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Author has written 13 stories for Pokémon.

Stephanie loves Amy very muchly, and this is her special mention =D

I'm A Rose for me-A Rose for you, and yes that's actually me in my display picture.

Sex: Female

Age: 16

Name: Call me whatever you want: Rose, Steph, Stephanie, Bambi . . . I have more nicknames than should be legally allowed. Just don't call me Steff or anything with an 'f' in it. My name is Stephanie; not Stefanie.

Country: England

Homepage: www.freewebs.com/contestshippingchick01

I do respond to PMs, but I'm more likely to respond if you contact me at either of these addresses:

MSN: bittersweetmelody93@hotmail.com
AOL: rosesandpokemon@aol.com

Dinner Time at the Hunter house

Ahny: Please pass the potatoes.

Light: ...I only eat potatoes in chip form and ONLY barbeque flavor. Do I need to remind you again? (holds up death note)

Ahny: ...No D:

Ryou: Mommy (pokes Ahny) where is daddy?

Ahny: You mean Kirsty?

Ryou: The other one.

Ahny: Bakura?

Ryou: The other one.

Ahny: Light?

Ryou: THE OTHER OTHER One. Why isnt there a plate for him?

Ahny: Oh, sweetie! Marik is having dinner too! Just...he's having it on tray. In a mental institution.

Ryou: ;_;

Bakura: Hey kid, shut your mouth. I can't concentrate on peeling the skin off this chicken and pretending it's still alive.

Hiro: Everyone i'm trying to READ. (book title: how to prove you DONT like it up the ass.)

This is why I don't stay for dinner.

Now I should mention my talent- I'm pretty damn good at drwin cubes. Blocks, boxes, dice-- you name it, I can draw it. Hence . . . my theme song (composed and written by Ahny. Approved by me).

When you're playin' a board game, who you gonna call?


Steph's double 6's will surpass them all!


The way she throws, the form, the grace!


She moves the pieces along at her pace!


Nobody makes those dice like Steph

pyramids? forget those! Lay them to rest!

Triangles? Circles? Can't be bothered.

rectangles are close, but NO CIGAR, YEAH.

When you're playin' a board game, who you gonna call?


Who's slick with the cubes and knows how to cruise?


Tarot cards might predict the future!


But dice are clearly SO MUCH COOLER!


That's how I roll.

Some things you may like to know about me:

Favoutire Song: Always - Saliva

Favourite Band: Three Days Grace

Series I like: Pokemon, Fruits basket, Kingdom Hearts, Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Harry Potter, Special A, Bones

Things I like: I like lots of things really. I like movies and I love music. I adore writing and I like to draw (I'm just not very good at it)

Things I dislike: Bad grammar- My grammar is not perfect, however I honesly can't stand it when grammar is ignored. I also can't stand Twilight. I'm sure as a person Mrs Meyer is lovely. But her books really annoy me. For one, vampies don't sparkle. And I know that sometimes a tree is just a tree . . . but would it kill her to use an adjective once in a while? Apart from that, I'm pretty laidback.

Where you might know me from:
ContestshippingRoses on YouTube (Pokemon)
FruitsBasketYaoiFan on YouTube (Fruits Basket)
KHMusicalProductions on YouTube (Kingdom Hearts)
MistressOfTheSymbols on DeviantArt

Pick 5 friends and list them:

Carly- The Original Yaoi Fangirl
Ahny- Ahny
Dave- Rated M for a Reason
Izzy- Analyst Productions
Kirsty- -Kaidee-1

Rules: You can't say yourself for any.

1. Who have you known longest? I met Carly and Izzy around about the same time.

2. Who is the loudest? Carly- sorry sweetie, but you have no idea how loud you truly are. She loves to tell people what she thinks, and doesn’t really care if she lacks tact in doing so. But somehow . . . I guess that’s one of the things I love most about her.

3. Who is the shyest? I’m going to say Izzy-she is just so shy when it comes to boys!

4. Who is always happy? Izzy again- she abuses her smiley face privileges.

5. Who is the funniest? This is where it becomes awkward. Kirsty is funny because of the random and cute things she comes out with. Ahny is so intelligent, but she makes me laugh when she is just letting loose (like with Moses and Mozart). Izzy is funny because of the way she’ll say something, but then apologize and then apologize for apologising. Carly and Dave make me laugh simply because of how perverted they are and how brilliantly random they are

6. Who has the nicest hair? Carly- she just had it cut and styled, and she suits it brilliantly.

7. Who is the cutest? Dave is just the cutest thing ever to me!

8. Who is the most caring? Again, this is hard. Carly likes to mother me, simply because I mother her and it’s rare when she gets to return the favour. Dave cares because he’ll distract me from my problems and help me rant about little things. Ahny is really caring too, and she lets me know when I should jest get over it (like the recent Harry Potter fiasco).

9. Who is the best singer? That’s an easy one:Ahny and Izzy. It should be illegal to have that much talent.

10. Who is the sexiest? Carly and Dave are in to sex if that counts. They’re working on a book: The Collective History of Kink.

