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Update 18.03.2012 (I feel like I haven't updated in years, lots of things are missing...)

Hey everyone

I'm a 22 year old Swiss girl, although I'm not really a big fan of my country. The nature is great, but its politics sucks. I'm also not a fan of the german language, that's why I write in english. I spent plenty of time in England or the USA, so I'm pretty much fluent, except for the high-posh vocabulary that I'm unfortunately missing...

My favourite manga is FAKE!
I also like to watch POKEMON (okay maybe I'm too old, don't care :D)
My favourite book is HARRY POTTER and of course I also like the movies but they aren't nearly as good as the books. I like KIM POSSIBLE as well (Yes, I know another children show, big deal), although I haven't seen it in a long time. Who knows, maybe I am getting to old...
Other shows I like to watch are FRIENDS, CHARMED, GILMORE GIRLS, HOUSE M.C, GREY'S ANATOMY, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and PUSHING DAISIES. (I know that are a lot of TV shows, but my name is TVjunkie006 for something... :D)
I like STAR TREK, THE ORIGINAL SERIES as well. I also got hooked by the cartoon AVATAR, THE LAST AIRBENDER. As it seems, I am NOT getting too old for children shows... I also pretty much love the Anime SPIRITED AWAY and HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE and many more of Hayao Miyazaki's works like PRINCESS MONONOKE. I also bought lots of others of his work in Manchester and love them all. I also like LOVELESS. I first saw the Anime and then read the Manga. Unfortunately I had to read Volume 9 in German, because bloody Tokyopop closed down. Other TV Shows I love is STARGATE SG-1 and ATLANTIS Other Anime/Manga I love are GRAVITATION, JUNJOU ROMANTICA and SEKAI-ICHI HATSUKOI. Thankfully I found out that reading Junjou Romantica and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi in German isn't all that bad... Other Anime I like are SUKI NA MONO WA SUKI DAKARA SHOGANAI!! or SUKISYO in short, GAKUEN HEAVEN (my own heaven), KYO KARA MAOU, YAMI NO MATSUEI, MONOCHROME FACTROR and INUYASHA.
And ever since I've seen one episode, I LOVE the BBC show SHERLOCK.. so good! I've truly been Sherlocked! :D

Favourite couples: (they are pretty much too many to list them all, so I'll just list the important ones, AKA the ones I'm thinking about 24/7...)

in FAKE:
- Drake and JJ (Simply the best! They are the cutest! Love it more than anything else! Now if only it could become canon, that would simply be splendid!)
- Ryo and Dee (It's such a sweet couple. I just love it to pieces.)

in Pokemon:

- Contestshipping (It's obvious that Drew and May like each other! How can people believe something different? They are absolutely cute together.)
- Palletshipping (Ash and Gary just... I don't know... It's hard to explain, but sometimes when you see the two of them together in the show, you just can't help yourself but wonder 'Is there more to it?' I mean seriously, they are holding hands more than ones! And Gary's winking at Ash a fair amount of times...)
- ColdCoffeeshipping (It took me some time to like ColdCoffeeshipping, but now that I do, I absolutely adore it! Barry fangirling over Paul big times is just so cute and even though Barry couldn't defeat a single one of Paul's Pokémon, Paul actually smiled when he turned around after saying goodbye! And Barry was majorly cute...he looked so happy because Paul seemed to acknowledge him as a rival.)
- Ignitionshipping (It's rather cute in the games and there were quite a few hints in the show as well. Flint and Volkner definately care a lot about each other. If just as friends or more, I like both...)
- EliteUndershipping (Aaron and Lucian would be so cute together. Unfortunately we never see them together in the show, but well there are always fanfiction and fanart...)
- Honorshipping (Morty and Falkner... well, I got into the ship through an AMV and many great fanfictions...)

