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Don't hold me up now

I can stand my own ground,

I don't need your help now,

You would let me down,




Hi there, I'm Elise. I am extremely unhealthly hooked on Maximum Ride, as you might be able to tell. I'm a runner for the Nonnewaug Chiefs, who PWN all but football - our team SUCKS.

I have read every Tamora Pierce book available, and cannot wait for the sequel to Terrier.

Also obsessed with Twilight. WAY too obsessive. KAKFIEWGFBK SHE BETTER PUBLISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!

If you want more info about yours truly, message me. Just nothing sleezy, or I'll hunt you down to kill you in your sleep.

Better yet, I'll get Max and Beka (and Edward or Murtagh... --drools--) to do it. ;-)

--puts stamp on forehead-- FallOutBoyAddict (me and my ppl went to their concert in November. Kind of got hooked on their music. oops... cough already memorized entire Folie a Deux CD...)

"Pretty Little Liars" = single most dementedly awesome thing ever. Sara Shepard is a slightly insane genius.

Heehee, the WARRIORS rule!! ~Smallfoot~, tis me ;-)

Holly Black pwns. Cute fairys are overrated. Evil faeries pwn all.

"The Sweet Far Thing" made me cry. Just warning all of you Libba Bray fans!

Jacob Black must die a slow and preferably excrutiatingly painful death!!


I want to be the next Christopher Paolini. If you ever see a book on shelves by Elise U., IT'S BY ME! BUY IT!! (if that one gets published, there will be more!)

I was FORMERLY Flying-High-9020 and Happily-Spaztic. But those got boring. My NEW name is a warning. To evil bee-otches --coughcough--GRAYSON--coughcough--

Fav Authors

Hiwatari-Angel-15 (Bloodlust and Bloodlust 2: Queen of Hearts for Maximum Ride)

IrishSaints (Rain for Law and Order: SVU)

The Dragon Kasia (Love is Life for Tamora Pierce)

Shang It (Beka's Cat for Tamora Pierce)

The Pensive Poet (Sacrifices for Twilight)

vjgm (Parenting Skills 101 and Family Therapy for Twilight)

Dynasty-Angel (Destiny Through Fate for Eragon)

Nihan (Evergreen for Eragon)

alsdssg (Why Canon and Fanon Don't Mix for Eragon)

AneleTiger (Hate, Or Something Like That for Harry Potter)


piperchick and her amazing story for MaxRide - Finding Home!








Super Seven ForEVAH!!



Bella Swan in my soul-sister! I walk into everything and trip over air too!!


Fav Bands/Songs (not really complete list)

Matchbox 20 - How Far We've Come

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down, Atrophy, Justify, In Fate's Hands, Disconnected; they make the top... but I've got all af their music... -heh- just a bit crazed...

Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall

We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue, Lights and Sounds

Linkin Park - In The End, Numb, What I've Done, Shadow of the Day

The Academy Is - Attention, Down And Out, Slow Down, Classified, Neighbors, We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands

Hinder - Better Than Me

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape, Hero/Heroine

Fall Out Boy - Pretty much anything they sing, but XO is by far my favorite. And Beat It. And the entire compilation of their music...

Vanessa Carlton - White Houses

P!nk - Dear Mr. President, Who Knew, U + Ur Hand

Paramore - Misery Buisness, Crushcrushcrush, Emergency, EVERYTHING

My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words, Teenagers, Sleep, EVERYTHING

Cobra Starship - Guilty Pleasure --does funkeh dance to go with it!--

Cute Is What We Aim For - The Curse Of Curves

Finger 11 - Paralyzer

Fort Minor - Remember the Name (THE only rap song I truly LOVE)

Gym Class Heroes - Shoot Down the Stars, Cupid's Chokehold

Madina Lake (amazing, amazing, amazing) - House of Cards (top lyrics), Here I Stand, The Auspice, One Last Kiss

Jimmy Eat World - Big Casino

Seether - Like Suicide, 6 Gun Quota, Fake It, Rise Above This, Breakdown

Flyleaf - Sorrow, Cassie, All Around Me, I'm So Sick, EVERYTHING

Angels and Airwaves - Secret Crowds

Panic at the Disco - Nine in the Afternoon

Tokio Hotel - Scream, Ready Set Go!

The All-American Rejects - Swing, Swing

And more I'm way too lazy to list!

Fav Pairings














Really, are there any other sweeter ones than these?

