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[16-04-12] Update time again!

Some stuff about me, since much has changed.

A recent graduate of university, I am now teaching English as a second language in South Korea. It's not all candy and roses or anything, but it is definitely a good experience. Four months! I can't believe it's already been this long. Still is awesome, though. I might even make a career as an ESL teacher, but only if my writing doesn't take off. Which it probably won't.

As before, I love debates and stuff, and I love playing games. To be honest, I'm PSYCHED AS HELL for Guild Wars 2, which should be coming out later this year. Can't wait to run around as a charr, blowing stuff up xD

Not much else to say about me. I'm just your average guy who's trying to get by in this crazy game called life. And what a game it is; there's never a dull moment, and if there is, it lasts for about two seconds.

I'll not make tl;dr walls of text here, but I'll just list the things I think will help you get to know me better. ...That is why you're reading this profile, right? RIGHT?!

Pen-Name Origins: Based on my very first original character, Hera Ledro: an imaginary alien friend I had as a kid. I've since evolved him into something more, but you'll have to wait for my novel to get all the info!

MSN: nanakikicksass@hotmail.com (MSN)

Age: 22 currently. I FEEL OLD D:

Sexuality: Bisexual, male preference.

Location: Not up your ass or you'd feel it ;D You think I'm giving you my home address? HA! Psych!

Hobbies: Writing, obviously. I'm also a guitarist, journalist, and reviewer. In my spare time I enjoy not only writing fiction, but writing critical reviews to old shows and books. I'm a real Bookworm at heart; though my Favourite Shows list below is extensive, I rarely find the time to watch TV, and I just really prefer reading. It's engaging!

Likes: Friends, pizza, tacos, children's literature, debating, and just about any animal. I am a furry, and I have no shame in admitting it =D

Dislikes: Asshats, tomatoes, brussel's sprouts, high-brow snobbery/arrogance, arguing, and (much like any sane person) Stephanie Meyer!

Favourite Games: Guild Wars, StarCraft, Assassin's Creed, Monopoly, Chess, Connect Four...come to think of it, most board games. Can't stand most card games, though.

Favourite Shows: Biker Mice From Mars, Animaniacs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, American Dragon: Jake Long, The Raccoons, Batman: The Animated Series, CSI (Vegas and Miami), Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, Just For Laughs, and some other relatively obscure television.

Favourite Music: Anything by Bon Jovi; Dragonforce, Nightwish, Nickelback, The Fray, Eric Clapton, Daughtry, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. What? I like them!

Favourite Books: Redwall; Silverwing Saga; Dracula; As I Lay Dying; Green Grass, Running Water; Funny Boy; Rebecca; Harry Potter Series; Animorphs (once upon a time; I loathe science-fiction now for the most part). I'll think up more later; I have LOTS of books that I love.

Favourite Comics: I'm not big on most comics, but I have taken a liking to web-comics. Housepets!, VG Cats, and Inverloch are the three that come immediately to mind.

Rants & Ramblings (idea taken from GirlyGeek's profile) Racism and homophobia. Fuck. Them. Both. I swear, it makes absolutely no sense that there are people out there who get worked up because a woman is black or because a guy has a thing for another guy. WHY?! It's 'unnatural'? You see homosexuality all over nature, dammit, and coloured skin is BECAUSE of nature, or need I remind some of you that we ALL CAME FROM AFRICA. While not the ebony we see in contemporary black people, all humans had a dark skin tone at one time. Research early human migration patterns; you'll see what I mean.

Note on Original Characters

My OCs aren't unique in that each represents a certain aspect of myself. It's important to note that while I am under the username of Hera Ledro, the OC Hera Ledro is not a projection of myself onto the world of fiction. If we're to talk about similarities, then Jacob King is the most like me; aside from some slight differences, we're very much alike. So please don't confuse the Hera Ledro (me) with the Hera Ledro OC; our only similarity is in our obsession with analyzing.

