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The Name is Emily.

I Came Into This World November 20th 1992.

I Live on the UES of Manhattan .

I Have 2 Siblings: Trey; Alexandria

And I Have The Most Amazing Boyfriend! Friends And I love Twilight and Ed Westwick!(Chuck Bass)

[And this is what I was like at the age of 15.. Oh well, I suppose I'll keep these up]


Marri-Bear: It’s been forever since I’ve called you that heehee. xD but yea- I still think that you are crazy because Jackie and Kelso are perfect for each other! BOOO HYDE!! (this post is from 2007..I like Hyde presently) But besides that, I love you for your mega randomness HAHA and all the weird conversations we have. Although I sort of have a short temper and very little patients and you annoy me often I still will love you 'cause that’s what makes you marri!! :D hehe the funny thing is--is that im texting you right now : ) but yeah, you're weird, annoying, vulnerable, loud, oblivious, (at times) gross, but also 110 percent lovable -- LMAO right there I was finished with yours and then wrote Emily and Lauren’s shout outs, but I just now remembered to mention how in love you are with my brother!! :)

EMILY: OMG it’s EMILY! Emmy, me and you hold up the ends of our little group. Like we’ve talked about before. Ur the youngest and im the oldest… Marri and LB are just the weird-o middle ages. Heehee but I love you to death XD and we both get to share the sympathy of being obligated to being lovers to two freaks lol hence you're Marri’s and I’m Lauren’s, ha. [I don't know where or why the hell they started saying that.] But anyhow, ttyl love. XD

Lauren: Laura-may xD GO SOPRANOS! (haha) but anyhow--no matter what you say, you are LB. and You're mine, Marri’s and Emily’s LB, no matter how much you complain and whine about it :D heehee and for some weird and slightly disturbing reason--you call me your lover… yes well as you know I do have a boyfriend, which makes it all the more awkward, ha ... and yet stupid Marri encourages it and then adopted poor Emily to being her lover also :). You two are freaks, but you’re my texting buddy :') .. “whats up home fry” ;; “whats up homie g” And we share our Vampy-ness lol ohh wait partly-- since ur a ‘VampWolf’ heehee. But whatever you are, I love ya! : )

I Heart All Three Of You!!

Its funny how hello is always

accompanied with goodbye,

Its funny how good memories

can start to make you cry,

Its funny how forever

never really seems to last,

Its funny how much you’d lose

If you forgot your past,

Its funny how “friends” can just

leave you when you’re down,

Its funny how when you need someone

they’re never around,

Its funny how people change

and think they’re so much better,

Its funny how many lies

can be packed in one “love letter”,

Its funny how people forgive

even though they cant forget,

Its funny how one night

can contain so much regret,

Its funny how ironic life turns out to be,

but the funniest part of all,

Is that none of that’s funny to me.

To all of my readers: I am very sorry, I have deleted all of my stories on here. I am not sure if I will ever write anything on Fanfiction again. I do read on here when I get the chance.. But I'm not sure about writing. We will see how much time I am permitted. I contemplated keeping my old stories up, but my last story completed was in 2007. My writing and perspective on things have grown, matured, and much different from what it was then. I did not want those stories up under my name to represent the work people think I am capable of doing. I also cannot figure out how to delete my Community thing... so I guess it'll just stay there for now.

Sorry. Thank you.

E M I L Y : J A M I E S O N

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