Pairings That Make Me Want To Gouge Out My Eyes With A Spork

BellaMike - HELLO! Human, stupid... who in their right minds would choose him over EDWARD!?

BellaJasper - If Stephenie Meyer WANTED Alice to love Edward or some other twisted thing for these two to get together, don'tcha think she would've it that way!!

MaxIggy - Max and Fang are meant to be. Let's just leave it at that. This applies to other mismatches as well. And Iggy is MINE!

MaxSam - --gags and dies--

FangLissa - --gags and dies more--

BellaJake - EWWWWW. No offense to you Jakelovers out there, but BELLA chose EDWARD. Just FYI. And Jake has been destroyed repeatedly in AOTC.

AshSquirrel - BLECH. Complete and utter blech. Ash is a LOSER.

CrowNight - errggg, I could KILL Erin Hunter for making that pairing. Nightcloud is a pushy beee-ooootttccchhh! -stabs Nightcloud repeatedly-


HarryHermione - I mean, I love them both. But Harry would NEVER backstab Ron like that. EVER!

ClarySimon - I don't know what it is about Simon. I vaguely despise him for no particular reason.

HollyArtemis - -cue spasmodic twitching- ick. I know they kissed, but no. Just no. Eoin Colfer - no.

Again, no offense to those who actually write this stuff. I just consider it complete and utter literary crap. Nah, just kidding. I just don't support it.

I am happy. I have officially cloned Iggy. Nudge can have clone Iggy. I get real Iggy!

--glomps on to Iggy--

Iggy: Ummm... cool!

Max: Sexist pig boy...



Beware, all. I have been given a bow and arrow set for Christmas. 50" bow. 7 rather sharp arrows. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Just a few snippets of hilarity from my droll, high school SOPHOMORE life.

Bre: So, what should we do the "super vauge" run on sentence about?

Me: ...



Meaghan: God, Elise, you're such a klutz!

Me: Am not! --at the exact moment, falls down stairs--

Meaghan: ... yeah you are.


Me: Nellie, what's with the silver sharpie?

Nellie: --spazes-- MY SHARPIE!


Me: -is running really late, swings locker door shut-

Mackenzie (girl with the locker right under me): OW! S--T!!

Nikki: Oh. My. God. It took you all of 5 days to nearly give poor Mackenzie a concussion with the locker.


(In a restaurant for my friend's party)

Sarah: I'm bored, Elise.

Me: I'm bored too, Sar.

--look at one another, then both pick up pieces of lettuce and throw them at our unsuspecting friend Mike--


(At a movie for said party)

--All watching "Hairspray" and laughing at the song "Timeless to Me"--

--John Travolta smacks his butt and waltzes with other guy; he is dressed as a woman--

Devon: O.o

Me: You do realize the guy singing right now is flirting with a man. In a fat suit.

Devon: -falls off chair-


(My old Spanish teacher had this music box that played "The Impossible Dream" from Don Quijote de La Mancha. It was ancient.)

--Music box randomly starts playing--

Mrs. Sheehan: Oh, es magico!!

Sarah: Es broken.


--My World Civ teacher while describing a morale speech for the Iraq War--

Mr. Casagrande: We're fighting for America, for democracy, for freedom, family, friends, apple pie, Chevy...


--At the Class State Meet--

Me: Hey, was that Arley (our coach)?

Jackie: If he was wearing THE dorkiest cowboy hat on the face of the living earth and saying "y'all", yes.


(At Journalism, Eric (dude in our class) used "hot soup" to describe my friend and our friend Mike's girlfriend. Mike apparently forgot that)

-In freezing hallway at SCSU-

Mike: Man, I really want some hot soup!


Mike: I don't get - OH. NOT THAT WAY, YOU PERVERTS!


(Mike and I are in an editorial war - we're writing about the same issue from opposite sides)

Mike: You are so going to lose.

Me: Am not! You are DEAD, Clemens.

Kaley: Thank God I don't sit between you two.

Mike and me: mwahahahah...

(Next day, we beat Kaley there. She has the seat in between us)

Me: Your article will never beat mine!

Mike: Oh, yes it will!

Kaley: Whyyyyy...?

(P.S. - I won)


A NOTE TO INTERESTED PARTIES - My friend Bre and I have been keeping track of how long Miss Depolo, our Spanish teacher, AKA the Depolinator, has been wearing turtlenecks to school. Current count - FORTY FRICKING NINE WHEN IT ENDED!



If you read and review on my stories, I'll give you a cookie!! (:'.-) see the cookie with chocolate chips in it?

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