I love a lot of Pokemon shippings, which I won't all list...

in Harry Potter:

- Sirius and Remus (Sirius and Remus just match together perfectly. Remy is the quiet one and Siri the loud one... Padfoot makes sure that Moony has fun and Moony is there to stop him from being too obnoxious... Simply perfect! And SR is the reason why I fell in love with the Marauders big times... I was in love with Remus and Sirius before, but SR really got me started.)
- Teddy and James (I don't know if it's just me, but Teddy and James is like SR in the next generation. I mean, their middle names match together perfectly...Teddy Remus Lupin and James Sirius Potter... I mean absolutely perfect and cute. I'd like to see Teddy being related to Harry.)
- Albus and Scorpius (A Malfoy and a Potter... just perfect!)
- Ron and Hermione (They LOVE each other! People are blind if they don't see that. They are married in the end anyway, so Rowling loved the couple as well.)
- Harry and Ginny (Their relationship is the reason why 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' is my favourite book. They are so cute together and are married in the end!)

in Star Trek, the Original Series
- Kirk and Spock (The fathers of everything Slash, every BL/Sci-Fi fangirl must love them...)

in Avatar, the last Airbender
- Kataang (It was clear from the beginning, that Aang liked Katara! I'm so happy, that they get together in the end!)
I'm a fan of most canon ships, like Sukka, but I also like Toko. I also like Hakursa, which had the bad side effect of me liking Hakoda a lot more now... Like I need more fangirling as there already is...

in Loveless:
- Ritsuka and Soubi (I mean, as if someone wouldn't love these two... They are the cutest!)

in Gravitation:
- Shuichi and Eiri (Even thought Eiri is a big jerk, Shuichi loves him dearly, which is cute but I think Eiri needs to respect Shuichi more...)
- Tatsuha and Ryuichi (He is his biggest fan afterall, so I think they would be cute together.)
- Hiroshi and Suguru (Many bios of Suguru said that he has a crush on Hiro, so I went and read a fanfiction and since then I love them together. Maybe it will even become canon, who knows...)

in Junjou Romantica:
- Akihiko and Misaki (Usagi is really so cute and caring, but Misaki is still confused, but deep down he knows he loves him.)
- Hiroki and Nowaki
(Nowaki is pretty much the bestes boyfriend you could ask for, but Hiroki has a very difficult character, so pursuing him must be hard, but Hiroki is worth it and Nowaki knows that.)
- Miyagi and Shinobu (Even though there is a 17 year difference between them, they are still rather cute together. It is my favourite JR ship.)
- Ryuichiro and Kaoru (I adore Junjou Mistake and am rather relieved to know that Isaka has someone he loves too. I loved their episode so much, it can hardly be healthy anymore...)

in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi:
- Ritsu and Takano (I'm also counting the days until Ritsu finally admits to Takano that he loves him. I can't wait!)
- Chiaki and Hatori (I really hope that the novels are going to be translated someday. And I also hope that Chiaki stops being so oblivious, but I guess that's what makes him so cute...)
- Kisa and Yukina (They are really cute together. I love the fact that Kisa is really embarassed around Yukina, but not around other guys. It just proves that he really cares about him.)
- Yokozawa and Kirishima (Now, originally I didn't care for Yokozawa much, but Trifecta is so cute I totally fell for him and Kirishima of course... :D)

in Sukisyo:
- Sunao and Sora (Their relationship definately doesn't start well, but I hope they'll get over it and be happy in the end. They definately are adorable together.)
- Shinichiro and Nanami
(Very cute and Shinichiro cares deeply about Nanami.)
- Kai and Gaku
(I hope these two will get their happy ending. Gaku is adorable and Kai needs him to find the light, so to speak...)

in Yami no Matsuei:

- Tsuzuki and Hisoka (Who doesn't love those two...? Tsuzuki is adorable and at the same time badass and Hisoka is such a tsundere even Hiroki is jealous...)

in Monochrome Factro:

- Akira and Shirogane (A lot like Soubi and Ritsuka... A ver misterious seme and a uke who is in total denial or better said, has no idea what's going on...Well Akira does to some extent...)

in Gakuen Heaven:

Now here we have a bit of a mix up, while I love Keita and Kazuki ; Kaoru and Omi ; Koji and Takuto ; Hide and Tetsuya and Shunsuke and Yukihiko
I also like to mix the couples up, for instance, since I momentarily have a huge (and I emphazise the word) crush on Hide, I'd rather have him for myself (pathetic I know) so I put Tetsuya with Shunsuke. I read a fanfic with those two which was adorable and Shunsuke does seem to like him a lot. So that leaves Yukihiko, which I pair with the Ozawa twins, since they need love too.

