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Author has written 2 stories for Pretty Little Liars, and Rookie Blue.

My name is Anita & I am 20 years old.

I live in a small town near Rotterdam in Holland.

I work at Matrans Marine Services in the harbor of Rotterdam. I plan our employees work schedules and do a lot of administrative work.
I was fresh out of high school when my boss offered me this job last year. School was never my thing so didn't think twice when he asked.
I still have the option to get my degree in this, so will definitely do that in the near future.

I still live at home with both my parents. I am saving up to find a place of my own.

I am a BIG fan of U2! My dad has been a fan for years!! I never really liked them when I was a kid but during their Vertigo Tour in 2005 I got hooked!
My dad went to their concert in Amsterdam and my dad called me during a couple off songs. He called me with video so I say a bit of the actual concert. I have been obsessed with them ever since. I saw them twice in Amsterdam in 2009 and then a week later 2 of my best friends, my dad and me flew to Dublin to see them there in Croke Park. A year later I went to both their concerts in Brussels. For the first one the same 2 friends who went with me to Dublin and me got GA (General Admission, standing tickets) tickets for the first time. We arrived in Brussels 24 hours before the show started and where number 23, 24 and 25 in line. It was a long and cold night but totally worth it. There we were, right in front of Bono the entire night! The were absolutely amazing! Then a week later my parents and I flew to Coimbra, Portugal for their concert on October 2nd, because that was my dads birthday. We figured, we are never gonna get a chance like this again. We had perfect weather and the worlds most amazing band. What more do you want?

When I saw U2 in Croke Park in July 2009 I got to know this other amazing band. Also from Dublin and they were opening for U2 just for one night. The are called The Script. And after their set I had one word: WOW! There they were on this amazing stage with already at least 40000 people in the stadium and they rocked it!
I saw them for the real first time in February 2011 in Paradiso, Amsterdam. It is a very small venue, it holds about 1000 people. The tickets were sold out in like a half an hour. And it was the best concert I have ever seen. Unfortunatly a very good friend of mine couldn't be there that night. So I decided to call her during "Nothing". Their guitarist Mark Sheehan saw that I had my phone up and that I had made that call. So when the song finished he walked forward towards me and grabbed my phone and started talking to her! I was in shock and so was she XD.

After the concert we waited for my dad to pick me and my friend up and because of that we got to meet the band and take a picture with them! I swear to god, they are the most amazing and kind people you will ever meet. They are so down to earth and will stand there with you for another hour just to talk.

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