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Hi! I just love reading all these great fanfics! I can't get enough of them.

I really admire the writers here, they have such vivid imaginations, and put so much work, dedication, time and love into their stories. Keep up the great adventures, romances, horrors and dramas that make a great story! I especially like the long stories that make you feel a whole range of emotions. I'll stick with the stories that aren't finished yet, and I'll hope and sit on the edge of my seat 'till they're finished.

I finally got the guts to start my first story Hunted and Hunter. I have to say that English isn't my first language if you know what I mean, so if there are any grammar, spelling or other errors I profusely apologise - it's not my intent to mangle the English language! I honestly try to make as few mistakes as possible.

Thank you to everyone that are following my stories! I would also like to thank all the people that have reviewed them! Your support means the world to me and it keeps me confident in my writing! Thank you all so much!


Hey guys and gals,

Yaaaay :D Hunted and Hunter is finished! Let's pop the champagne and get this party started whoop whoop! Haha! Thanks to everyone who stuck around to the end, I know I took my time and I'm inclined to think that it was worth it ;P

I hope you'll all look out for the sequel Hunters and Treasures :D The first chapter will be up soon and I promise to devise some ridiculously humorous situations, a mystery or two and a few good'ole fashion butt whoopin’s :D


Authors note: 31.7.2014

My muse has returned! (I glare at her in the mirror. She looks just like me, except, she’s snooty and pretentious, thinks she knows best and only wants to work when “she feels like it”! Stupid muze! I grumble. Hiding from me, making me suck at my favorite hobby, making me late with deadlines, and then just up and abandoning me when I need her most! Why I oughta…I’d give her a black eye, if it wouldn’t hurt me. Hmpf.)

So, SHE’s back and I guess that means I’m back too, so that’s good. I hope. Anyway, it’s gonna take me a little while to get back into the swing of things, develop a new punch out rhythm, so to speak. I’m trying to find a way to incorporate at least a day’s worth of writing into my regular week. Hopefully, it’ll be an easy, painless process :D Either way, I’ll figure something out.

I’ve been toying with the idea of posting first chapters for a few new stories, something in the realm of Assassins Creed, Riddick, Vampire Hunter D, V for Vendetta, Priest and so on... (Now here’s a thought: I may have to conduct a poll to determine which story to jump into next. I’ll have to mull this over, thoroughly.) I prefer to put the focus on the Villain/Anti-Hero and an OC of my creation; I find it more interesting to work with a bad boy hero, than someone who’s trying to be a perpetual boy scout.

More importantly, ALL my current and future stories will be rated M! (I’d prefer it to be MA (suitable for 18 only), but I’ll take what I can get.) Sex, violence and cussing are present in everyday life to very different degrees, and I’m not going to shy away from that. (The intensity will of course vary by story.) So, if you’re not cool with that, find it offensive, in poor taste or aren’t at least the mandatory 16 for M: PLEASE, DO NOT READ! I simply don’t have the grace or patience to read be bombarded with! whiny bitchy accusations of people too stupid lazy to scroll over a ratings chart! END RANT.

Oh! And I’m planning to move my story “From Hell, With Love” to Fiction Press, where I’ll also be making a few other original débuts. (Will update with info. if anyone’s interested.)

Thanks to all the fans, you guys are awesome!:D

Love, *LD*

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