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Author has written 16 stories for Beyblade, Bleach, Twilight, Naruto, and Vampires.

Real name: ??

D.O.B: September 7

Age: 25

School Status: AA in Child Development

Favorite Anime/Manga: Cardcaptor Sakura, Beyblade G Revolution, Inuyasha, Naruto, Bleach, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic, Vampire Knight, Vassalord, Junjou Romantica, Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Favorite Books: Twilight Saga, Immortal After Dark series, Shifters Unbound Series, Blue Bloods Saga and Historical Romances!

I started writing FanFiction when I was in high school which was in '07 & '08. I love writing fanfiction. Its gotten me out of my depression which I am thankful to this website. Now that I am an adult with a career & always working, I find it difficult to be inspired & having time to sit down & write. It sucks but that's the way life works :D

My Characters

Takeshi Toushiro - a white haired guy with bright amber eyes. He has a confidence that can not be challenged. He is a smart and very gifted. Plays the piano and was always first in his class. He usually follows the rules but tends to break them to get his youngest sisters out of trouble. The only son of Takayoshi Toushiro and unnamed deceased mother.

Aiko Toushiro - a black haired girl with bright amber eyes. She is cold and frigid to any one and everyone. She usually follows the rules but she has her own set. With intelligence that no one knows the limit of, she is strict and tolerates no one. She does her own thing and only helps her sister or cousin's when they are in life threatening situations. Second child and first daughter of Takayoshi and unnamed deceased mother.

Tsukiko Toushiro - a long white haired girl with silver eyes. She is kind and understanding with a sense of being truthful and doing what is right...most of the time. Usually portrayed as the younger sister of Takeshi and Aiko. Daughter of Takayoshi and unnamed deceased mother.

Akatsuki Kumori Bosque de Lobos - a dark red head boy with dark amber eyes. He is the opposite of his twin sister. Calm and always collected. When not being pestered by Akahana or getting in trouble with her, he is reading. He is a musician that plays the piano and on the side the cello. The first born of the twins. If not portrayed as friend to the Toushiro siblings, he is their cousin on their father's side.

Akahana Kumori Bosque de Lobos - a long dark red head girl with dark amber eyes. She is a hyper, high spirited, hot head girl. She does things her way and only stops her fooling around when she knows enough is enough. She is twin to Akatsuki. If not a painter or ballet dancer she is a cello player. She is the second born of the twins. If not portrayed as friend to the Toushiro siblings, she their cousin on their father's side.

Things I got off from other People's Profiles:

If you can't convince them, confuse them.

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.

I'm not a complete idiot - some parts are missing.

Normal people worry me.

You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me.

Old enough to know better, young enough to do it again

Smile; it makes people wonder what you're up to.

I smile because I have no idea what's going on!

Characters for A lot Too Late:

Sasuke - age 33 - decides to come back to Konoha for a sole purpose to kill the Elders which can change thanks to some kids. Brings Hebi with him. Status: Ex Missing-Nin

Sakura - age 32 - is top doctor at Konoha hospital. Mother to Sakuya and wife to her deceased husband Makoto who died at the age of twenty-eight. Status: Special Elite

Sakuya - age 11 - is daughter to Sakura and Makoto. She has raspberry hair and dark green eyes. Her hair is usually down and loose. Best friends with Shikako. Status: Genin. Meaning of name: curious blossom.

Naruto - age 33 - Hokage of Konohagakeru. Husband to Kohana and father of Natsuhana, Natsuko and Natsumi. His hair is as crazy as the Fourth Hokage's aka his father. Status: Hokage

Kohana - age 29 - wife to Naruto and mother of Natsuhana, Natsuko and Natsumi. She has long black hair with dark blue eyes. She can be very caring and yet very violent. Status: Unknown

Natsuhana - age 12 - the oldest daughter of Naruto and Kohana. She has dark blond hair with dark blue eyes teammate to Inou and Shikako. Status: Chuunin

Natsuko and Natsumi (twins) - age 7 - the twins sport Naruto's bright yellow hair and bright blues eyes. Natsumi (girl) has her hair in spiral pig-tails. While Natsuko (boy) has his hair sticking up. Status: Academy Students Meaning of names: child of summer & summer beauty.