And then of course I believe that there is a huge amount of sexual tension between Hide and Omi that is begging to be cut, so I also read fanfics with those two... I'm weird when it comes to Gakuen Heaven, since I can't seem to make up my mind.

in Kyo Kara Maou:

And speaking of Gakuen Heaven's mess, Kyo Kara Maou is almost as bad. Here however I have two couples that need to be together and where I will absolutely NOT tolerate any difference. Yuuri and Wolfram and Günter and Gwendal Other than those two, I'm pretty open. I like Conrad and Yosak ; Murata and Shinou or Murata and Yosak ; Conrad and Shori or Murata and Shori... As you can see, I can't decide!

in Sherlock:

this one is pretty obvious, I guess, if you notice that I'm a Yaoi and Slash fan, it's not really a difficult deduction to make... Of course I ship Johnlock. But more importantly, I absolutely LOVE and ADORE Mystrade! Who care's that they have never had screentime together YET, it can still happen and the ship is just pure awesomeness...

Couples I hate:

in FAKE:
- Dee and JJ (hate it, hate it, hate it! Hate it some more... I really hate that couple! Yuck, it makes me sick. They're friends, yes but Dee and Ryo belong to each other. So do JJ and Drake!)

in Pokemon:
- Cavaliershipping (Dawn is by far too girly for Gary! Gary had cheerleaders before and didn't give them a second look, so why should he like Dawn? She doesn't deserve him one bit, by the way... she thinks he's a freaking poet... He's a researcher, for god's sake!)
- Twinleafshipping (Just imagining Dawn together with Barry gives me the creeps! And I mean together in a romantic way. They can be friends all right. But more than that and... god, I really hate that ship... Barry is obviously gay! Anyone who doesn't see that, should get his eyes checked!)

There are many shippings in Pokemon that I think are just plain weird, but also many who I can't stand. Mostly shippings that rival my favourite shippings.

in Harry Potter:
- Harry and Hermione (I mean its obvious that Ron and Hermione like each other! Even J.K Rowling does not understand them.
And that's saying something.)

The same thing from Pokemon goes to Harry Potter as well. There exist some very strange shippings... As for RemusxTonks... well I liked it before, but now I am a die hard SiriusxRemus shipper, so I do not like it anymore... The only good thing coming from their marriage was Teddy, but other than that... Remus was never happy in the marriage, so much is clear... He only got happy after Teddy was born. In my opinion, Remus only married Tonks because he needed someone for comfort and afterall, Tonks is the cousin of Sirius...

There are also a lot of couples I hate. I didn't list all of them here, that would take far too much time...

Favourite characters:

in FAKE:
- Jemmy J 'JJ' Adams (Too cute for words! I LOVE him soooo much. He's adorable and lovable and bloody deserves a caring boyfriend! *drags Drake over by the ear*)
- Drake Parker (How can women dump him?? I'll never understand them! Are they all blind?! Only an idiot would dump Drake!)
- Dee Laytner (I tried to be mad at him for treating JJ like he did, but failed terribly...)
- Ryo Mclean (I understand Dee complitely...)
- Ted Spencer (He's so hot! And cute, too!)

in Harry Potter:

- Remus Lupin (Even though he is quiet and very bookish, there is the Marauder in him, which makes him irresistible!)
- Sirius Black (Well, what can someone say about Sirius? He's unbelievingly hot, intelligent, a Marauder and he can be caring if he wants to. That's enough to make anyone perfect)

- James Potter (A Marauder! Need I say more?)

