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Well, I've been on ff for a while, but i only wrote my first fic recently. I like a lot of different things, but for now, i'll probably only do naruto ones. maybe in the future i'll do an FMA one, but i can't see that happening yet.

also, i don't own naruto or anything else (duh)

favorite couples: (i like pretty much anyone with hinata, she's so compatable. if you think about it hard enough, you can imagine her with anyone)



leehina (i know it sounds weird, but i think it's adorable)





fullmetal alchemist

edwin (i love this pair, even if it was rendered impossable by the anime. it still looks like it will happen in the manga though, so yay!)


almarta (she's only a minor character, but they have such a great chemestry in the anime)

lustglutteny (they aren't really a couple, but his devotion to her is so sweet)

and now for something more obscure

saiunkoku monogatori-



koukou debut-



shinshi doumei cross-



new tenshi nanka ja nai (first of all, i have to say that this series is one of teh best i've ever read. it's by ai yazawa, whose teh manga-ka begind NANA and Paradise Kiss, so she isn't a one-hit wonder. it's abou a girl, midori saejima, and her life as a high-school student on the student council. she has a crush on akira, who i love. the characters are really great, and it succeeds at both comedy and drama. it makes laugh and cry, and i HIGHLY, HIGHLY, reccomend it.) but anyway, on to the pairs-

midori/akira (this is the most fucking adorable thing ever. for the love of god, read it and experiance the pure, unadulteraed awsomeness that is tenshi nanka ja nai)



midori/ken (it doesn't really work out that well, but ken's just so sweet)

that's all for now

update:1/107- i haven't updated anything in awhile because of writers/typists block, but there is new stuff written, but i'll probbly update in teh coming week because i have a week-long break (don' ask me why we get a week off 3 weeks before thanksgiving, i think it's stupid). so yeah, expect some new stuff. there will be more chapters of in the field, plus some other mythology inspired stuff (i'm taking myth, and it's really intersting, so i'm getting some new ideas from it). my favorite is a quote from Aristophenies- "love is the name of the desire and pursuit of the whole." i love that. i kinda want to write something abou that, but i don't really know what to write about. it would be with hinata, but i can't really decide who would complete her. i could apply to anyone, but if you hae an opinion, please, tell me, i would love some input.

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