If you wish to use my characters, then please drop me a line first so I can school you in their intricacies. It's the details of their characters which make them more realistic and interesting, and I'd rather not read a story that has Hera Ledro or Jake in it and see their characters go completely OOC over some little detail.

Redwall Alter-Ego

Kel had one, so I figured I might as well make one. Partly because I don't want anybody to assume that Mantra or Phoebus or anybody are projections of myself into my stories, but also because I feel it's awesome!

Name: Adahm (anybody here get the Thomas King reference?)

Age: Twenty-eight (28) seasons

Gender: Male

Species: Otter

Fur color: Brown

Eye color: Hazel/Brown

Build: Lithe but muscularly defined. Tall with a long tail.

Appearance in general: See above, and then add a green sleeveless vest that reaches down past his knees (or whatever they're called in the Redwall 'verse). Tends to carry around a shortsword on the belt around his hips and a cache of javelines about his back. He's an expert Sue-hunter you see ;D

Personality: Loud and obnoxious at times, but for the most part is simply a verbose and comedic creature. He loves to talk and loves to debate (the Redwall friars have thrown him out multiple times because he argued the correct proportion of hotroot to put into a good hotroot soup). Enjoys chess and checkers, but more often than not would prefer to get into a brawl of some sort rather than sitting about and playing a game. Avid reader in his spare time, and hates fishing (WHAT?!). Tends to get worked up over little matters, and rarely takes serious matters seriously. Takes a strong interest in sea tales and stories about lands over the sea (reminiscent of my own fascination with the culture of First Nations people in Canada and the US). Takes great pride in his story-telling and improvisation abilities.

Appears in: None at the moment. Doubt he ever will, since he'd probably get kicked out by the canon characters pretty quickly.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Open for Free Story Requests

I will be opening up for writing requests here. They will be limited to 4, and I will be doing one per week at most.





I'm not expecting anything, simply because you lot haven't a clue how I write or what I do. So here are a few criteria to give you a better idea of what I'm willing to write. If you would like a sample of my work, please check out my stories on FanFiction.net. I have written mainly for Biker Mice From Mars and Redwall (though they are admittedly lacking in updates). If you're looking for a sample of my most recent published work, then I would recommend reading "Savin' Me", "You Really Got Me", the last 2 chapters of my cancelled series "Dissonance", and "The Vanguard: A Tale of Redwall". If you'd prefer seeing how I've improved - the bottom that I have worked up from - then by all means read my American Dragon: Jake Long and "Discovery" entries, though I warn you that they're extraordinarily amateur.

Criteria for Requests

1) I will not write pornography. I don't find anything wrong with porno if others want to write it, but it is neither my style nor my preference. If you have a fetish that you would like worked in then I will see what I can do - in hindsight, I've unintentionally written many stories that have footpaw fetishes - but I'll not write scenes involving explicit and graphic sexual relations.
2) The entry cannot be too long. I have no problem writing lengthy character studies or romances or anything of the sort, but I draw the line when it exceeds roughly 4000 words. It's not that I wouldn't like to write for you - I would - but I do not have the time for that.
3) You must provide me with basic references. Don't go writing out a character sheet or a ten-page description of the settings you want used, but I would like something to work with. Personality, species, a couple of likes and/or dislikes; I don't want a lot. And if there's any trouble, then...
4) I require your e-mail and/or FurAffinity account name. I need some way of contacting you to let you know it's done. And the last thing I want to do is misunderstand something that you'd like done, so if I have questions then I'll need a way to ask them. E-mail is preferable, as it's a more reliable method of communication than private messaging.
5) You allow me some creative license with the characters and/or settings that I portray in the story. As any artist knows, one person's vision does not precisely match another person's interpretation. Writing is no different. I will try to match what I view to be fundamental parts of your vision that makes it your vision, but I can't see everything, and perhaps there's something I think might work well with what you've thought up that you hadn't thought of before. This is your world, and I won't defile it, but I need to be able to show you what it looks like to me. That is why you've come to me, right?
6) You allow me to post the final product and/or rough drafts on FurAffinity/FanFiction-dot-net free of charge, with some exceptions. Wouldn't actually say this, but something unfortunate happened very recently to an artist that I greatly admire. She had accepted a commission, but upon completion of that commission was told that it could not be displayed. So let's make one thing clear: while it is your vision, they are my hands bringing it into fruition. I can respect privacy, but this is as much my work as it is your conception. If you ask me to write something and keep it private, then fine; as long as we discuss it beforehand, then I am sure we can work something out. I'm a very compromising individual. But other people need to see that their work is in capable hands, and what better way to do that then to see a sample. That sample could be your brilliant idea, so it's as much an advertisement for you as it is for me. See? Win-win!
7) It must be furry. For FurAffinity it seems self-explanatory, but for here I would like to point out that I am a furry. Not a yiff-kind, that's just creepy, but for some reason I enjoy writing furry characters more. Perhaps its because I like to treat the animals as characters rather than the archetypes and stereotypes that others seem so intent on raping to hell and back. Then again, it could be because I grew up with Redwall and Biker Mice From Mars and OKAY MOVING ON!