Shikamaru - age 33 - is married to Temari and is father to Shikako and Shikamari. Has not changed one bit aka: still lazy. Status: ANBU

Temari - age 35 - is wife to Shikamaru and mother to Shikako and Shikamari. Her temper has not faded away but her violent ways have increased. Her hair is down, half is held by a barrette. Status: ANBU

Shikako - age 12 - is the son of Shikamaru and Temari. He has his father's pineapple hair and Temari's teal eyes. Is a smart as Shikamaru and inherited his laziness. Best friend to Sakuya. Status: Chuunin

Shikamari - age 6 - daughter to Temari and Shikamaru. Has Temari's blond hair and Shikamaru's brown eyes. She sports her mother's old hair style except she has two instead of four. Status: Academy Student

Ino - age 32 - is a top nurse at Konoha hospital. She owns a big flower shop. Married to Choji and mother to Inoue. Status: Chuunin

Choji - age 33 - is married to Ino and father to Inoue. He is still a big eater and helps Ino at the flower shop. Status: Jounin

Inoue - age 12 - daughter of Choji and Ino. Short blond hair and blue eyes. Best friends with Shikako and Natsuhana. Was the only one who didn't pass the Chuunin exam. Status: Genin

Neji - age 33 - married to Tenten and father to his son Teiji. When he is not on mission he trains with his son and members of the Hyuga clan who had not moved away with Hinata. Status: ANBU

Tenten - age 32 - married to Neji and mother to Teiji. A superb expert in weaponry. She trains as much as possible since she doesn't get to go missions as much. Status: Jounin

Teiji - age 11 - son of Neji and Tenten. Has his brown hair in a low, short ponytail and brown eyes. Friend and teammate to Sakuya and best friend of Ryozo. Status: Genin

Ryozo - age 11 - has bright red hair with light brown eyes. Team mate to Teiji and Sakuya. Best friends with Teiji. Has a crush on Sakuya and is protective of her...when he has the chance. Status: Genin

Masato - age 12 - is son to Sakura and Makoto. He has Makoto's black hair and Sakura's green eyes. A year ago he went to train with the panther elders and has just returned to find unexpected news. Status: Genin Meaning of name: true man

Kasuga - age 9 - daughter of Gaara. Has her father's bright red hair and light turquoise eyes. She's quiet unless spoken to or has something to say. Meaning of name: spring day

Kiyoshi - age 8 - son of Kiba and Hinata. He bares Hinata's dark purple hair and Kiba's brown eyes. A very quiet boy like his mother. Meaning of name: quiet

Haru - age 10 - daughter of Kiba and Hinata. Older sister to Kiyoshi. She has Kiba's brunette hair and Hinata;s white eyes. Unlike Kiyoshi, she is a very loud, outspoken girl. Meaning of name: sunshine or springtime.

Shou - age 8 - son of Shino. Very much like his father, almost a replica. He is a curious and quiet kid. Tends to get in trouble without even trying.

Sosuke - age 3 - first son of Sakura and Sasuke. He has black hair and Sasuke onyx eyes. He likes to bother Masato when he is home and always stops before he can get in real trouble. He's a very smart boy for his age. Meaning of name:

Sanosuke -age 1 - the second son of Sakura and Sasuke. He has black hair and Sakura's green eyes.

Natsuki - age 3 - third daughter and fourth child of Naruto and Kohana. She has bright blond hair and dark blue eyes. She is as hyper as Naruto and likes to play with Sosuke. Meaning of name: summer hope.

