR music. I have several TR mottos and songs. I'll list them now: English TR motto, the piano melody of the TR motto, Japanese Butch and Cassidy motto(Yamato&Kosaburou),Double Trouble song, the TR Forever song, TR Forever song(Japanese), Maemuki Roketto Dan song(in Japanese), Vicious-Bisashu theme(that TR villain who tried to steal Celebi in the 4. movie), the Jirarudan theme(the villain from the 2. movie), This Side Of Paradise(Pokemon 7), Search For The Girl(Pokemon 5), Oracion(Pokemon 10) and the Legend comes to life(Melody's/Lugia's song from the 2. movie). I unfortunately don't have the Japanese TR motto(Musashi&Kojirou) and the Butch&Cassidy English motto. If someone wishes to have the mottos, Jigglypuff songs, or has the 2 motto sound clips that I don't have,he/she can e-mail me atthe e-mail address in my profile and I'll send the songs on his/her email.

About me

I'm 18 and I'm on the last of a law university in a city in my homeland. Besides Pokemon, my other hobbies are:ufology, studying Japanese, watching SF and horror movies, playing PS2 and computer games. I'm also a big soccer fan, the 3 national soccer teams I support fiercely are:Croatia, Japan and Germany. As for clubs, I support Celtic, PSV Eindhoven, Werder Bremen, Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

My other favourite anime cartoons are:Dragonball and Dragonball Z,Yu-gi-Oh,Shinzo,Captain Tsubasa and Teen Titans.

The links to music in my stories

1.(Pirates of Dragon Roost Island)

2. (Imperial March Organ by Zaccheo Bignami) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY8vkNywtnA

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