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Um...well, I'm a bit new on fanfiction. I'm working on a few different stories all at once, and now that school's started, it's been extremely chaotic at home, especially with my older brother always offering to drive me to Starbucks. sigh Don't you just hate it when older siblings first get their drivers license and offer to drive you EVERYWHERE? Anyway...I've got a whole bunch of accounts on different fanfic websites - WHICH I WILL NOT TELL YOU ABOUT BECAUSE I'VE POSTED SOME EXTREMELY HORRIBLE STORIES. I'd rather you didn't read them.

. Be nice to me because I'm awesome. It'd be so cool if you could just, like, send me a PM or something so we could chat. Or you could always insult my writings. As I say in my author's notes, INSULTS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED.


Since I'm pretty knew, I don't have many friends on this website. I guess Meri Umeko and SabakuNoBaka are my friends. MeriUmeko gave me the idea for a story I'm writing, and SNB CONSTANTLY PMs me with totally random stuff. Woo for kiwi.

Shout out to Meri and SNB: YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thanks for the awesome idea for the fanfic, Meri, and I guess I could thank SNB for the support and turning me SasoDei. In her words, it is the "FREAKING CUTEST PAIRING EVAH~!!!!!" SasoDei is 3.

And I REALLY hope that my friend Samantha gets a fanfic...but she doesn't read manga, so she wouldn't get my stories. :'(



I'm kidding.

I hate SasuSaku pairings. HE'S NOT GOING TO COME BACK, OKAY?! SASUKE IS A STUPID JERK THAT DESERVES TO DIE. If he kills Itachi, Masashi Kishimoto will be murdered. Hopefully I can get to him before all the screaming fangirls do.

I hate pairings that make no sense. IT'S ANNOYING!





WHAT THE HELL?! Come on, people.


I like a lot of things...LIKE PAIRINGS THAT MAKE SENSE, FOR know, I really should stop ranting. I'm gonna go now...Pierce just asked me if I wanted to go get some ice cream...AND I DO! Yay.

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