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Hey all! My name's Sha, Short for Sharon. I'm 15 going on 16, and I live in Asia.

I really love this fansite! Oh yeah, check out this cool YouTube video, it's centered on Aang's effort to lock the avatar state. It's a MV, with the song, "Chosen Ones" by Dream Evil. My fave song!


Hey guys! I support a lot of pairings, but the ones I love most is:

Kataang : They’re just so cute together! Aang’s playful, caring, even-tempered personality and Katara’s motherly, hot-tempered act seems to go together perfectly. Even though there is a slight difference in age, age does not matter. It may seem big, but when he’s 16 and she’s 18, the difference won’t even matter!

Maiko: My second-favourite ship. Mai and Zuko aren’t alike, but I think it’s sweet that goth chick Mai has a crush on bad-boy Zuko. Zuko needs a girl in his life, someone strong and brave. I do like Jinko/Soko, but I wish Maiko would happen. Zuko’s the only one who can get her smile, and because of that is why I like Maiko. (Or Muko)

Yuekka/Tokka: I love Yuekka more than Tokka. Yue’s a beautiful princess, that sacrifices her life in order to save the moon spirit. It’s so romantic and heart-touching when she died in Sokka’s arms. Since Yue’s the moon spirit, I like Tokka second. Toph’s sarcastic, manly nature and Sokka’s overconfident sarcasm is so funny! I like Suki too, but I don’t support the ship. Toph needs a caring boyfriend more than she does, after being ‘prisoned’ by her two overprotective and unsupporting parents.

Ty Lokka: They’d be so cute together! If only happy, spirited Ty Lee would rebel against Azula. Ty Lokka doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen, but it’s cute. I don’t know which one I support more: Ty Lokka or Tokka.


Zutara: No offence, but I hate Zutara. It’s never going to happen, anyway. Zuko’s returned to the evil side, and I don’t think that Micheal and Bryan will break Aang’s heart by making Katara fall for Zuko. Anyway, the meaning “Opposites attract” is so not true. If me and my best friend wasn’t the same in the least, there will be a lot of problems. Anyway, Katara and Zuko are alike: They are both hot-tempered and determined. They both lost their mother, but Katara wouldn’t date the boy who’s father killed her beloved mother. Would you marry your mother’s killer? 0.o

Taang: I don’t think this ship is too bad, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Toph and Aang, like their elements, are VERY different. Toph is uncaring, stubborn and defiant, while Aang is caring, happy and friendly. Toph needs someone strong and funny, and I don’t think Aang’s the one for her.

Any ZukoXSokkaXAang: Seriously, you guys are SICK!

Any KataraXToph or Ty LeeXMai: Seriously, you guys are SICK!

Any SokkaXKatara or ZukoXAzula: NOT gonna happen. Yuck!

Azulaang: Ugh. Don’t even get me started.

I'm a girl with nothing to do in her spare time.

92 of teenagers would die if Abercrombie and Fitch said it was uncool to breathe. If you're part of the 8 that's laughing your ass off, copy this and paste it in your profile.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why did Mary have a little lamb?? XD I know, I know. I'm weird, you've been warned!

Anyhow, I've written this poem about Kataang, and a (in-progress) story about Avatar. Please read and review! Flames will be used to burn down my school, so please don't flame!

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