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Sorry for the delay on the chapter for TPATP! I wanted to log in and say that it is going to be coming soon. This month was a crazy one for me in more ways than one, but I won't bore you with the details.

To pacify the people who are sharpening their machetes for me, I would like to share with you a story that I've started some time ago. Recently a reader mentioned that they wished I wrote a vampire themed story. And as it turns out, I have. It's only an intro, but the story is finished in my head and I will complete it in the near future.

As you all know I am a big fan of MiHawk and Robin pairing, and you will see that I've actually used them as the main character models in this story as well. However, because this story is filed in the Vampire section, their names have been changed, but in my head they're still MiHawk and Robin.

I've published this piece under a different pen name. If you search for the author Karushipa you will find this story. Or follow the link below:

Thank you for your patiences. Have a great 4th of July weekend and I promise that TPATP will be with you soon!


Hello everyone. I know... I'm a damn jerk.

I want to apologize to everyone who's left a review/comment/encouragement/praise/threats and especially to Anonymous T who has been with this story (and me) from the start. I'm not sure if she's still reading my stories but the next chapter is dedicated to you. Having said that, I apologizes for not being able to update for such a long time. Before I knew it time flashed by and my career sort of took off and I've been living a very fast pace life since then. I really miss having time to write and I still do love MiHawk & Robin immensely.

Both my stories, The Past and the Peppermint and OP University is finished in my head.

The Past and the Peppermint: I am making it my personal mission to update it by mid-end of June (I know end of May sounds better but June is more realistic). I promise.

OP University: I actually love writing this piece. Maybe it's because there's so much sexual tension (and sex... later...) between MiHawk & Robin throughout the entire story. The only concern I have for OP University is that the upcoming chapter may be too intense for this site and I may have to move it elsewhere. I will try to update this by end of July.

Thank you for all your attention and love. Thank you for your review. See you soon!


Holy god, has it really been nearly a year since the last update? I've been busy spending the last couple of months earning a degree or two. I give my most sincerest apologies to those who've stayed with the stories. For those who've remained, with love...

Past and Peppermints: CHAPTER 20: Darker Than Love Posted by the end of July 09


Okay, weird… I left an update message on my profile not too long ago but when I checked today I saw that it had been placed at the bottom of my profile rather than the top where I originally wrote it in. I guess there was a website glitch. Go figure. Bleh…

My apologies for the long absences and the lack of updates. Life have been keeping me in stitches for a while but I promise to be back VERY soon! Updates WILL be made before the end of this month… NO LIES!

Thank you for your patiences and love...

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