- Teddy Remus Lupin (He's Remus' son, so of course I love him.)
- James Sirius Potter (With that name, how could I not love him..?)
- Albus Severus Potter (He looks like Harry and is definately going to be a Slytherin... Simply awesome!)
- Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy (Finally we get to see how Draco could have been, had his father not been Lucius Malfoy...)
- Ron Weasley (A bit clueless, but cute)
- Harry Potter (He's the only hero I don't hate!)
- Hermione Granger (She's brilliant)
- Severus Snape (The Princes Tale really opened my eyes!)

in Pokemon:

- Barry (He's got blond hair, that's probably the reason why I love him so much. That and the fact that he's so cute. And then of course there' the fact that he is simply hilarious! "Ahh, I forgot to catch it...")
- Drew (Green hair and green eyes! WOW, what a cutie!)
- Gary (He's so cool! And funny, cute and not to forget hot!)

- Paul (Even though he is cold, he's just so cool. And in a strange way, also cute.)
- Saturn (He is awesome, cute and a bad guy...)
- Kenny (He's adorably cute. And actually a bit like Drew, because of the way he teases Dawn.)

- Aaron (A cutie, without a doubt. Green hair and green eyes... now who does that remind me of...?)
- Lucian (Very clever and intellectual. And a bookworm, just like me :D)
- Flint (Very lively... His afro is really cool, so is his hair colour... Actually everything about his hair is awsome)
- Volkner (Quiet and serious, but I like guys like him as well. Although he needs to smile more...)
- Roark (He is cute and a great Gym Leader. I don't think there exist many Geodudes who can knock out a Water Pokémon...)
- Morty (Another blond guy... And Ghost Pokémon are cool. Of course he's cute too.)
- Falkner (Blue hair again... His outfit is cool and so are his Pokemon. And of course he's cute too...)
- Steven Stone (Very cute... his eyes are amazing and he has Steel Pokemon, which are pretty cool)
- Lance (Dragon Pokemon are awesome and he is pretty awesome himself...)
- Brawly (He's got long blueish hair and the most amazing eyes I've ever seen! And he's surfing, which means we get to see him topless...)
- Brock (He's an amazing cook!)
- Tracey (He is a real cutie and the way he adores Prof. Oak is just adorable... "He's really real!" I mean, that's just so cute!)
- Reggie (He is really cute and used to be a great Pokémon trainer and is now a great breeder... and he is Paul's brother...)
- Ash Ketchum (Falling in love with Palletshipping made me like Ash more now. Or again, better said... I used to have a big crush on him, when I started watching Pokemon, when I was around 10 years old...)
- Tabitha (Another bad guy, like Saturn, but well, bad guys are cool!)
- Cilan (Green hair and green eyes... Now there's three... He is a lot like Brock, but still different. His fear of paranormal things is adorable, especially his scream... And well, actually pretty much all of his hobbies are cute.)
- Chili (He has red hair, is a bit hyperactive and trains Fire Pokémon... A bit like Flint, in my opinion... )
- Cress (Blue eyes, blue hair...coughJJcough... Is Chili and Cilan's brother and actually beat Pikachu... Amazing, isn't he.)
- Trip (Blond hair! Grey eyes! A nasty attitude! A rival! He unmistakenly like Paul, with the voice of Barry and he looks like a Malfoy... A great miy, in my opinion and a sure way to become one of my favourites.)
- N (He is the leader of the new evil team! And he is also rather cute, I can not wait until he appears in the anime...)
- Samuel Oak (Prof. Oak is a genius when it comes to Pokemon, but he's so funny at times, it's refreshing.)

in Avatar, the last Airbender:
- Zuko (I just love his characteristics. Even though at first he is the bad guy, he switches sides. He's very cute as well, we can't forget about that...)
- Sokka (He's hilarious. I had to laught so much, because of his sarcastic remarks.)
- Aang (Another hero, I don't hate... He's pretty cute and also has a pretty cool character.)
- Hakoda (Like I said when I was talking (writing) about the shippings, because I read a really cool Hakursa fanfic, I now like Hakoda a lot more. I mean, he does have blue eyes and Sokka and he are very alike. Like father like son, right...)