That's all the criteria, really. It's not all that much - ultimately it boils down to let me do my thing and let me do it well. So I'm open for requests immediately after posting this journal. I will not, however, be starting the requests until April, as a new chapter in my life is beginning very soon and I'll have a bit of adjusting to do.

They say the pen is sharper than the sword, that it can cut through even the hardest of hearts and inspire even the dimmest of minds. So why don't we make that happen? All it takes is a little ink, and a lot of imagination.

Notes on Stories:

American Dragon: Jake Long - Season Three

This series has been cancelled due to my waning interest in the AD:JL universe. I still think that the series is top-notch, especially in its later episodes, but the main reason I made this was as a proponent of the Save AD:JL movement. As I have more important things to do than try and save a show because it was cancelled by the higher-ups despite being freaking awesome (rawrg), I have cancelled this series. If you want to read what I have, go ahead; in hindsight it really wasn't too terrible, though the writing is rather amateur compared to what I can do now that I've matured.

Discovery: Rock 'n' Ride

Yeah...this is a dark chapter in my life. The concept is good, I suppose, but the execution is so amateur, and I took Throttle WAY OOC. Why I chose to make him go the semi-emo route, I don't know, because I have never actually been a little emo turd who runs away from their life. In any case, this particular story was completed. I hope to do a re-write or at least an edit in the future, but I make no promises. Also, please do not think too heavily about Hera Ledro; in that particular incarnation, he was a Mary Sue in the most obvious regards. Though I have not yet put him in any recently written stories, he is no longer a Mary Sue, and has become much more tempered.

Discovery: Homecoming

The basic premise for this was that the Biker Mice go home with the regenerator in tow, but end up needing help and crossover into what was originally my first concept for a novel. Again, a rather amateur premise, but the execution had improved...slightly. Hera Ledro was still a Mary Sue, the plot that I had planned out would have just introduced more Mary Sues, the plot devices being developed were stupid, and I could keep going on and on...but I won't. This series has been put on an indefinite hiatus; I may pick it up again, I may not, I just don't know. But whatever happens, it will definitely be for the better.

Biker Mice From Mars One-Shots

These actually aren't terrible, and they're from a point in my life where I was developing much more as an author, mainly due to my exposure to many different kinds of texts in university. To paraphrase Stephen King, if you ever want to be a good writer, you have to do two things: read a lot and write a lot (I have his book On Writing, and even though in my opinion his writing is terrible, he still has some very important and useful thoughts on the matter of writing). Reading a lot allowed me to explore different avenues in writing, something which I channeled into my Biker Mice From Mars one-shots.

"Home" is very much about the importance and flexibility of what a home really is. In my opinion, home is always where your heart is, and your heart can belong to many different people at once, or it can belong to a single person.

