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Author has written 6 stories for Power Rangers, Mega Man, Anime X-overs, Evangelion, Pokémon, Digimon, Angelic Layer, Kamen Rider, Cartoon X-overs, and Super Sentai.

Nationality: Swedish

Gender: Male

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List of Nobodies:

Hissatox - He's Ash Ketchum's Nobody.

Turaxon - He's Naruto Uzumaki's Nobody.

Ugaxis - She's Usagi Tsukino's Nobody.

Shongix - He's the Nobody of Usagi Tsukino's younger brother Shingo.

Gexinz - He's Negi Springfield's Nobody.

Zanitha - She's Hinata Hyuuga's Nobody. She's one of the first Nobodies to lack an X, in the name.

Xunyiraki - He's Yukinari Sasaki's Nobody.

Xuzakki - He's Kazuki Shikimori's Nobody.

Zuhumax - He's Hazumu Osaragi's Nobody.

Hassutix - He's Atsushi Otani's Nobody.

Uzanx - She's Anzu Mazaki's Nobody.

Higicox - She's "Mew" Ichigo Momomiya's Nobody.

Gixicho - He's Ichigo Kurosaki's Nobody.

Trexock - He's the Nobody of Rocket from Galactik Football.

List of Heartless:

Ximya - He's Yugi Muto's Heartless.

List of Magicial Warriors!

Sailor Queen Serenity - She's actually the Sailor Senshi form of Silver Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon. Her Henshin Phrase/Call-Out is "Silver Queen Power Make-Up!"

Sennin Warrior - He's actually Yugi Moto, who gained this power, by the combined effort of all of the Millennium Items, all at once. His Henshin Phrase/Call-Out is "Sennin Warrior Power-Up!"

Mahou Bishoujonen SacreSainte - He's the celestial warrior, that serves as the alter-ego of Seishiro Kotobuki.

List of Original Tokusatsu Heroes!

Kamen Rider Fluxor - This is the Kamen Rider, that Micro-Ice transform into. He's known for regenerating Flux into pure chi-like energy, which he use to power up his attacks.

List of DigiPokémon!

Hello, everybody. I just want to put in some lists of different DigiPokémon I have made, and which you could maybe use in your own stories, in exchange for some credits. They aren’t many, but you can still have a use for them!


Nyasumon - the results from breeding an egg, which parents are Gatomon and Meowth. It looks like a Gatomon with Meowth’s Coin-styled charm in the forehead, and also has Meowth’s brown toes and ability to extend (change the length of) its claws.

Raichudramon - a dragon/dinosaur-like version of Raichu, with Raidramon’s Elemental Armor, and it’s the results from using the DigiEgg of Friendship to digivolve Pikachu into an armored version of Raichu that resembles Raidramon. Attacks: Bluewave Striker

Rokyumon - the results from breeding an egg, which parents are either Vulpix and Renamon, or Ninetails and Kyuubimon. Its name comes from Roku and Kyuubi.

Tanuraimon - an electric, tanooki-like version of Raichu, who's the result of using the DigiEgg of Sincerity to digivolve Pikachu. Attacks: Thunder Leaf Storm

SparkAngemon - an electric, armored version of Angemon, who's the result of using the DigiEgg of Hope to digivolve Pikachu. Attacks: Celestial Lightning Fist/Heavenly Thunder Punch

Apollon the Winged Ponyta - He's named after the Roman-Greek god of the sun, Helios. He's the child of Patamon, and Fuko "Lara" Laramie's female Rapidash! (Patamon was Pegasusmon at the moment, when he was cross-breeded with Rapidash)

Here's a list on things I would have done, if I were doing the Bakugan Battle Brawlers anime:
1. Let Nova Lion appear to give his essence to Blade Tigrerra making her evolve into a Pyrus/Haos hybrid.
2. Let Preyas Angelo/Diablo merge together with Preyas, becoming his official Pyrus and Haos forms.
3. Letting it be mentioned that when Drago absorbed the Attribute Energies through the Perfect Core Crystal, the Attribute Energies became permanently infused into the Perfect Core itself, and that the same thing happened with The Element, as well.
4. Let Blast Elico transfer his essence to Akwimos.

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