in Loveless:
- Aoyagi Ritsuka (He is very cute and actually rather grown up for his age...)
- Agatsuma Soubi (Simply amazing... I would love to have a fighter like him, who loves you and protects you.)
- Kaidou Kio (Well, first of he has blond hair and blue eyes... And he reminds me so much of JJ, it's uncanny. The way he says 'Sou-chan' is remarkably like JJ's 'Dee-Senpai'...)

in Lord of the Rings:
- Meriadoc Brandybuck (My absolute favourite! Merry and Pippin are great in the books, but unfortunately they didn't have that many great scenes in the movie...)
-Peregrin Took (Where there is one, the other is close behind. You can't just like one of them and not the other...)

in LOST:
- Charlie Pace (Him dying was the reason why I stopped watching the show. I only liked it because of him...)

in Star Trek:
- James Tiberius Kirk (Pretty obvious that I would like him, after I adore KS...)
- Spock (The same thing like with Kirk. I love both of them together and their character are cool as well)
- Leonard McCoy (His bickering with Spock is funny and... well he is a doctor...)

in Gravitation:
- Shindou Shuichi (Very funny, cute and talented. I love his songs and his personality.)
- Yuki Eiri (HOT! I love blonds with ember eyes, so that was the first thing I liked about him, but I also love his personality (I have a thing for jerks, apparently) and he is a writer... My dreamjob!)
- Seguchi Tohma (Very cute... I LOVE his eyes! And he's also talented. But then of course he is rather strange and sometimes scary and can be a jerk, but then again... I love characters like him. And to be honest, if I happen to find a guy, who is only half as much as Tohma, I'll die a very happy woman indead.)
- Nakano Hiroshi (Long, red hair...*drool* and he is an awsome guitarist)
- Fujisaki Suguru (Very cute, talented and so much like his cousin, it's scary... And he is one of the rare guys who is younger than me...)
- Sakuma Ryuichi (Very cute and sexy when he is serious. And he has an amazing voice...)
- Uesugi Tatsuha (He looks like Dee's twin, which is somewhat scary... His personality is very cute, I adore fanboys...)

in Junjou Romantica:
- Takahashi Misaki (Rather cute and innocent and a really nice guy. I guess that's why you fall for him so easily.)
- Usami Akihiko 'Usagi' (Very handsome and caring, but a bit pushy sometimes... Though I am rather jealous of Misaki...)
- Kamijou Hiroki (A rather difficult character he's got there. He hardly ever smiles and looks grumpy all the time, but he's actually very shy and cute.)
- Kusama Nowaki (Very cute and so sensitive... The perfect boyfriend!)
- Miyagi Yoh (He has a funny nature, but is hung up on his past, until he finds new love... And of course I love the fact that he's obsessed over books (so is Hiroki of course). And Miyagi's eyes are of course also something I love about him.)
- Takatsuki Shinobu (He might act strong, but he is rather shy and inexperienced and cute. And he is Wolfram's clone in everything but eye colour...)
- Isaka Ryuichirou (First of, I find his eyes absolutely breath-taking. I do have a big love for blue eyes (bet everybody figuered that out by now), but Ryuichiro's eyes have something amazing about them, they almost look scary...And then of course I love his character and his nickname for Misaki...Chibi-tan is adorable.)
- Asahina Kaoru (If he's able to look after Ryuichiro, then he is a saint. A bit like Nowaki, because judging by the Junjou Mistake manga and Ryuichiro's appearences in the anime, he isn't easy to be around, but of course loving him definately helps...)

in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi:
- Onodera Ritsu ( his eyes...and he reminds me both of Misaki and Hiroki. It's funny really, and I will never know how he managed to edit Aki's works and not go crazy.)
- Takano Masamune (He's very good-looking of course and loves books. He's handsome and intelligent!)
- Yoshino Chiaki (Now he is really like Misaki and Ryuichi too. He's innocent and totally dense, but adorable and lovable.)
- Hatori Yoshiyuki (A bit grumpy, perhaps and cold, but he's cute when he's around Chiaki.)
- Kisa Shouta (He looks totally adorable and reminds me both of Suguru and JJ. A perfect mix between them.)
- Yukina Kou (He looks gorgeous and his 'Kisa-san' is a lot like Nowaki's 'Hiro-san'. And then he seems to be the perfect boyfriend, nearly more than Nowaki... and I seriously didn't know that you could be so freaking jealous of an anime character... coughKisacough)

