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Author has written 12 stories for Harry Potter, Dexter, Kingdom Hearts, Pet Shop of Horrors, Shaman King, Yami no Matsuei, Gundam Wing/AC, and Dexter series.

We're back! Sorry for this long absence while we were in NY! We didn't think we would stop writing all this time and it wasn't planned on Len's part! Sorry about this! We are NOT taking any challenges!! We already have 3 to write! We'll have challenge back up eventually though!

Hi, I'm Rea. If you were linked here by the cosplay websites, I did it. I go by "Little Lenny" to piss off Len who writes with me. Welcome to our profile! I have been writing since I was in the fourth grade. I'm a big stickler on fanfiction characters being in character. Please, inform us if we write something "OOC" Spelling errors are big with me. Please tell us when I make them. (I usually type)

I love to get e-mails that aren't spam, so don't hold back!

Real Name: Not telling. My nickname does make sense, though.

Nickname: Rea.

Age: 20

Gender: F

Orientation: Lesbian.

Heres some of my favorite things!

TV: Star Trek: TNG and Voyager. Lost. Dr. Who

Animes: Shaman King, Hikaru No Go (THE END IS EVIL, THOUGH! SAI!!) Yami No Matsuei, Pet Shop of Horrors, Cowboy Bebop, Deathnote, Loveless, Full Metal Alchemist, Paranoia Agent, Gundam Wing, Digimon, Bleach , Code Geass.

Movies: Pan's Labyrinth, Meet the Robinsons, Harry Potter, Miazaki's movies.

Books: I like Jeff Lindsay's writing, SOME of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, a lot of mangas (Shaman King and Pet Shop of Horrors THE ORIGINAL are some of my favorites.) and Rob Thurman's books. I totally HATE Twilight so never ask me or Len to write it. Espcially not Len. He hates Twilight like mad. As far as Harry Potter stuff, the 6th and 3rd are my favorites and the 5th and 7th are my least favorites.

Video games: Jak and Daxter series, Kingdom Hearts series, spyro.

Characters I love: Sirius Black, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Caliban Leandros, Robin Goodfellow, Jean-Claude, REN/LEN, Yoh, Bason, Manta, Anna, Junl, COUNT D, Leon, T-CHAN, Scar, Envy, Alphonse Elric, Lelouch, Karin, CC, SAI (so cute!), Muraki, Tsuziki, Soubi, Hitsugaya, Ishida.

Pairings: Lelouch/ Suzaku, D/LEON. Harry/Draco. Muraki/Tsusaki. LEN/LYSERG. Anna/Yoh. Faust/Eliza. Robin/Ishiah. Q/Picard. Hitsugaya/Ishida (Note: Not all from animes.)

Currently Writing: Don't Go

Hello, I am Len. I have formerly been called "LittleLenny" but I doubt any of you know me, and I wouldn't care if you did. Since my counterpart quit, Rea and I have taken up writing together and will post together. You see, I can not work alone. Most people's styles are cramped if they DO work with others, but mine is hurt only if I don't have someone there to occupy my time. This doesn't mean I don't write my own things. I have to write with Rea in the room. Any of you who do know me might know me as the vacationer who's computer is always broken. That means I'm bad at updating. I have been writing since high school. I'm not good with critisism, so Rea will check reviews on average.(This is why I am not a writer) So please inform REA if we write something "OOC" I could honestly care less. Rea is making me do the general bio so...

Real Name: Begins with an M.

Nickname: My nickname does not make any sence, though Rea may claim it somehow does. Feel free to call me Lenny, Len, or Ren. Taken from Shaman King, naturally, though I doubt the real Len would want to be called Lenny. Rea has nicknamed me this, by the way. I try not to have anything to do with her SK obsession because of it. I DO prefer Len above all. It's the Chinese, I believe.

Age: 23

Gender: M

Curently writing: Don't Go.

You, the reader, do not care about my likenesses. (Jedi hand wave.)

Series of Fanfictions Rea is writing currently: Pet Shop of Horrors. (Coming Soon)

Series of Fanfictions Len is writing currently: Pet Shop of Horrors. (Coming Soon)

Series of Fanfictions Rea and Len are writing: Pet Shop of Horrors. (Comming soon).

A note from Rea: I appologize in advance for Len's rudeness! We don't edit each other's posts beyond spelling. Len does like reviews, he just pretends not to on a regular basis. Thanks for dealing with him. He really is amazing in person.

A note from Len: If you really love our writing style and have bothered to read this, please send us a challenge plot on e-mail or in private message. We're almost certain to give it a crack. A good guide, though, to what we know is on Rea's list of Animes. I'm more experienced a watcher, but I don't feel like listing all of them. If we can't do your challenge, it's probably do to not knowing the anime/series/ ect. because we're more than happy to write yuri, yoai (Yaoi? I don't know...) and het.

Rea Wrote:

Happy Saint Patrick's

I Dreamed I was yours

Playing Doctor

Len Wrote:


Criminal Fantasies

Both Wrote:


Do Let's


Christmas Cake and Flowers

Only Casual

The Visit


Coming VERY Soon I Promise!

Don't Go

Shimering Trees


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