11. Who is the most mature? It has to beAhny. Maybe it’s because she’s the oldest, but she is the most mature person I know.

12. Who is always in a bad mood? I have pretty optimistic friends.

13. The hardest worker (work, school etc)? That has to be Dave. He is always trying his best to keep up with his brother, and I think he’s doing a great job.

14. Who will be the first one to get married? Of course it’s going to be our resident homosexual- Dave!

15. Who do you think will get pregnant within the next year? Dave again

16. Who is most likely to succeed in life? I hope they all will. But I’m going to choose . . . Ahny. She puts so much work in to everything she does and she is just so amazing, that I know she’ll be a success.

17. Who has the shortest temper? Carly I guess. If anyone makes fun of her or someone she loves, she is quick to snap and just let them know what she thinks.

18. Who has no patience? Dave (I can’t really put a detailed thing here. He actually just has very little patience).

19. Who is the smartest? Ahny is academically smart. Izzy is book-smart. Dave knows all the useless trivia. Kirsty is empathetic. And Carly is street smart. So . . . I’d say they all are.

20. Who ends up doing the craziest stuff? It’s Carly, every time. Only she would stay up until four in the morning, just to see if drinking twenty-one and a half cups of coffee will really turn you in to a pervert (she watches YouTube too much).

21. Who has the nicest eyes? Well . . . Izzy has these startling blue eyes. But Carly has these stunning obsidian eyes . . . I guess they both do.

22. Who gives the best advice? Well . . . they all give great advice in their own way. Ahny’s advice is probably the most useful, as she considers all the options and can usually relate to what you say. Kirsty . . . well I’ve never had to go to her for advice before. Izzy normally agrees with what I say, so it’s good to have that when you’re feeling bad. Dave is such a girl with this sort of thing, and he insists on a chick-flick with ice cream (funnily enough, I’m the one who ends up comforting him afterwards). And Carly’s advice is more . . . hands-on. She wants to sort my problems out herself.

23. Who is the laziest? Hmm . . . so I can’t say me? Well . . . Ahny maybe. She can never decide what she wants to do, so nothing gets done (she’s rejected the colour game). But when she does get working, she works so hard. Carly is lazy too though.

24. Who is the weirdest? Carly is by far the weirdest (let me refer you back to question 20)

25. Who is the most random? Dave I suppose. We’ll be discussing Pride and Prejudice, when he’ll suddenly drag me away to get Chicken Wings. I guess he’s just spontaneous.

26. Who is the most creative? Ahny. Have you read JITU? Have you talked to this girl? Everything she says and does is dripping with creativity!

27. Who is the prettiest? They’re all pretty. Ahny is gorgeous, Izzy is beautiful, Kirsty is cute, Dave is handsome and Carly is dazzling.

28. Who is the ditziest? Kirsty- I went to her MSN wedding. Trust me when I say she’s a bit ditzy.

29. Who is the most naïve? Kirsty again- but it makes her so adorable.

30. Who is the biggest flirt? Carly and Dave- you should really see what happens when they see an attractive guy. If he’s hetro, Carly will talk to him and flirt like there’s no tomorrow. If he’s homo, Dave will talk to him and flirt like there’s no tomorrow. Have I mentioned they both have boyfriends?

Upcoming Fics

Rated T
May X Drew , Max X OC
Adventure , Drama
The Mirage Tower has perplexed explorers troughout History. It's mysteries were left untapped; it's secrets untouched. But now history is about to change. In the midst of a heat wave, May returns home to found her father gone and her brother, along with his research partner Aurelia, researching in to the Mirage Tower and the recent weather conditions. But things take a dark turn and every fact they had built their beliefs upon is about to be shattered.

Favourite Couples

May X Drew
Ash X Gary
Misty X Gary
Dawn X Paul
Brock X Steph
Ruby X Sapphire
Solana X Lunick

Least Favourite Couples

May X Ash
May X Brendan
Misty X Drew
Dawn X Drew
Brianna X Drew
May X Harley
Drew X Harley
Ash X Drew

Friend Lists

Rachael- An Inuyoukai Dreammaker
My closest friend and a great person. Who else is going to go to town dressed as Itachi?

Izzy- Confessions-of-a-secret-love
She is so funny and talented!! She sings AND writes!! How cool is that?!

Dave- Rated M for a Reason
My Prince Charming and my rock.

Kirsty- -Kaidee-1
So random... it scares me! But you've got to love her for it!

Tessa- Face the Dawn
What can I say? Tessa is... Tessa! She's uber-friendly and really fun!!

Carly- The Original Yaoi Fan Girl
MUSHU!! I love this girl! I do. And her writing style is improving vastly! She is so funny and my seme

Ahny- Ahny
An honest to goodness Goddess. She inspires me so much and I hope that I'll be as amazing as her one day


This has been A Rose for me-A Rose for you. Over and out ;)

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