in Sukisyo:
- Honjou Matsuri (He's got very pretty eyes and gorgous long blonde hair. Plus he's hyperactive and always happy... An instant favourite.)
- Hashiba Sora (Another one with blue eyes and blue hair... and he's got a cute character. Love his Toshizou...)
- Fujimori Sunao (Rather cute... and I felt so bad for him at the end, but he has Sora now, so he should be okay.)
- Minato Shinichirou (Rather cute and caring, especially towards Nanami.)
- Nanami Kai (Very cute and caring and rather feminine, but adorable nonetheless.)
- Ichikawa Gaku (Adorable.. another fanboy, but at the same time, very serious about his feelings.)
- Nagase Kai (Even though, he is sorta one of the bad guys, I just can't help but feel bad for him. I'm glad he chose the right side at the end. And of course, he is rather cute and has beautiful eyes.)

in Yami no Matsuei:
- Tsuzuki Asato (Adorable and more of a big teddy bear you can cuddle with, but then suddenly... look out, he's dangerous when he wants to be...)
- Kurosaki Hisoka (Cute and he gradually becomes nicer and sweeter, but he's still an awsome tsundere...)
- Tatsumi Seiichirou (Love his eyes and his voice (Morikawa Toshiyuki, I love you...) and his character is perfect. I'd be scared of him, if my budget'd be too high)

in Monochrome Factor:
- Shirogane (Breathtakingly beautiful!)
- Nikaido Akira (A bit moody, but cute when he wants to be... and funny too.)
- Asamura Kengo (Hilariously funny and a lot like Ron for some reason...)
- Kou (Like a lot of Konishi's characters, he's cool and hot...)

in Kyo Kara Maou:
- Shibuya Yuuri (Cute and adorable, though he needs to really stop with the whole homophobe thingy, even though I don't think he's a homophobe, he just seems to think that two guys together is not normal...)
- Wolfram von Bielefeld (Beautiful and Shinobu's clone, I'm sure of it. He's constantly worried that Yuuri will cheat on him and acts all grumpy and moody, but actually is very insecure and dare-I-say-it, shy.)
- Conrad Weller (Well...Conrad... it's near impossible to say why I love him, since there are so many reasons... his eyes, his manner, his voice (Morikawa again...) his humour, his sweetness, his loyalty, his EVERYTHING... huh, never realized I had it so bad for the guy...)
- Günter von Christ (Man, if that isn't JJ with long, beautiful hair, then I don't know anymore...)
- Gwendal von Voltaire (The big grumpy soldier who hardly ever smile, but knits and love cute things... who wouldn't love him...)
- Yosak Gurrier (A big flirt... and a darn good spy and soldier...)
- Murata Ken (God, everytime his glasses reflect the light, you better look out, because Murata is planning something... I love his character...)
- Shibuya Shori (He has a brother complex than can rival Takahiro and funningly enough, Yuuri and Misaki are very much alike... they have the same voice actor after all...)
- Alford Markina (Loved every since I found out he has the same voice actor as Hiroki, plus he's brave and cute...)
- Shinou (Gorgeous!!)

