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Author has written 2 stories for Merlin, and Sherlock.

'Ello, mates. Name's Aubrey. No, I'm not British. That's just wishful thinking on my part.

I'm a sophomore in college who spends too much time on and livejournal for her own good. I have a HUGE appetite for reading. HUGE. I like stories with an actual plot, not just mindless smut. Don't get me wrong, I'm as hormonal as any other teenager, but a story isn't a story if it has little or no plot. As for the pairings, I like some het stuff, but...nah, who'm I kidding, It's 99% slash!

Some facts about me:

I'm a raging lesbian. Huge supporter of LGBT rights. Nature lover. Celtic pagan. Completely and utterly obsessed with the fantasy genre. Basically in love with anything Irish or British. My favorite actors/actresses are Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Colin Morgan, Jennifer Lawrence, and Katie McGrath. I have six younger siblings so I'm slightly insane. I hated most aspects of high school but am having a blast in college. I'm a Biology major going Pre-Med, but I also enjoy filmmaking, photography, and writing. Life plan? Join Doctors Without Borders and save the world. All whilst juggling my dangerous fanfiction addiction.

Categories I read/plan to write in, in order of favorites:

Sherlock (BBC)

Thor/Avengers (movies)

Merlin (BBC)

Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter (I ship so many pairings under this category it's ridiculous)

Pirates of the Caribbean

Doctor Who



Hunger Games

Theatre Illuminata

Fullmetal Alchemist

My favorite pairings (following above order):

Sherlock/John (because...I have functional visual and auditory capacities)

Thor/Loki (so much fucking chemistry here. and Loki's adopted, so it's ok. :)

Merlin/Arthur (because even Bradley James ships them)

Morgana/Morgause (but ONLY in AU where they are not in the LEAST bit related to each other)

Legolas/Aragorn (because Arwen doesn't do shit)

Harry/Snape (LOVE LOVE LOVE), Harry/Draco (classic love/hate), Ginny/Hermione (femmeslash!), Neville/Luna (fucking adorable)

Jack/Will (seriously, who needs Elizabeth??)

Ten/Rose (because they made me cry. He will ALWAYS be my favorite Doctor and she will ALWAYS be my favorite Rose *sobs*)


Eragon/Arya (because. just because.)


Ariel/Bertie (I'm a Nate hater, sorry)

Ed/Roy (ah, more classic love/hate, anime style!)

Pairings that make me cringe:


Arthur/Gwen (no chemistry here. not to mention the fact that it's so goddamn formulaic.)

Anything involving Arwen.

Ron/Hermione (I love them, I really do, I just can't read any fanfics of them because it's so's already been so overdone...)

Harry/Ginny (SO forced and generic, I mean come ON, he didn't even look at her til Book 6)

Harry/Dumbledore (Um, can YOU see them getting it on? Because I certainly can't!)

Anything involving Elizabeth.

Anything involving Nate.

Ed/Winry (I absolutely DESPISE Winry, she is so whiny and useless)

Anything involving rape/obvious non-con.


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