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Author has written 7 stories for Twilight, Final Fantasy VII, Vampire Knight, Gossip Girl, and Vampire Diaries.

About me

My name is Eline. I am sixteen years old and I am from the Netherlands. Writing is, and has been for many years, my greatest passion. Also, I draw a lot, mostly people and characters for my stories.

I write stories about my obsessions. And believe me, I have a lot of obsessions. They vary from time to time, but it's mostly FFVII, shoujo manga, the Twilight Saga, the Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, etc etc.

My penname is Asrialth. She is a character I designed for a story a long time ago. I never finished that story, though, but my heart still wants to. This character always stayed with me. That is why she is very important to me. That, and the fact that it is such a weird name that no one else would ever make it up, made me decide to make this my penname. At youtube, livejournal and fictionpress, I am also Asrialth.

Stories so far:


Mystic Falls' own Gossip Girl~
a Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl crossover
in process, updated regularly

When Blair comes to Mystic Falls, things are bound to go wrong. Blair meet Damon Salvatore, he nearly kills her and she holds a grudge against him. Now, she is trying to become queen of Mystic Falls High, and going to every extent to get revenge on Damon. That includes finding out about his deepest secrets and making them public.
But the secrets Blair unravels are more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. And when a sudden danger comes to Mystic Falls, Blair and her all-time rival for the throne Elena Gilbert and her vampire friends must join hands to win. Will they be able to put their hate aside and work together?
And what was Blair's reason for coming here? And when her friends from Manhattan arive... What will they do to Mystic Falls? (BlairXChuck. DamonXElena.)


~Worries in the night~
a Vampire Knight fanfic
Finished oneshot

Cross Yuuki and Kiryuu Zero are patrolling on the schoolgrounds one night, when Yuuki suddenly collapses.
Zero is worried and wants to take care of her... but then, a very worried Kuran Kaname steps in.
Which of the guys will win and get to take care of Yuuki? And what on earth is wrong with her? Why is she so scared of everything?


~Sephiroth's issues~
a FFVII fanfic
In process, coming soon.

A very sentimental Sephiroth tells the story of his life to a man who is waiting for the bus.
His anger-management is not really helping yet. And even though Sephiroth tries to be polite and not kill the man, he still scares the hell out of him.
Nonsense, humour and a lot of Sephiroth


~Alice's origins~
a Twilight fanfic
Still in process

The story of how Alice was created, how she met Jasper, and how they finally reached the Cullens. Of course all our favorite scenes that Jasper and Alice talk about in Eclipse are told here from Alice's perspective. Finally we find out what exactly happened to her.


~Aerith's inheritance~
a FF VII fanfic
Still in process

Five years after Tseng sent Cissnei to deliver the box, containing 88 letters written by Aerith, to Zack, Cissnei has finally managed to reach Cloud, as Zack had passed away. But bad luck seems to hunt the path of the box, finding death and destruction on the way! What is so important to the box that makes it the target of all bad things? What important information did Aerith send Zack?
Cloud finds out... and has to fight every single one of his friends, family and allies to protect what little of the world that can still be saved. But what should he do? Should he save his friends and surrender? Or should he fight and kill them, but save the world?
In the middle of all the panic, Cloud tries to find peace with his past, forgiving Aerith, making Zack proud... With only Cissnei at his side. Finding true love eventually, helps him to find the answer to the dilemma of what he needs to do... But is it the right choice?

Will Cloud do the right thing and survive?


~Wedding by Nightfall~
a Twilight fanfic

Alice wonders why she always has to be the bringer of bad news. She finds out that being a psychic isn't always that fun. Especially when she sees that their worst enemies, the Volturi, are coming to Forks to capture Bella, just when the marriage of Bella and Edward is planned!
The Volturi come, sooner than Alice could have expected, and they capture Edward and Jasper, and leave the rest at home, bound to the orders Alec gave them. Alice and Bella follow the Volturi to Italy in a weak attempt to save the reasons for their existence: their loves. But they find things that even Alice couldn't foresee. Aro had planned some pretty big things for them... which forces Alice and Bella to choose between their loyalty and their loves.

The question remains: how will they get out alive, and how will they find Jasper and Edward back?

In the end, it's a game where the one with the strongest will wins. No one seems to know how this will end. And why did Edward run off to Russia, appearing to have lost his mind? Why does the future that Alice could see all the time suddenly disappear? And why is the Volturi's guard so nervous?

It seems like the Volturi will finally meet their equals. But every victory comes with a prize. A prize Alice would never have wanted to pay.

Asrialth's Sacred List of Coolest Characters Ever
(I won't put them in order, because with me, that order changes every couple of days when a new obsession comes up)

Doctor Takito Aki (Sakura High Girl - written by lunarstargazer)
Ootori Kyouya (OHHC)
Vincent Valentine (FFVII)
Alice Cullen (Twilight saga)
Asrialth Scarface (the tales of Aerlios)
Death (the bookthief)
Corporal Dan (Forest Gump)
Damon Salvatore (TVD)
Lafayette (True blood)

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The story of how Alice Whitlock was created, how she met Jasper, how they bonded, and how they reached the Cullens. Of course the well-known scenes told in Eclipse, will be told, but now first-handed and from Alice's POV. Strongly Jasper/Alice Es/Car Em/R
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Yuuki collapses during patrol at night from a lack of sleep, Kaname and Zero try to take care of her. My first one-shot, just a lot of ZeroXYuuki drabble, romance, sweetness, declarations of love, that kind of thing. Sorry. :P Zero's POV. ZeroxYuuki
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