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Well hey.

My real name isn't really that important. You can just call me Quiet Screams. As for my age, it is definately safe to say that I am younger than one hundred.

So I have a lot of hobbies, but I don't want to bore you by talking about all of them. The main, and most obvious, one is writing. I love writing, whether it be fanfics or my own original stuff. I like writing all types of genres, but my favorite would have to be historical fiction. I love history because I am just that cool.

Right now, the only fandom that I'm writing stuff for is Naruto. I will probably move onto other fandoms later, but for right now, my main focus is Naruto. Pairings will vary as inspiration hits me. I am an avid Sasuke/Sakura fan, and I will be posting a lot of fics with that pairings. However, I might be trying some other pairings with Sakura, like Kakashi/Sakura, Itachi/Sakura, etc. I will most definately be writing Naruto/Hinata and Neji/Tenten fics in the future. I have no idea who to pair Shikamaru with at the moment, so I don't know if I will ever write a fic about him. However, even though I will be experimenting with different pairings, I won't be writing any Yaoi or Yuri. I'm just not a fan.

As of now, I only have one fic up, which is Hiding Behind a Mask. I have recently deleted my first few fics that invovled some OCs because...well they were just embarrassing. Even though I have a lot of ideas for new fics, I don't think I'll be starting any new ones until HBAM is done.

For people who are reading HBAM, here are a couple links that show pictures and describe the clothing I mention in the fic:

(this website has a lot of information on japanese clothing. If you want to know what Sasuke looked like in chapter 3, you can click on men's outfits and go to bunkan sokutai (hoeki no sokutai) sugata)

If you just want to see an overall picture of what Sasuke looked like:

This space is reserved for summaries of fics that are completed, in progress or coming soon

So that's pretty much all there is that is worth knowing because I'm kinda a boring person. Anyways, please read and review my stuff. I really appreciate hearing what you guys have to say!

Quiet Screams out.

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Without my mask of white makeup, I am Haruno Sakura and nearly invisible. When I put on the costume and mask, I become Lady Shizuka, a shirabyoshi, and no matter what people say, I'll not become a noble's mistress. Especially to one like Uchiha Yoshitsune
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