"The Best Part" isn't exactly a great piece of work, even though it is one of my guilty pleasures. It's stupid because I impose on Throttle many of the talents which I possess - I'm an excellent singer and a guitarist, and I write journals every now and again, but to be honest...I suck at poetry. I effectively turned Throttle into a self-insert, which is not a very good thing to do. Could Throttle be good at that stuff? Possibly, but I didn't really explore that. All I did was state it. This story DID help me work with my narrative, though, and despite the fact that I made Throttle into a self-insert Sue, I think my style of narrative really started to seriously develop here.

"You Really Got Me" is, I think, my favourite of the BMFM one-shots. It's Charley/Vinnie, and actually some implied Vinnie and another character (though I won't say which!). It gave me a chance to explore the humorous side of the bros (good god, them in a grocery shop xD), as well as some things that might make Vinnie who he is. It was fun to write, and allowed me to develop my method of writing ambiguity, while also helping me learn to become more accustomed to writing characters whose personalities I find troublesome.

"Savin' Me" is a songfic that I wrote for GirlyGeek, whose writings I have enjoyed almost invariably. Yeah, I poke fun at her hopeless romantic writing style, but I still love what she does. And even though it's not my favourite cup of tea, she does it very well. This was a tribute to something she did in her latest BMFM work, "Earth: The Final Battlefield". I enjoyed writing this for a few reasons. First and foremost, it was a challenge; doing something like this in "Discovery: Rock 'n' Ride" was unsuccessful because there was no lead-in to it; there was nothing to establish that Throttle's character would have changed in the way that I had changed it. However, with this story, GirlyGeek had already put Throttle through serious mental trauma, and I was able to explore the darker side of him that I had been trying to get at before. It gave me a chance to learn how to properly write depression, and how alcoholism can inhibit the mind. The other reason is that it gave me a chance to work with characters that were created by another author (permissions were given!), characters that had not really been given the amount of screentime that the Bros had. This is not my favourite one-shot; it's just not really my style, but it was a challenge, and I appreciate challenges. Despite this, though, I find that "Savin' Me" holds a special place in my heart.

"The First Proposal" is my first REAL attempt at romance, though not completely on the developing side. In "Home" I had attempted to portray a romance that I had thought to exist in the series, without actually establishing that romance. It was basically something which only appealed to Throttle/Charley shippers. In "The First Proposal", which is an answer to The Third Biker Scholar's challenge in her "The First" series of one-shots, I took the romance that I had expedited in "Home" and jumped forward in time a few years. This is where I started to explore the techniques for developing romance at an advanced level in the relationship: engagement. Fellow men, raise your hands if the prospect of proposal scares the bajeezus out of you. Whereever your hand is, my hand is about a mile higher. Though I didn't turn this into a self-insert issue like I did with "The Best Part" (as this is an issue that 99% of all males-with-love-interests everywhere face), I did explore some of the anxieties that I'm not entirely familiar with. I think that this story is ultimately my most successful, as it has the most faves of ANY story I've ever written. Consider also that I just wrote this a couple months ago. Yeah. In any case, this is far and away one of my favourite fictions that I wrote ever, especially since I was apparently able to successfully portray emotions that I've never felt firsthand. Huzzah!

Blessed Release (FFIX)

Oh god...the inspiration, the inspiration! I hadn't really forgotten this scene, but I had been doing a replay of Final Fantasy IX, and I got to this scene. The emotion of it hit me like a brick wall, especially since it was all done off-screen, so WHO THE HECK KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED? This was a chance for me to explore a softer side of camaraderie that I hadn't been able to explore in BMFM (because they're all sexy macho mice), and also re-explore what it means to be family. This was my interpretation of that scene. I know for a fact that some rather unsavoury interpretations have been made, but I didn't want to go down that road (for obvious experiences). It also gave me a chance to explore the incommunicable nature of life, something which is very important for Vivi. I really liked writing this, and it challenged me to keep something that was so complex and serious to less than a thousand words. It was a challenge, and I loved it!