in Gakuen Heaven:
- Ito Keita (Adorable!! and so kind to everybody, it's amazing...)
- Endo Kazuki (Also truly adorable and so much in love with Keita, plus he's very intelligent... he is the director after all...)
- Nakajima Hideaki (GORGEOUS!!!!! And he can be such an idiot when he wants to be, but also very kind... Plus he's intelligent, cultivated and humorous at the same time. His voice is Morikawa Toshiyuki once again, which can pretty much make me wanna melt and... yeah... he's pretty much perfect in my eyes...)
- Niwa Tetsuya (Very energetic and nice, but a real slacker... A lot like Dee I guess... Plus he's funny and hot...)
- Saionji Kaoru (He's truly beautiful and very sophisticated... but sweet and nice at the same time, when he wants to be.)
- Shichijo Omi (I LOVE THE GUY, almost as much as Hide I guess... He's adorable, intelligent, funny and his voice can make me shiver...)
- Shinomiya Koji (And here is my third favourite guy of Gakuen Heaven... He's dreamy and once again, has a voice that can make me see stars (I turning sappier the minute...) Plus he's a archerer and so nice to everybody. A person you can trust with nearly everything...)
- Iwai Takuto (He's cute and so talented! Plus adorable when he blushes...)
- Taki Shunsuke (ADORABLE!! I love his energy and his spunk. Plus he's sooooo cute, it makes me wanna cuddle him so badly)
- Naruse Yukihiko (Really beautiful and adorable, though he needs to lay off Keita or he'll get hurt...)

in Sherlock:
- Sherlock Holmes (It's quite obvious, isn't it? with his curls and his eyes and his coat and scarf and those cheekbones... his brilliant mind is just the top of the iceberg)
- Dr. John Watson (A true saint, who can put up with one of the probably most difficult man to live with.. And he aces that.)
- Mycroft Holmes (Who wouldn't love the British Government? Because I certainly do... A LOT. Mycroft does appear uptight and snobbish sometimes, okay most times, but you just want to go hug him and quite possibly ruffle his hair and... yeah...I've got it bad...)
- Greg Lestrade (Great guy who can also put up with Sherlock and who is super nice, funny, charming and who would be perfect with Mycroft...

And now I need to get down from my high I get whenever I think about any of those guys from above, which I do constantly, so I'm pretty much always hyper... ( I have no life, I know...)

My least favourite characters:

in FAKE:
- Berkeley Rose (He's going on my nerves. Flirting with Ryo like that! Ryo belongs to Dee, get your hands off him!)

in Harry Potter:
- Bellatrix Lestrange (How dare she kill Sirius!)
- Antonin Dolohov (HE KILLED REMUS!!)
- Voldemort (He is resposible for the death of James and Lily!)
- Peter Pettigrew (Bloody betraying asshole! He's no Marauder!)

in Pokémon:
Even though Pokémon is a anime where I nearly like everyone, I really don't like Dawn all that much. She is by far to girly for my taste and which mother would allow her 10 year old daughter to go on a journey in such a short miniskirt? Other than her, I pretty much like everyone.

in Junjou Romantica:
I'm sorry to say that I really can't stand Takahiro. Wherace I have nothing against dense people (Chiaki and Ash are proof...) he just annoys me. And it's a total riddle to me, how Akihiko could have preferred him over Hiroki... Not that I think Akihiko and Hiroki would make a good pair - I'm a hardcore Romantica and Egoist fan - but anybody with a functioning pair of eyes would see that Hiroki is so much more deserving... Well, it will remain a mystery.

People I will never understand:

- Advancedshipper and Harry and Hermione fans
- People who think of the most wierdest Harry Potter couples, like Remus and Draco and other wierdness...
- People who don't like JJ (He is the best! Okay, I admit I don't like him chasing after Dee, in fact I hate it, but read Act.15! It's sooo sweet! After that you have to like him)

People I hate, with a passion:

- Homophobes! (Read an shounan-ai manga and you think differently. It's really cute)

I got this from the profile of botanthegrimreaper89

Homophobia and You: They're people too! Stop the hate and spread the love!

I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.

I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.

I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.

We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.

I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.

I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.

I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.

I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.

We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.

I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I want to avoid getting the management called on me.

I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother because I now live with another woman.

I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive partner is also a woman.

I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to turn to because I am male.

I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up afraid to show affection to other men.

I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until someone told me that only lesbians do that.

I am the man who died when the paramedics stopped treating me as soon as they realized I was transsexual.

I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I did not have to always deal with society hating me.

I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.

I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most, love.

I am the person who is afraid of telling his loving Christian parents he loves another male.

Re-post this if you believe homophobia is wrong. Please do your part to end it.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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