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WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love crack pairings!

Name: Beatrice

Age: (unknown) don't ask.

Gender: female ...last time I checked anyway.

Favorite Color: yellow

Favorite Food: spaghetti, lasagna, basically anything with tomato sauce and/or cheese.

If you want you can check out my sole video on YouTube (only lasted 16 seconds -_-'). It's for Final Fantasy X, so if you've ever played that game you may want to check out Tidus Getting Raped! XD

Naruto is by far my favorite anime of all time!! Lately I haven't favored any characters in particular, but I love the Akatsuki!

I used to really like InuYasha a lot, but I kinda got tired of it after a while. It was just so repetitive and boring! However, there is a possibility that I will write fanfiction for InuYasha... only slight.