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Author has written 26 stories for Stargate: SG-1, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy VIII, Resident Evil, Avatar: Last Airbender, Mass Effect, A-Team, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hi all,

Thought I would - rather than write about someone else - tell you a bit about myself.

I'm a single mom from the UK who, when she gets a bit of spare time likes to write. My main theme is SG-1 fic, but I plan to jot down a few more for a couple of other interests I have. Dungeons&Dragons being my absolute favrite cartoon of all time. FFXIII, my fics mainly centre around Light, Hope and Snow but absolutely no pairings unless they're cannon! Avatar, Ninja Turtles, The Champions, Kamen Rider Double and lots and lots of other TV stuff! I'm really not terribly fussy! All of which I plan (at some point in the future) to write fiction for.


My fics usually centre around Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill friendship and include Dan/Janet Jack/Sam pairings. My stories are mostly friendship/angst with the occasional whump, though nothing to heavy - I like my fics to include a little action rather than pages and pages of bed-side vigils. I have been known to keep my readers guessing and I like nothing more than seeing those reactions in the form of reviews. Thank you to all who leave a comment about a story or a certain chapter. You keep my own interest alive as I'm not writing these for myself alone, but for everyone who may come to like the stories I want to share.

I currently have a WIP called Monday's Child. This is a very LONG but special fiction to me. Unfortunately I haven't had the urge to write much more of it so for now I am afraid it will be remaining incomplete. Soon as my muse allows it however, I will finish it. One day soon I hope.


I grew up with this show and I have all the DVD's! I've yet to write a fic for this under this pen-name. I have done one, however, when I registered three years ago and then had a problem with my internet access and forgot my log-in's for that Pen name. Clever huh?

Good news! I have since managed to retreive that account and I can now update it. That pen-name I will keep to myself however ;)


Love these characters, even if the game play was a little off in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, it was a fab story and all but not enough EXPLORATION! Which to me is a very important part of a FF game. I've writen a number of one-shots. Mostly Family-fic centering around Light, Hope and Snow. The others play small roles and the only pair I ship are Fang and Vanille. Those Light and Hope shippers, sorry to disappoint, but I hope you at least find some pleasure in reading my stuff :)

My current baby is a cross-over, FF8 vs FF13 called The Nightmare Legion. Some have made a question about the way I've decided to submit each 'episode' as a different story. I just find it easier to keep a track of where I am with it, treating it like a running TV series, each episode revealing more and ending on a 'cliff-hanger'. As far as I know, this isn't against the rules, if it is please let me know and I'll place all of what I have into one large fic, seperated into chapters only :)

The Nightmare Legion is going very well, after a long absence due to real-life beating me down, I have finally found my footing again, largely down to one person in particular. Vivi 26 has not only kindly offered to be my Beta reader but has been a HUGE inspiration and a driving force in the most recent updates. His own works have given me fresh ideas to incorporate into the work and I am beyond delighted with the progress that has been made.

Which is why I have absolutely no problem in naming Vivi 26 as an official co-author in The Nightmare Legion.

As always, please leave a review if you can spare the time, either to let me know what you liked or (especially) what you didn't like. I can't learn if no one tells me.

Thanks very much.

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