Natsuo - age 7 months - second son and fifth child of Naruto and Kohana. This boy has really dark blond hair and bright blue eyes. Meaning of name: summer life

Bios for The Vampire Lords Daughter & A Fury's Child

Lord Dominick – Lord of the Vampires. Father to Dedrick and Diana. Married to Lady Claudia. Once in a relationship with Luna of Artemesia

Lady Claudia – Lady to the Vampires. Wife of Lord Dominick and mother of Dedrick

Dedrick – Prince of the Vampires. Has short black hair with rust color eyes. Son of Lord Dominick and Lady Claudia. Half-brother and mate to Diana of Artemesia

Luna of Artemesia – The only Fury known to be kind to others without asking anything in exchange. Mother of Diana of Artemesia

Diana of Artemesia – A half Fury, half vampire. Princess of the Vampires. Part of the Fury coven. Daughter to Luna of Artemesia and Lord Dominick. Half-sister and mate of Dedrick.

Sophia The Wise – A long-haired brunette Fury with hazel eyes. Phased into her immortality at the age of twenty-seven. Foster mother to Diana. Captain Commander of Nicia along side her twin sister Sophronia.

Serilda of Fury – Queen of all the Fury

Floilana – A Fury with black hair and gray eyes. Known for her speed of light running.

Expedita – A Fury, known for being ready to fight at any time and place

Zebina – A Fury, known for her agility to hurt others without being noticed

Tessa- A second in command in Nicia. With her black hair and black eyes, she is a Fury known for bringing death to all of her opponents.

Sophronia - A shoulder-length-haired brunette Fury with hazel eyes. Phased into her mortality at the age of twenty seven. Captain Commander of Nicia along side her twin sister Sophia. Rarely take control of Nicia because she follows and protects Queen Serilda.

Diana Of Artemesia (age 19) - Half Fury and Half vampire. Long dark gray hair and silver eyes. Has not yet phased into her immortality. Currently residing with the Fury coven at House of Trinity. Part of Nicia.

Neola - A long wavy haired chocolate brunette with citrine eyes. The youngest of the Fury, not yet phased into immortality. Best friends with Diana. Mate to Giulio a demon warrior.

Valente - A Italian demon warrior with messy black hair and emerald eyes. Phased into his mortality at the age of twenty five. Boyfriend to Diana since she turned fifteen.

Giulio - A Italian demon warrior with dark blond hair combed back and dark brown eyes. Phased into his mortality at the age of twenty nine. Mate to Neola.

Xanthe - Is a blond Fury with chocolate brown eyes. Phased into her mortality at the age of twenty two. Get's volatile when any one pisses her off or threatens any one she cares about. Part of Nicia.

Safo - Also known as Safo of Clarity for bringing everyone clarity to one's mind and straiten their head. A black haired Fury who is only found when she suspects she is needed otherwise don't look for her.

Estrina - She is what her name means...strong and vital. With her dark brown hair and blue eyes, she is another warrior in Nicia.

Between Rage and Blood

For those who don't understand the title. Rage is another word for Fury and Blood is what keeps a Vampire alive. In this case, Diana and Dedrick.

Diana of Artemesia (age 24) - has phased into her immortality. A drastic event makes her take a decision, she never thought she would ever make, not even forced. Yet will her decision bring her misery or a life she never knew she would end up enjoying?

Valente - To save Diana from Rogue Vampires, he discovers something he had never imagined but thought he already had. His greatest happiness will become his biggest betrayal.

Prince Dedrick (age 31) - he phased into his immortality at the age of twenty-nine. Well built and Prince to all Vampires, he has but one goal: make Diana his bride. He had learned that forcing her was only going to drive her away, so instead he is letting things flow as they come. He will not let a good opportunity pass him by.

Jarette – light brunette. Friend of Dedrick. Warrior under the leadership of Dedrick. Become friends with Diana.

Aiden – dark blond. Friend of Dedrick. Warrior under the leadership of Dedrick. Become friends with Diana.

Magen – dark brunette. Friend of Dedrick. Warrior under the leadership of Dedrick. Become friends with Diana.

Shea & Sable twins with black hair. Friend of Dedrick. Warrior under the leadership of Dedrick. Become friends with Diana.

Prince Javin - King of the Storm Demons. Blond hair with stormy gray eyes. Resides in the state of Florida. He stumbles upon a trapped Queen Serilda after invading a Vampire Rogue layer. He is Queen Serilda's fated mate.

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