Cats Don't Dance: Darla's Revenge

Ah yes, my CDD kick. I began this LONG before I did "Blessed Release", but I updated it afterwards with an edit. Cats Don't Dance still has a very special place in my heart as a movie of satire with a great deal of self-awareness, but most of all it's just really entertaining. I had started to make this as a sequel to the original film, and I still have the original outlines in a box back in Canada, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish it. I came back to it a while later and...was appalled by the amateurishness of it, so I tried to do an edit to remove some of the amateurishness. Was I successful? Not sure, but I tried. This was originally a way for me to practice romance, and do it with one of my favourite cartoon couples of all-time. Let's face it, Danny and Sawyer are just freaking awesome!

The Vanguard: A Tale of Redwall

This was my first attempt at a co-authorship with somebody. I originally co-authored this with ElvenAngel13, and actually have most of the outlines I wrote with me in a duotang. Some things really didn't work very well, especially the whole Abbey School thing. It was fun, and actually allowed me to explore some things which I've taken over to my own novel. But I still had some problems with Mary Sues, namely with how we were determined to make Martin II stand out from just about everybody else. He was also kind of emoish, and I didn't really like that. Yeah, kids go and cry when they have a shouting match with their parents, so he wasn't atypical as far as children go, but we played up the emotional side a bit much given the age he was equivalent to for us. Even still, it was a good chance for me to explore some other avenues. I particularly like what I was having Blind Shot be: an anti-hero. I've begun to develop anti-heroes in my novel, all because of this fic.

Zeto's Destruction: A Noob's Story MST3Ked

The epitome of my amateur writing, this was written by me when I was about 12 years old, after I had played through Golden Sun. I remember playing Legend of Legaia when I first got my PlayStation - it was THE VERY FIRST PS game I ever owned. And due to the similarities in the natures of their respective quests - both were ultimately saving the world by unlocking things at specific locations - I decided that it would be ample opportunity for a crossover...with my original Hera Ledro. Oh god, the Sueness, the unmitigated, unadulterated Sueness. But I'm not ashamed of it; this was written when I was a naive young child with nothing but ideals. I still hold my ideals very highly, but I do temper them with realism and experience. As a result, I decided to turn this into a parody and satire, courtesy of the MST3K template, but using my own characters (and myself) instead of the MST3K hosts. I think the satire turned out well, and you can read about my intentions in the author's note. This was a fun little experiment for me; if I ever find another one of the stories I wrote as a brat, I'll definitely MST3K them again. It was hilarious to read, even though I was absolutely appalled.


I saved this for last because this is the one I've done the most work on, despite it being updated with only 5 chapters. This originally began as a fanfiction based on the character Brome from Martin the Warrior, a Redwall novel by the late Brian Jacques (requiescat in pace). It also originally began as a way for me to explore making the presence of dead characters...well, present. I wanted to be able to take what was gone and make it so that it was in fact always there. Did it work? No, but it did produce something else.

Dissonance has become my very first novel. It is still in the production stages, but I've taken what I had, changed it, and am making my own original novel from it. Since the last update (November 17, 2010), I have been working forward with the storyline. No spoilers, but I new characters have been added, new plotlines have been established, themes have been replaced, and so on and so forth. This is by far my greatest endeavour yet, and it's directed at the pre-teen and teen audience. Why? Because they're young enough that they can take a story similar to what Jacuqes wrote for younger kids and enjoy it, especially when said story puts issues that they deal with on a regular basis in the forefront. Homosexuality and homophobia, what it means to be a good friend, the importance of balanced study, survival in rough environments, etc. The most apparent theme is, I think, the ambiguity of morality. No moral is absolutely right or absolutely wrong, and my audience is beginning to understand that idealism isn't the way the world works, so I like to balance that out and teach tolerance rather than ignorance.

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