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Name: Selah

Birthday: June 23

Interests: Reading, writing, drawing, watching anime, reading manga, and listening to music. There's probably others that I left out...

Favorite Manga/Anime (in no particular order): Superior, Naruto, Bleach, Vampire Knight, Crescent Moon, Moon Boy (which is actually a manhwa), Blood (plus), Blood Alone, Trinity Blood, Koukou Debut, Ouran Highschool Host Club, and many others, I'm just too tired to list them all right now.

Favorite Bands (once again, in no particular order): Lamb of God, Slayer, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Dethklok, Hawthorne Heights, Three Days Grace, AFI, Foo Fighters, Lostprohets, Metallica, Smile Empty Soul, System of a Down and many more.

Little Notes About Me

- I love reading other people's profiles, for some strange reason...

- I like walking in the snow and the pouring rain. It is my favorite when it is a thunderstorm.

- I'm a tired person, in school I'm literally known for sleeping.

- Selah, my name, means the end, or silence.

- I enjoy scaring people. For some odd reason, which I have yet to figure out, seeing people scared makes my day. It's so entertaining!

- I enjoy shouting random things, such as, "CHAFING!"

- When I write notes to my friends, and I do a smiley-face with my exclamation marks, I use three, so that it has three eyes! It's... MUTANT!

- I hate people who drown themselves in pity. It is disgusting.

- A lot of people have the tendancy to make me annoyed.

- I hate children and am afraid of marriage.

- Children are EVIL little brats! Too much happiness radiates from them! IT BURNS!

The Leather-Bound Sketchpad

Work in Progress

Rating: T for angst-ish ideas.

Pairings: ItaSaku, slight SasuSaku (possibly more in the future, however, ItaSaku will remain the main pairing.)

Summary: That was it. He was it. Itachi Uchiha was the one she would draw. He knew how she felt in every aspect. Sure maybe their situations differed, but the feelings were the same.

My Notes: This is a unique plot, which I have never seen used before. I am avoiding all of the common cliches with this story; I hope that it turns out nicely.

Bloody Handprints


Rating: T or M for angst and gore.

Pairings: None

Summary: After that day, I began seeing in red. No color or shade existed - only red.

My Notes: This story is entirely from Itachi's point-of-view. I suppose that it could be considered a sort of prequel to The Leather-Bound Sketchpad, but really they don't need to be connected at all. It would just give more insight into Itachi's mind. Just in case anyone thinks that it starts after he annihilates his clan, I will tell you now: NO, it starts quite a while before he decides to off his family.

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He was just like a frozen river.[oneshot] [slight itasaku. just imagine.]
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The Leather Bound Sketchpad reviews
That was it. He was it. Itachi Uchiha was the one she would draw. He knew how she felt in every aspect. Sure maybe their situations differed, but the feelings were the same. And so, from that drawing it all began. ItaSaku, with a tiny amount of SasuSaku.
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